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2018 Conference

Helping Parents Heal is presenting its First Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 13-15, 2018. We are thrilled about the many talented presenters who have agreed to speak as well as the hundreds of parents who have already registered for this joyful event.

DATES: April 13 – 15, 2018

Friday, April 13th: Registration 2 – 6 pm; Pre-Conference Workshops 2-5 pm; Conference 6 – 9 pm
Saturday, April 14th from 8 am – 9 pm with breakout sessions
Sunday, April 15th 8 am to  2 pm

Conference Cost:  $279.00

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Hotel Rooms:
$169.00 per night single and double
$184.00 per night triple
$199.00 per night quadruple before taxes.

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Meals: A full breakfast provided for hotel guests on Saturday and Sunday as well as a manager’s cocktail hour. Buffet lunch and banquet dinner on Saturday for conference attendees.

Help us Fundraise & Spread the Word!

Please inform your friends and family about the conference so that we can reach as many bereaved parents as possible. Our goal is to determine how many people would like to attend and to bring awareness of our need for donations to cover down-payment costs required to make the event a reality.

Any donation of over $50 will be acknowledged in our conference program on a special ‘In Loving Memory’ page.

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George Anderson Guest Speaker at Helping Families Heal ConferenceGeorge Anderson
Psychic Medium
Since suffering a near-fatal illness
at the age of six . . . Read More

Dr. Gary E. Schwartz
Gary E. Schwartz is a parapsychologist,
author, and professor at the University
of Arizona and . . . Read More

Mark Ireland
Mark Ireland is the author of
Soul Shift: Finding Where the
Dead Go and . . . Read More

Jake Samoyedny
The Compassionate Medium
Born a medium, he has trained with
some of the best . . . Read More

Judith A. Hancox MSW, LCSW, BCETS
Judith is a Board Certified Expert in
Traumatic Stress, who
uses a unique . . . Read More

Tom Zuba
Tom Zuba is one of the lucky ones.
He knows exactly why he
was born . . . Read More

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D
R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., is the
author of Your Eternal Self,
presenting the . . . Read More

jeffrey olsen at helping parents heal confrenceJeffrey Olsen
Jeffrey shares his personal
story of tragedy and loss
to help parents . . . Read More

Suzanne Giesemann
Evidential Medium
Suzanne Giesemann, M.A., is
a spiritual teacher . . . Read More

Bill Guggenheim
Bill Guggenheim is a pioneer
in the field of After-Death
Communication . . . Read More

Roberta Grimes
Roberta Grimes is a business
attorney who had two
extraordinary . . . Read More

David Router
The Australian visionary
author David Router
has shared his . . . Read More

Paula Stephens
Paula is a sought after
inspirational speaker on the
topic of personal . . . Read More

Irene lost her best friend
and only child, her beautiful
daughter Carly . . . Read More

Sara Ruble
Sara Ruble is Scott’s mom.
Scott Michael Jessie
died suddenly . . . Read More

Rick and Beth OlsenBeth and Rick Olsen
Beth and Rick will share their
journey through the loss of their
two children . . . Read More

Susanne Wilson
The Carefree Medium
Susanne is an evidence-based
medium and . . . Read More

Dr. Mark Pitstick
Dr. Pitstick has over forty
years’ experience and
training in . . . Read More 

ernest jacksonErnest Jackson
In 2009, the Jackson family
was transformed forever when
nine-year-old Quinton . . . Read More

Sheri Perl
Reverend Sheri Perl is an
Interfaith Minister, a published
author and . . . Read More

Melinda Kushner
Evidential Teacher
Melinda Kushner is an evidential
spiritual medium . . . Read More

Christine Salter
Psychic Medium
Christine Salter is a
Psychic and . . . Read More

Beth D’Angelo
After the unexpected
death of my second
child, I found . . . Read More

Elizabeth Boisson
Elizabeth is President and
Co-Founder of Helping Parents
Heal, Affiliate . . . Read More

Available Psychic Mediums for the Conference
(at an additional charge):

nina creeNina Cree
Evidential Medium
Nina Cree never planned
on becoming a . . . Read More

Psychic Medium Christine SalterChristine Salter
Psychic Medium
Christine Salter is a
Psychic and . . . Read More

Evidential Teacher Melinda KushnerMelinda Kushner
Evidential Teacher
Melinda Kushner is an evidential
spiritual medium . . . Read More

Jake Samoyedny, The Compassionate MediumJake Samoyedny
The Compassionate Medium
Born a medium, Jake has trained
with some of . . . Read More

Nicole Reilly
Psychic Medium and Intuitive
Transformational Coach
Nicole is dedicated to . . . Read More

Camber Wilson
Psychic Medium
Camber Wilson is an intuitive
Life Coach and . . . Read More

Available Healers for the Conference
(at an additional charge):

David Router
The Australian visionary
author David Router
has shared his . . . Read More

Rick OlsenRick Olsen
Shamanic Healer
Rick has been a Shamanic
Healer for over 16 years. . . Read More

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The 1st Annual Helping Parents Heal Conference | April 13-15, 2018

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