2018 Conference

First Annual Helping Parents Heal Conference April 13-15, 2018

As many of you know, Helping Parents Heal (a 501C3 corporation) plans to hold its first annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 13-15, 2018. We are thrilled about the many talented presenters who have agreed to speak as well as the 100+ parents who have already said they would join us for this joyful event. Irene Vouvalides and Tracy Venters, our Hilton Head and Dallas affiliate leaders, are hard at work coordinating the conference.

When: April 13 – 15, 2018 Time: Friday April 13th: registration 3 – 6pm; conference 6 to 9pm, Saturday: April 14th from 8am to 9pm, Sunday: 8am to 1 pm

Conference Cost:  $299. Register through 9/1/17 and benefit from a special Early Bird rate of $259!

Hotel Rooms: $169 per night single and double, $184 per night triple and $199 per night quadruple before taxes.

Meals: a full breakfast provided for hotel guests on Saturday and Sunday as well as a manager’s cocktail hour, plus a boxed lunch and banquet dinner on Saturday for conference attendees.

Speakers: George Anderson, Suzanne Giesemann, Susanne Wilson, Melinda Kushner, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Bill Guggenheim, Dr. Mark Pitstick, Mark Ireland, Roberta Grimes, Ernest Jackson, Jake Samoyedny, Judith Hancox, David Router, Sheri Perl Migdol, Paula Stephens, R Craig Hogan, Ph.D, Sara Ruble, Christine Salter, Tom Zuba, Irene Vouvalides, Beth D’Angelo and Elizabeth Boisson

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Help us Fundraise & Spread the Word!

Please inform your friends and family about the conference so that we can reach as many bereaved parents as possible. Our goal is to determine how many people would like to attend and to bring awareness of our need for donations to cover down-payment costs required to make the event a reality. Any donation of over $50 will be acknowledged in our conference program on a special ‘In Loving Memory’ page. Please click here to be transferred to the fundraising site:

We hope to see you at our conference in Scottsdale in April 2018!


Psychic Medium George Anderson

Since suffering a near-fatal illness at the age of six, George Anderson has had a special relationship with the souls in the Hereafter who depend on his ability to bring peace and comfort to their grieving families. George has conducted more than 35,000 sessions and is the most scientifically tested medium in the world. He has earned the respect and acclaim of those in the scientific, medical and religious fields. In 1982, George became the first medium to appear weekly in a television series (Psychic Channels). In 1987, his book We Don’t Die became the first best-seller by a medium. His books have sold more than a million copies worldwide. George’s work is referenced in more than 60 books and has been filmed for dozens of television programs including his own primetime network special Contact: Talking to the Dead. He continues to work with people from all over the world. You can sign up for a reading with George Anderson during the conference on his website here.


Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann, M.A., is a spiritual teacher, an evidence-based medium, and the author of eleven books, including Messages of Hope and Wolf’s Message.  She is a former U.S. Navy Commander who served as a commanding officer and during 9/11 was serving as aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side provides stunning evidence of life after death and of our connection with the greater reality. She brings messages of hope, healing, and love that go straight to the heart. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., and best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Suzanne is a member of the Advisory Council of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. She serves as the Global Spokesperson of Eternea.org, an organization dedicated to the convergence of science and spirituality for personal and global transformation.


The Carefree Medium, Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium Susanne is an evidence-based medium and spiritual teacher. Susanne was born gifted, but hid in the “psychic closet” while working as a corporate executive and university director, until a near death experience changed her mind about what matters most, in life, and afterlife. Susanne’s mission is to teach people how to make their own connections with guides and loved ones in spirit. She has participated in controlled scientific research with Dr. Gary Schwartz who states, “Susanne has been one of the best. Her skills as an evidential medium are complimented by her high integrity, credibility, and moral principles.” Her work has also been acclaimed by researchers Victor Zammit and Roberta Grimes. Susanne currently serves as a Board member for the Afterlife Research & Education Institute as well as its Director of Mediumship Research and Education. In addition, Susanne serves, along with Suzanne Giesemann, on the Board of Advisors for the SoulPhone Foundation at the University of Arizona.


Dr Gary E Schwartz

Gary E. Schwartz is a parapsychologist, author and professor at the University of Arizona and the Director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. Schwartz researches the veracity of mediums and energy healing.




Bill Guggenheim

Bill Guggenheim is a pioneer in the field of After-Death Communication (ADC) experiences. He is considered to be the “father of ADC research” and has written and spoken on this subject for more than 27 years. He became a bereaved father when his younger daughter, Jaenet, age 47, ended her physical life in April 2011.

Bill and his former wife, Judy Guggenheim, founded, defined, researched, and named an entire new field of human experience that may be as old as mankind. They call it “After-Death Communication” and published their findings in their bestselling book, Hello From Heaven! Bill and Judy conservatively estimate that at least 60 million Americans, or 1 out of 5 people, have had an ADC – though the actual numbers may be closer to double these figures.

Bill has been presenting ADC Workshops at conferences and local chapters of bereavement support groups, hospices, churches, colleges, bookstores, and many other types of institutions. His ADC research and Hello From Heaven! have been featured on television (including “20/20” on ABC) and radio (including “Coast To Coast AM with George Noory” twice), and in numerous newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. Hello From Heaven! has been published in 18 foreign editions and continues to attract readers around the world.


Dr Mark Pitstick

Dr. Pitstick has over forty years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, suicide counseling, and holistic private practice.

He has been personally blessed with numerous miracles, clairaudient episodes, and spiritually-transformative experiences. After working in hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children, he was motivated to find sensible, evidence-based answers to the questions that many people understandably ask afterwards.

His books, documentary film, CDs and experiential workshops address all of these questions and help people survive and even thrive through life’s biggest changes and challenges. To learn more, visit: www.SoulProof.com

Mark is a board member for Helping Parents Heal, writes their newsletter Q & A, trains The Caring Listeners, and helps start new groups. He directs The SoulPhone Foundation (www.SoulPhone.org) that supports the research of Gary Schwartz, PhD. Mark also is Vice-President for Eternea (www.Eternea.org) an organization merging science and spirituality.


Mark Ireland 

Mark Ireland is the author of Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go and Messages From the Afterlife, moving accounts of his personal quest for answers about life after death—subsequent to the passing of his youngest son. He is also the son of renowned mid-twentieth century psychic Richard Ireland. In addition to his own books Mark contributed an essay to medium Allison Dubois’ We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us. Other projects include the previously unpublished, Your Psychic Potential: A Guide to Psychic Development, authored by his father, now available for the first time.



Roberta Grimes

Roberta Grimes is a business attorney who had two extraordinary experiences of light in childhood. She then spent decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead, quantum mechanics, and the nature of consciousness and she shares what she has learned about what actually is going on in an enjoyable and easily understood trilogy. The Fun of Dying – Find Out What Really Happens Next details what we now know about the afterlife. The Fun of Staying in Touch details some of the ways that the dead give us signs of their survival, and also many of the ways that we can communicate with them. The Fun of Growing Forever reveals what must be the easiest and most powerful method for attaining rapid spiritual growth and building your own best life, both while you are on earth and forevermore.

Other books by Roberta Grimes include Liberating Jesus, which uses close Gospel analysis combined with what we are learning from the dead to explain the genuine meaning and message of Jesus. Flying High in Spirit is the memoir of a very advanced being who took another brief earth-lifetime, dying in 2007 at the age of 20, so he would be able to teach us the truth in the voice of a cheerful American boy. My Thomas is the true story of Thomas Jefferson’s life and marriage during the Revolutionary War. And the Atlantica Saga is a developing seven-novel series spanning half a millennium that uses what we are learning about the way reality actually works to tell five adventurous and beautiful love stories.

Roberta has been a guest on hundreds of radio programs. She hosts her own live show called Seek Reality on the BBM Global Network, and podcasts of previous Seek Reality shows dating back to 2013 are available for free on WebTalkRadio.net and on iTunes, where her archive has had hundreds of thousands of downloads. Roberta’s shows and podcasts feature interesting and sometimes controversial topics and guests. Their purpose is to help you develop an understanding of what actually is going on.


Ernest Jackson

Ernest Jackson lives in Arizona with his wife, Kristine.  In 2009, the Jackson family was transformed forever when nine-year-old Quinton Stone Jackson, son of Ernie and Kristine and brother of Cheyanne, was killed in a tragic accident during the family’s annual vacation. In this memoir, Ernie explores his family’s lives leading up to the crash and details the accident and its resulting effects on Quinton’s family. Quinton’s Messages follows Ernie and his family’s journeys through the tragedy. As he attempted to find meaning for his life, Ernie scrutinized his job and the busy work it involved, and he realized that he had higher aspirations. He sought direction for his life, and he found that following his son’s death, when he needed direction the most. Ernie also shares the eye-opening events that followed Quinton’s death as Quinton visited them and left messages for Ernie and his family after his transition. These experiences opened the family’s reality to a much larger universe. A story of loss, grief, and hope, Quinton’s Messages recounts how the Jackson family survived the sorrow they experienced after the loss of their beloved son and brother.


Jake Samoyedny, The Compassionate Medium

Born a medium, he has trained with some of the best mediums alive today. Jake has also studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for Psychical Studies in Stansted, England. Jake is a proud Registered Medium at Lily Dale, America’s oldest Spiritualist Community. Jake is the author of “THE COMPASSIONATE MEDIUM” published in 2014 and “A PATHWAY TO ETERNITY” published in May of  2016. Jake writes a bi-monthly column for a regional publication about Spirituality. Recently recognized by The Times Square Press as the # 1  most recommended medium in the USA and voted the #1  best medium in the United States for 2016/2017.

Because of his unique journey to mediumship, Jake is a much sought after speaker. Jake is blessed to be on the Preferred Provider list for Helping Parents Heal, a national organization for parents who have children in Spirit. Jake lives a spiritual life and has devoted himself to serving Spirit through Evidential Mediumship, bringing comfort to those wanting to know that our lives and bonds of love are everlasting. Jake resides with his two children and does in person and phone readings in the suburbs north of New York City and can also be found living and serving Spirit in Lily Dale, New York during the summer months. Phone and Skype readings with Jake work exactly the same for him as in person readings.


Judith A Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS

Judith is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, who uses a unique, holistic approach that effectively accelerates one’s innate ability to process and heal.

Creator of Shiome Therapy, Judith gently and safely guides people–individually and in groups–to their highest potential of emotional recovery and strength of Spirit.

Please check out her other client testimonials and information about Shiome Therapy and her services on www.thumbtac.com


David Router

The Australian visionary author David Router has shared his extra-sensory gifts with participants from around the world for over 30 years.

To see, direct or move energy and train individuals to recognize and master his or her own subtle energy is the foundation of David’s mission. Considered an expert in his field of those who have experienced his work, David developed a series of subtle energy rejuvenation exercises. He is the founder of the Reflective Body Mechanics, which is a technique that enables you to facilitate your own healing.


 Sheri Perl

Reverend Sheri Perl is an Interfaith Minister, a published author and a spiritual healer/advisor. She has studied, practiced and taught various spiritual disciplines for over forty years, having travelled a unique and diverse path. Her life changed at the age of 20, when after being gravely ill, she received a ‘miraculous’ distant healing from well-known English spiritual healer Harry Edwards, who then became her teacher and confidant.

Her work as a spiritual healer and bereavement counselor has touched thousands of lives all over the world and has brought widespread acclaim and gratitude. Sheri began The Prayer Registry in 2009 after her son died unexpectedly and has turned her own grief into the power to heal, soothe and comfort others so afflicted. Her work with psychic mediums has opened doors and allowed loving communications with her son, her father and others who have crossed; and she has made this an integral dynamic in her bereavement work. It is in these arenas that her compassion and sensitivity clearly shines and her ability to heal physical and emotional travails is her ministry.

She continues to advise teach and consult through her Internet writings and her website and through guest appearances on radio shows, in lecture halls and in interfaith classrooms. Sheri frequently opens her home to gifted spiritual mediums and invites friends, relatives, and guests to experience the incredible feeling of touching the afterlife.

Sheri has studied with some of life’s great spiritual teachers including Jane Roberts and Seth, and has assimilated diverse disciplines with her own unique perspective to present her own world and otherworldly view.

Tom Zuba 

Tom Zuba is one of the lucky ones. He knows exactly why he was born. Tom came to Planet Earth to teach those learning to live with the death of someone they love A New Way to Do Grief. Tom’s teachings are based on the knowledge, wisdom and tools he continues to gain as he learns to live with the death of his 18-month-old daughter Erin in 1990, his 43-year-old wife Trici in 1999, and his 13-year-old son Rory in 2005.

Tom is convinced that none of us came here to suffer. We were born to be radiant. Not in spite of the fact that someone we love died. But because of the fact that someone we love died. Tom can help you become the radiant being you were born to be.

Tom is the author of the #1 best-selling book Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief available at amazon. Tom is a life coach and speaker and travels all over the country helping people heal. Tom and his son Sean live in Rockford, Illinois. To learn more visit www.TomZuba.com.


Paula Stephens

Paula has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and currently teaches in the Human Performance & Sport Department at Metro State University in Denver. She is a Certified Wellness Coach and 200-hour RYT Yoga Instructor.  She also teaches Yoga for Grief workshops at conferences and other events.

Paula is a sought after inspirational speaker on the topic of personal growth, resilience and grief as well as many health & wellness topics.

She has presented at the national level for the American College of Sports Medicine, The Compassionate Friends National Conference and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Her authentic, humble and humorous style endear her to all types of audiences.

An avid runner Paula qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2007. She also enjoys mountain biking, skiing, camping and good craft beer. Paula also loves time with her other 3 sons as they encourage her to push the edge of adventure.  Never a dull moment when you’re the mother of boys!  Paula is the author of the blog, www.crazygoodgrief.com.


Evidential Teacher Melinda Kushner

Melinda Kushner is an evidential spiritual medium, teacher, psychic and inspirational speaker. As a third-generation medium she has spent her life challenging taboo views of mediumship and the spirit world. Melinda studied at the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences: The Arthur Findlay College in England. There, Melinda began a life-long mentorship and friendship with world famous medium, Mavis Pittilla. Part of Melinda’s training entailed hours of spiritual meditations, contemplations and learning from tutors educated in the same thought process as Gordon Higginson. Now she studies alongside many other international mediums such as her friend and mentor, Paul Jacobs. Because she believes learning is a life-long process, Melinda continues studying at Arthur Findlay in Stansted, U.K. and House of Spirit in Hannover, Germany, Melinda also worked as a nurse for 17 years—specializing in ophthalmology—where she applied her natural instinct for nurturing. Many of her patients were Holocaust survivors and others who carried traumatic life experiences. Using her psychic abilities and medical background she literally and metaphorically helped patients see life with a clearer vision. For more than two decades Melinda has commandeered hundreds of workshops, mentorship programs and readings. She has taught many students the many aspects of spirituality. Among the essential questions she explores: what is beyond our physical bodies on earth? What happens when our loved ones pass on? Why and how do they communicate with us after passing? What does the spirit world want us to know and why? Through patience and faith she continues sharing her mediumship, psychic abilities and her mission of bringing knowledge to the curious in her national workshops and international events. To her students and clients, Melinda brings an elevated awareness of mind and soul for the purpose of mediumship development while removing fear of the spirit world. She blends her medical training and psychic instincts to create a greater understanding about God’s gifts to us and how to utilize them to develop ourselves, help others and the spirit world. Melinda grew up in Southern California where she continues to live with her husband and four children—all whom inherited her mediumship gifts. She once owned a Victorian tea parlor that allowed customers to step back a century, while inspiring camaraderie along clients and serving baked goodies. In her spare time, she volunteers by lending a spiritual ear to patients battling depression and disease. Melinda is establishing an educational center in the United States for the learning of mediumship based off of the teachings of The Arthur Findlay College.


R Craig Hogan, Ph.D

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., is the author of Your Eternal Self, presenting the scientific evidence that the mind is not confined to the brain, the afterlife is a reality, people’s minds are linked, and the mind affects the physical world. Dr. Hogan co-authored Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma with Allan Botkin, Psy.D. and Guided Afterlife Connections: They Come to Change Lives with Rochelle Wright. He is the editor of Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts and of New Developments in Afterlife Communication and New Developments in Afterlife Communication. He developed the Self-Guided Afterlife Communication method at http://selfguided.spiritualunderstanding.org. He is president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., and director of the Center for Spiritual Understanding.


Irene Vouvalides 

Irene lost her best friend and only child, her beautiful daughter Carly, to esophageal-gastric cancer. Like so many of us, this devastating loss sent her on a spiritual quest. She has found friends and comfort through Helping Parents Heal. She created a foundation in Carly’s honor- Carly’s Kids A Foundation For Education. Please visit: Carly’s Kids. Irene is a Board Member of HPH, the Affiliate Leader of Hilton Head/Bluffton and Chair of our HPH Conference.


Psychic Medium Christine Salter 

Christine Salter is a Psychic and Medium, Spiritual teacher, and Energy Healer who works in the loving service of the Divine. Christine developed her natural gifts as a psychic medium and healer as an adult after being immersed in a holistic healing school. She was contacted by the Angels in 2004 and learned to channel and heal with them. As she continued to expand her gifts, it became clear that her soul’s mission was to come forth as a Medium and help people connect with loved ones in spirit and heal the trauma that they may be carrying. Christine is an evidentiary medium and angel messenger who helps people heal their lives and reclaim their light that was dimmed by the passing of a loved one.


Sara Ruble 

When the love for a child goes beyond the meaning of life and death, what do we do with it? Sara Ruble is Scott’s mom. Scott Michael Jessie died suddenly at age nineteen of natural causes that could never have been predicated. Through a profound poem found the day after Scott’s funeral, Sara knew his Spirit was very much alive. Today she and Scott work together, as he channels through her the deeper spiritual meaning of life and death, the power of the soul plans we make with our children, and how healing comes from understanding those pre-birth plans.

Sara has facilitated support groups in her hometown of Stow, Ohio, presented workshops at many national conferences, including The Compassionate Friends and Bereaved Parents of the USA.  Her insightful blog, Death Teaches (www.deathteaches.com) is written from a mom’s perspective, as well as Scott’s powerful spiritual knowing.


Beth D’Angelo 

After the unexpected death of my second child, I found myself on a path that I never expected to travel. I am the one who comforted others; the one who reached out to those who were shattered.  Certainly that was my purpose, to be of service to others when their lives changed.  But this life had other plans for me—and I found myself trying to find purpose and meaning after experiencing my own loss.

I reached out to someone, and they reached back to me, and then Helping Parents Heal found me.  That connection created a bond that has proven to be indestructible, steeped in love, purpose, and a sense of direction that has taken over my heart.  My son has guided me to recognize that I have always had the courage, strength, and resiliency to hold another’s story despite what I had to experience.  That has given me the inspiration to “grow hope” in others. Beth is the Affiliate Leader of Helping Parents Heal – Hawaii on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Elizabeth Boisson 

Two of Elizabeth’s children have transitioned; her daughter, Chelsea, in 1991 and her son, Morgan, in 2009 from severe altitude sickness while on a student trip to the Base Camp of Mt Everest in Tibet. Immediately after, Elizabeth created the Facebook group Parents United in Loss. Then in 2012 she joined forces with Mark Ireland to form Helping Parents Heal.

Elizabeth is President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, Affiliate Leader of Phoenix/Scottsdale and newsletter editor.  She will be giving Gentle Yoga classes for Healing Grief during the conference.


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