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Organizer: Louisiana: Northshore [click to email]

Jason Durham is husband to Kristine, father to Bailey, Kennedy and Cole and Stepfather to Nick and Marley. He is a Marketing and Creative Director and has been an active advocate for the disability community throughout Louisiana.

On October 1st, 2014 his daughter Bailey transitioned from her earthly shell due to complications neurological disorders. Jason discovered Helping Parents Heal by a referral from Nicole Reilly, and the synchronicity of his recent experiences with his daughter aligned with the mission of HPH. Helping Parents Heal has been a tremendous support structure during his growth and awareness of after death communication with Bailey.

Jason currently runs Northshore Bereaved Families in Southeast Louisiana on the Northshore, across the lake from New Orleans. exists to offer support and understanding to families who have experienced the death of a child. We hope to help parents communicate with their children in ways that aid in their journey of grief.,

Arizona: Cave Creek
Organizer: Carol Allen [click to email]

Helping Parents Heal has been an amazing and powerful tool for me during this difficult journey we call grief.  My husband and I raised our boys in Cave Creek, AZ.  My oldest son TJ is 24 and my youngest son Tyler is forever 19.  Tyler gained his angel wings on May 14, 2015 when he was hit by a car on his motorcycle.  Tyler is always with me, as are all your children; he has proven it many times. I am honored to be able to share my wonderful experiences with parents and siblings. I look forward to helping each other heal.

Arizona: Flagstaff
Organizer: Janean Quigley [click to email]

Searching for answers this past February 2017, I was online considering going to a conference by Susanne Wilson.  When I realized it was booked and I’d have to be placed on a waiting list, I said out loud to my son,  “OK Sean, if I’m supposed to do this, get me into this conference”.  Within 30 min, I received a phone call from the coordinator that there was a cancellation and I was in.  Thus began my introduction to Helping Parents Heal.  I was embraced that day by Elizabeth Boisson and Carol Allen and so touched by many others like Ernie, Kristine and Quinton, and of course by the love and healing touch of Susanne Wilson and her team including Camber Wilson.

Arizona: Mesa
Organizer: Glenda Pearson [click to email]

Glenda is a Reiki Master, Munay Ki practitioner, Intuitive Guide, Stephen’s Minister, Author and Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist.  Reflected in her book, “But Should The Angels Call For Him”, she speaks of her personal loss through the death of her only child, Chad, and believes there is healing available for everyone.

Arizona: Phoenix / Scottsdale
Organizer: Elizabeth Boisson [click to email]

Two of Elizabeth’s children have transitioned; her daughter Chelsea in January 1991 and her son Morgan at the Base Camp of Mount Everest due to severe altitude sickness on a student trip to Tibet in October 2009.  Immediately following Morgan’s passing, Elizabeth founded the Facebook site, ‘Parents United in Loss’  and began holding monthly meetings in Arizona.  In March 2012 she partnered with Mark Ireland to co-found ‘Helping Parents Heal.’ She also publishes the monthly newsletter.  She is grateful for the opportunity to meet both parents and their children in spirit.

Arizona: Sedona
Organizer: Meredith Whitney [click to email]

My third child and only daughter, Chelsea, transitioned to the Other Side from congestive heart failure on March 25, 1991 an hour after birth. She would be 26 years old today. My youngest child, whom I miscarried in September 2002, is a boy and would be 15 years old today. That is when my journey of healing began and my path to becoming a professional psychic/medium/animal communicator and a Reiki Master. Our children are still with us and help us heal. I want to help other parents and siblings connect with their children/siblings on the Other Side.

Arizona: Tucson
Organizer: Terri Petz, Sandra Hassel and Janice Crowder-Torrez [click to email]

Terri Petz’s Bio:                                                                                      

I am the mother of 2 children, my son Justin, 36, and my beautiful, intelligent, funny, determined little girl, my daughter Sheridan, who graduated to heaven just after her 15th birthday in March of 2014, from a head injury she received during a cheerleading stunt. She was the center of my world, and I couldn’t imagine living in it without her. I came very close to giving up many times. But from the very beginning, she made it known that she hadn’t gone anywhere! Thru visions, and messages, and unmistakable signs, she pushed me to keep walking thru my grief. Determined to continue my relationship with her, I dug into afterlife research. I found myself on a spiritual path that has brought both healing for me, and the desire to be of service to others. I am now certified as a Spiritual Life Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and an ordained minister. I plan to study Past Life Regression Hypnosis later this year, as well as Reiki healing, working on developing my spiritual gifts, and to build my practice in Holistic Wellness. Thru a series of wonderful synchronicities, I have found amazing friends who brought me to HPH. I am very excited to be an affiliate leader for the Tucson Chapter of HPH, with the hope of sharing the knowledge that our loved ones are with us, every step of the way!

Sandra Hassel’s Bio:                                                                          

I am Sandra Hassel and I am 54. I  have been married for 26 years to Alan, from Los Angeles, CA. We moved to  Scottsdale, AZ in 2000 and lived there for 4 years. We relocated to Tucson to raise our 3 sons; Alex, 25, Ethan, who would have been 23, Angel date, 2/11/2015, and Max, 19 years old. I have been a clinical therapist for the past 8 years. Before that, I was a stay at home mom, which I loved.  Presently, I work at Jewish Family and Children’s Services with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. I am also in a private practice part time where I focus on helping parents and children through grief and loss.

Janice Crowder-Torrez’s’s Bio: 
Wanting to honor her son’s spirit, courage, and the many gifts he left behind, Janice discovered Helping Parents Heal in Scottsdale, AZ.  Opening the door for other parents to grieve their loss, while offering support to small groups, Janice decided to start a chapter in Tucson where she resides and her son Anthony, aged 31, took his life. Janice worked in health care for many years before turning to other healing modalities such as meditation and acupuncture. Janice is writing a book about her son’s amazing life and the many challenges he faced.

Arkansas: Little Rock
Organizer: Carla Haynie [click to email]

My husband Bart and I will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary in March. Twenty of those years have been in Little Rock, AR. We were blessed with 2 children, Sarah Ellen age 17, and Bennett who would have been 16 in March of this year.
I was a stay-at-home-mom from 1999-2015, volunteering at their schools, and also doing work for the homeless by managing a food pantry and clothing donation center.
We lost Bennett at 11 and a half in October of 2012 to an accidental overdose. It has been an incredibly difficult journey. It affected my life in ways I would never have imagined, but I’ve learned to deal with my grief over time.  Astounding readings have convinced me that he’s never really far away. I feel as though I’m still in relationship with him. I miss his physicality, but I’m comforted by the knowledge that he is happy and well.

California: Corona
Organizer: Sabrina Goettker [click to email]

I am Sabrina, wife, mother of 3 and grandmother to 1.5.  Six years ago on New Years morning, I lost my 19-year-old son Mick.  He was hit by a car while walking. I learned quickly that my life was never going to be what it was and I needed to learn how to live with this heartbreak and push forward.  I’ve learned so much both spiritually and physically that I am truly ready to help and start this HPH chapter in my area.  Helping others helps me and It also helps me feel even closer to my Mick. I know for a fact that he has led me in this direction and will continue to lead me.  As sad and painful this life is without him I can say that I feel like every bird’s song that I hear, every butterfly that flies by me, every wind that blows through my hair is a gift from my Mick letting me know he loves me and is with me.

California: Eureka / Humboldt County
Organizer: Nancy Courtemanche [click to email]

The loss of my son Robb, 29, has made me painfully aware of the need for parents to have a group setting that is safe and confidential. Healing occurs. Out of my loss I dedicated myself to service for others in volunteer Hospice patient care and grief support, as a Hospital Chaplain, and healing work.  This has prepared me to lead an HPH group now.

California: San Diego
Organizer: Maria Pe [click to email]

Maria Pe, J.D., is the mother of Sean Robert and Kyle Joseph, her two sons who transitioned to the other side on June 21, 2011. That day was the beginning of Maria’s profound spiritual journey to find out where her sons went and how she could continue to have a relationship with them. Having been educated in Western culture and trained as an attorney, Maria was skeptical and had no idea where to turn for the information and answers she was seeking. She was guided to a shamanic practitioner who taught her how to raise her consciousness and energy levels through meditation so that she could connect with her sons. She began keeping a written journal of her experiences which culminated in her book, Journey To The Upper Realm: How I Survived the Deaths of My Sons and Learned to Communicate With Them on the Other Side (available for free at and in hard copy on Amazon). By sharing and talking about her own experience, she hopes to help other bereaved parents.

California: Sonoma County
Organizer: Jessalyn Nash [click to email]

Jessalyn Nash, M.A. has facilitated groups for over 25 years and is involved in the restorative justice movement. After her beloved 21-year-old son, Trystan passed away, Jessalyn has dedicated herself to helping other grieving parents.

California: Ventura County
Organizer: Christine Silver [click to email]

My oldest son, Austin, crossed over in January 2014 as a result of a car accident while he was away at college. While packing up his belongings after the accident, we found a sealed envelope in his desk, a letter that Austin had written but never mailed. In this letter, he expressed his appreciation to my husband and me for everything we had given him, especially his education. Receiving this letter was a huge comfort to us, and I realized at this moment that my son wanted to continue to communicate with us. Since that time, I have learned so much about afterlife communication and how to have a continuing relationship with my son in spirit. I am amazed by the signs that Austin sends, which bring me so much comfort and helps to ease my heartache and grief. I currently live in Simi Valley with my husband, Steve, and our younger son, Dylan. I am a retired city planner and would love to help other bereaved parents learn how to communicate with their children on the other side. I believe that sharing our continuing experiences with our children in spirit can help parents to deal with grief and begin healing after such an unimaginable loss. Even though our hearts are filled with so much pain, I have learned that we can live a happy fulfilling life again, with our children as our guides.

Canada: Ontario, Ottawa
Organizer: Patti May [click to email]

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and have been married to their father for 30 years. I lost my son Adam in 2006 in a tragic auto accident. Since Adam’s passing I have had afterlife signs that have helped me.  I began to search for like-minded parents to share our experiences. I came across the wonderful group Helping Parents Heal and asked if I could start a group here in Canada.

Florida: Citrus County
Organizer: Tina Babloski-Anderson [click to email]

Tina Babloski-Anderson is a greiving mother who has learned to laugh again since the loss of her son Paul G. Babloski, on October 1st, 2009. Her efforts to find comfort led her on a journey that not only helped her heal, but also brought smiles to the faces of other greiving parents. Tina said, “There is no one in Citrus County, Florida that can understand the loss of a child, except other parents who have experienced the same pain. So we formed a group that supports and celebrates each others’ children. We find that by supporting each other, we can learn to laugh again.”

Florida: Fort Lauderdale
Organizer: Ana Fernandez [click to email]

I never imagined the pain a parent might feel losing a child. I met other parents who suffered such a loss and didn’t comprehend how it would be possible survive such a tragedy. I prayed that I would never experience such a fate. On January 21, 2011, my world shattered and my heart fragmented; the “impossible” became a reality. My youngest son, Bradford, age 14, died by suicide. That day was etched into my spirit with deep sadness, plunging me into a darkness I had not known before. Five years later, through Divine Guidance and Bradford’s help, I am looking to serve grieving parents.  With Helping Parents Heal, we can walk this path together. Joined by the unconditional love for our children, we can weather the storm, begin to heal and find joy knowing that our beloved child is only a breath away. I am organizing a Helping Parents Heal group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and invite you to join us.  Please contact me at 954-865-1329, or

Florida: Orlando
Organizer: Estrella Alvarez Tinch [click to email]

I am the proud mother of two sons. Bert who received his angel wings on 11/8/13 and Andy who became my youngest son, after his mom (my sister) received her angel wings in 1988.  The heart-wrenching experience of losing a child sent me on a journey I wasn’t quite prepared for.  It changed everything for me!  I have learned since then that death is not the final chapter. Life continues for our loved ones, and it can continue for us too. My experience unlocked gifts that I didn’t know I had which I am now able to use in helping others find healing and strength in their journey.
Estrella Alvarez-Tinch

Florida: Pensacola / Gulf Breeze
Organizer: Kristen Brown-Sanders [click to email]

My daughter transitioned from this life due to a careless-distracted driver just days after her 16th birthday.  Sarah continues to be my greatest teacher.   She led me from a lifetime of not believing in anything I couldn’t see, to a much expanded perspective of awareness.  What a gift! She showed me that our relationship could continue; that we are forever connected.  This process continues to be the best grief therapy I could find. And in 2010, I started a group called The Next Step to share what I was learning with others so we could explore together.  My journey has included becoming a Reiki Master and I also teach a meditation class at our local college.  Honoring her by living my life in this way brings me great relief.  The Next Step, now linked in with Helping Parents Heal, meets the first Wednesday of each month in Gulf Breeze, Florida… just outside of Pensacola.

Florida: Tampa
Organizer: Marla Grant & Amy Diehl [click to email]

Marla Grant’s Bio:

I’ve found my way through the grief process. I have been convinced, by my unseen helpers on the other side, who guide me to the right people, the correct information, and have helped open my heart to recognize the falsehood of death and embrace the reality that our spirit endures forever. It’s been a long and predictably painful journey for me—one that I’ve had to navigate three times, beginning with the death of a newborn son from a delivery complication in 1976, followed 14 years later by the passing of my daughter, Nicole, from leukemia, and within the last two years, the loss of my beloved youngest son, Ryan to suicide. Each has taught me in their own way that life is eternal. I hope to help others gain the measure of peace I have as they navigate their very unique and personal losses.

Amy Diehl’s Bio:

Greetings everyone, It is pleasure to be so welcomed into this wonderful organization. It felt like this was the natural progression of the remarkable journey I have been on ever since Chris passed.  Chris’s death was the hardest, most soul searing experience I have ever gone through and continue to go through. However, it is also the most loving, heart opening, soul expanding experience I have ever had as well. I am so appreciative of Marla asking me to join her in this vital community offering and hope to help her build this program so it reaches anyone in need. The death of a child can be so crippling and if we can help grieving parents feel some sense of hope and relief, I’m in!

Florida: The Villages
Organizer: Tami Brooks [click to email]

My first child, Heather, passed in 1976 when I was just 18. I had no help then. Even though she only lived 8 months, she has been a loving guide to me on my journey. I moved to The Villages in May, 2016 and during that month my neighbor of 10 years in Georgia lost her daughter – age 22. I cried for her grief, knowing the brokenness she is experiencing. I have become a Helping Parents Heal Affiliate leader to give others hope – to know their children are whole/safe and cared for on the other side can help them lessen the years of grief I endured. I know of 3 people just this year who have lost children. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Helping others is a great honor and blessing to me – knowing that the connection to the divine is always there.

Hawaii, Big Island: Kona
Organizer: Beth D'Angelo [click to email]

After the unexpected death of my second child, I found myself on a path that I never expected to travel. I am the one who comforted others; the one who reached out to those who were shattered.  Certainly that was my purpose, to be of service to others when their lives changed.  But this life had other plans for me—and I found myself trying to find purpose and meaning after experiencing my own loss.

I reached out to someone, and they reached back to me, and then Helping Parents Heal found me.  That connection created a bond that has proven to be indestructible, steeped in love, purpose, and a sense of direction that has taken over my heart.  My son has guided me to recognize that I have always had the courage, strength, and resiliency to hold another’s story despite what I had to experience.  That has given me the inspiration to “grow hope” in others.

I am currently organizing a Helping Parents Heal support group on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii and would love to have you join.  Email:

Idaho: Boise
Organizer: Paige Lee [click to email]

Paige Lee, Speaker, Coach, and Reiki practitioner, owns Crystal Soul Healing Center ( in Boise Idaho. Paige is dedicated to helping people who have experienced a profound loss, especially the loss of a child, face and release their emotions and find a way to joyfully connect with their loved one in Spirit. Her spiritual awakening came abruptly and forcefully after her only child, Bryan, was murdered in September 2008. Just as the only world she’d ever known was shattered, a new world opened. A world filled with Hope, Spirit, and Love; a world that allowed her not only to continue having a relationship with her son, but a world that opened her own true self into being..

Illinois: Chicago
Organizer: Vida Vai [click to email]

July 1st will forever be etched in my heart as it shattered and flipped my world upside down, after losing my eighteen year old daughter to suicide. As time went by, I kept thinking that maybe one day I would wake up from this horrific nightmare…And guess what? I didn’t… and I wouldn’t… But something inside of me DID wake up…

In an instant I became completely present. I heard the trees, the leaves, the wind, the creeks speaking to me. I started following my intuition and surprisingly it led me to nice things. I felt as though my daughter took my hand and was walking me through my grief and through life. This is how I was led to Helping Parents Heal, where we hold a hand or give a hand. I truly wish I could tell everyone going through something as difficult as the passing of a child, to listen to your inner self. Become still and you will hear the Universe… you will hear your child reaching out to you…

Indiana: Indianapolis
Organizer: [click to email]

On September 15, 2016, our lives changed forever. At approximately 3:30 in the afternoon, as we sat in traffic on I-75 near Brooksville, Florida, a distracted driver slammed into the back of our vehicle, instantly killing our 9-year old son, Logan. As any bereaved parent understands, the bottom fell out from underneath us. Immersing ourselves in grief support groups was the only way we knew how to begin coping with our loss. It was through this we found the Tampa Chapter of Helping Parents Heal and began attending the monthly sessions held by Marla Grant and Amy Diehl, who—along with guest speakers and both local and national members—set us upon an amazing new life journey into the metaphysical; one where we not only know Logan still exists, but has also given us promise for the future.

In July of 2017, we decided it was best to move our family back to our hometown of Indianapolis. Having realized the tremendous role Helping Parents Heal has played in our healing process, we welcomed the opportunity to be leaders of our own chapter. Through this, we aim to provide others what has been so powerfully given to us: Hope.

Along with what we believe is now our path in working with other bereaved parents, we have also embarked on a personal—and public—journey to create awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Please visit to learn more and to join our cause.

Iowa: Cedar Rapids
Organizer: Sharon Thomsen [click to email]

I attended a Helping Parents Heal Group last September 18, 2016. It was my first time to Unity of Phoenix and I was completely filled with deep grief as my son transitioned April 26, 2016. His birthday was September 25th and he would have been 25. Elizabeth Boisson and some other very caring, compassionate women were there and at the end of the group, came out to the waterfall on the court yard and talked with me. I finally felt that someone else really knew the “broken glass” it felt that I was crawling on every moment of each day. Losing my son physically is deeper pain than I have ever known in my life. Thank you for reaching out to let me know I was not alone!!

I had to come back to Iowa to complete my licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. There are no groups here like Helping Parents Heal and it had such a profound impact on me. I am now in the process of adding a chapter of HPH here in Iowa.  I know how completely devastated and lost I felt. I would like to offer others what Helping Parents Heal group can offer.

In Love and Light,
Sharon Thomsen

Maryland: Silver Springs
Organizer: Lynn Lee [click to email]

Lynn Lee’s journey began with the physical death of her daughter, Nicole on Jan 26, 2008. During her darkest hour, she discovered a connection with her daughter’s spirit. That has changed the way she has been working through her grief. Signs, synchronicities, and extraordinary experiences are the first steps to what can be a new form of communication and open a doorway to your own spiritual path. For the past 8 years, Lynn has explored this metaphysical connection. She has studied under internationally known mediums, Robert Brown, Anne Gehman, Janet Nohavec, Holister Rand and most recently Suzanne Giesemann. She has developed a connection with spirit which has brought forth over 3 years of channeled guidance (“Clear Words of Wisdom “ on Blogger) during her daily meditation practice.

Lynn’s hope is to help other bereaved parents know that through intention, practice, and openness the love connection and relationship with their child can continue.

Michigan: Marine City
Organizer: Gloria Bertrand [click to email]

I am a mother and grandmother. I had a career, I knew the direction my life was going. On Feb. 8, 2015, I lost my youngest son, my baby. His passing has made me take a look at what I thought I knew, and where I was going. Since his leaving I have been advocating for Mental Illness, and have started the non-profit “ I Can Hear You From Heaven” an organization the gives toys to little ones going through the grieving process, which has turned into a book. I have rediscovering my art, and am doing Art is Healing workshops. I have also been advocating for Grief Awareness. I am now on a new path, searching for a new life, job…a new spirituality. My journey is taking me on a road of discovery. Finding the afterlife, finding my life’s purpose. I now share my discoveries and my experiences with other parents going through their own journey. I am doing seeking engagement – “ I AM & I CAN” ~ just something to overcome hurdles, motivation. I am almost finished training to do spiritual coaching and life coaching – but with more of a motivational flare….and working on getting my first book published, and am writing my second one.

Montana: Missoula
Organizer: Jan McArthur and Joan Freedman [click to email]

Jan’s Bio:

Jan is a retired psychiatric nurse and music-thanatologist (hospice bedside musician) who has been involved in end-of-life care for the past 20 years. In 2014, the sudden death of her 28 year old son, Curtis, served as the catalyst for a deep journey of discovering that we are truly eternal, and that we will always have a relationship with the people we love – even after they leave their physical body. With this new understanding that death is simply a biological event that marks a transition, Jan feels a calling to serve other bereaved parents in their journeys of discovering that any sense of separation between ourselves and our loved ones is an illusion – there is only One Consciousness, that of Love.

Joan’s Bio:

Joan relocated seven years ago to Missoula, MT to be closer to her family following her retirement from a 30 year career in human services in New Hampshire. While in New Hampshire, Joan worked primarily with children with a variety of developmental disabilities and their families. She provided case management, in-home support services and early intervention to young children and their families. She worked in the schools as a counselor with elementary age and high school age children and also worked as a case manager with adults who had a variety of developmental disabilities and mental health issues. During her professional career, Joan provided therapeutic support groups to families of children with developmental disabilities. Some of these children had chronic, life-threatening medical issues, and in some cases parents were dealing with the loss of their child due to a terminal illness. She also was involved with establishing a Hospice in the region. As a result of Joan’s intimate friendship with Jan, she became a fellow traveler on the journey of exploring the Afterlife, as well as the deeper meaning of our own existence. Joan now feels called to use all of her experiences in supporting grieving parents to heal.

New York: New York
Organizer: Reverend Sheri Perl Ph.D. [click to email]

Reverend Sheri Perl is an Interfaith Minister, a published author and a spiritual healer/advisor. She has studied, practiced and taught various spiritual disciplines for over forty years, having travelled a unique and diverse path. Her life changed at the age of 20, when after being gravely ill, she received a ‘miraculous’ distant healing from well-known English spiritual healer Harry Edwards, who then became her teacher and confidant.

Her work as a spiritual healer and bereavement counselor has touched thousands of lives all over the world and has brought widespread acclaim and gratitude. Sheri began The Prayer Registry in 2009 after her son died unexpectedly and has turned her own grief into the power to heal, soothe and comfort others so afflicted. Her work with psychic mediums has opened doors and allowed loving communications with her son, her father and others who have crossed; and she has made this an integral dynamic in her bereavement work. It is in these arenas that her compassion and sensitivity clearly shines and her ability to heal physical and emotional travails is her ministry.

She continues to advise teach and consult through her Internet writings and her website and through guest appearances on radio shows, in lecture halls and in interfaith classrooms. Sheri frequently opens her home to gifted spiritual mediums and invites friends, relatives and guests to experience the incredible feeling of touching the afterlife.

Sheri has studied with some of life’s great spiritual teachers including Jane Roberts and Seth, and has assimilated diverse disciplines with her own unique perspective to present her own world and other worldly view.

North Carolina: Wilmington
Organizer: Lee Ann Evans [click to email]

Having recently relocated to Wilmington, NC from Burke, VA (suburb of DC), Lee Ann is honored to be a part of Helping Parents Heal. She is the mother of four children, Katelyn, Kyle, Monica and Megan. When Katelyn crossed over after a car accident at the age of 19 in 2010, her life changed in a second. This was a catalyst for Lee Ann to see her life through different lenses as she couldn’t accept that the love that they shared on earth ended that night. There had to be a way to communicate. Soon after her daughter’s tragic accident, she began feeling that she was communicating with her. This began a new relationship between them that continues today and provides profound joy, hope and healing.

Ohio: Cincinnati
Organizer: Brian and Tywana Smith [click to email]

Brian and Tywana Smith are leaders of the Cincinnati Chapter of Helping Parents Heal.  Their daughter Shayna Elayne, whose name means “Beautiful Light”, transitioned on June 24, 2015 at 15 years of age. Shayna was a force while on Earth and continues to be a force after her transition. The couple has had many visits from Shayna, including sessions with mediums where she came through loud and clear. After her passing they began experiencing a series of synchronistic events that led them to Mark Ireland, Elizabeth Boisson, and Mark Pitstick. The unique connection of events was undeniable and helped them understand that it was their destiny to start a chapter of Helping Parents Heal ln Cincinnati.

After Shayna’s passing, Brian and Tywana started attending the Unity Church in Cincinnati. The couple subsequently met with the pastor who agreed to host Helping Parents Heal meetings at the church. The inaugural meeting will be held on August 7, 2016 from 7 PM – 9 PM and will take place on the first Sunday of each month thereafter, at the same time. Here is a link to the Cincinnati group Facebook page.

Online Zoom Support Group
Organizer: Brian and Tywana Smith, Tracy Soussi and Beth West [click to email]

Brian and Tywana Smith’s bio:

Brian and Tywana Smith’s daughter Shayna Elayne, whose name means “Beautiful Light”, transitioned on June 24, 2015 at 15 years of age. Shayna was a force while on Earth and continues to be a force after her transition. The couple has had many visits from Shayna, including sessions with mediums where she came through loud and clear. After her passing they began experiencing a series of synchronistic events that led them to Mark Ireland, Elizabeth Boisson, and Mark Pitstick. The unique connection of events was undeniable and helped them understand that it was their destiny to start a chapter of Helping Parents Heal in Cincinnati and now to help lead the Online group.

Tracy Soussi’s bio:

I am a grateful mother of three children, Aymen, Nadia and Laila.   On February 28, 2016, my loving son, Aymen, transitioned in his sleep from Central/Neurological Sleep Apnea, at the age of 29.  Aymen is amazing in so many ways and continues to amaze me by coming through the veil to send love and messages to me and loved ones.

As I embarked on this journey, I devoted my energies to learning about evidential mediumship, and immersed herself in the study of spirituality, including the works Dr. Mark Pitstick and Suzanne Gieseman.  This in turn led me to Helping Parents Heal, a place where I felt welcomed and understood.  I am honest, this path is not easy, but I know for certain our children are eternal and cheering us on to move forward.

Part of my journey is to keep my son’s memory alive by doing as much as I can to honor him.  As an online HPH affiliate online leader, I am honored to help Help Parents Heal.  I know Aymen is proud!

Beth West’s bio:

April 2, 2015 was the worst day of my life. That was the day my only child, Tyler, transitioned to spirit at the age of 17 due to suicide. I was two months from retiring from my military career and I was completely lost. I immediately began a spiritual journey to find and connect to my son. He came to me pretty quickly with signs, in dreams, through meditations and with the help of wonderful mediums. While my life will never be the same, I find hope by maintaining a relationship with my beautiful child. Spirit seems to lay the path out for me. I simply need faith and to follow. This is sometimes hard for all of us, but especially for those of us used to such structure and rules of being in the military.

I continue to learn something new each and every day. I look forward to walking side by side with you all.

Oregon: Lake Oswego
Organizer: Liz Bounds [click to email]

I am my Angel Parker’s Mom. I am my dear daughter, Breanna’s Mom.  My wonderful husband is Dan and we have been married for nearly 32 years. We have been through it all together. And we are facing the most difficult and devastating challenge of our existence. You know what that’s like because you are part of this club, too.

It is coming on 2 1/2 years since he shed his skin. I am only now beginning to emerge from this black crevasse of grief and it has take its toll on me physically and completely rocked me off my foundation. But I realize that to honor my boy and to be a present for my Breanna and Dan, I must not just breathe in and out, but truly and fearlessly live. Parker is continuing to teach me and others in a new way as he is now free from his earthly human chains. I have had much personal evidence that he is present and actively involved within our lives–helping me–helping us– find our way.

“Serendipity” led me to this astonishing organization called Helping Parents Heal and directly to Elizabeth Boisson and Mark Ireland. Thank you.

South Carolina: Hilton Head/Bluffton
Organizer: Irene Vouvalides [click to email]

I  lost my best friend, my only child, my beautiful 24 year old daughter Carly Elizabeth Hughes to esophageal-gastric cancer on February 17th, 2013. Like so many of us who have experienced this devastating loss my daughter’s passing sent me on a spiritual quest. I have found friends and comfort through this remarkable group Helping Parents Heal. In the short time since Carly’s passing I have had definite proof that consciousness survives physical death, that Carly is well,and with me always. I have been fortunate to speak with mediums who were able to provide absolute evidence of the afterlife, indisputable information relayed bringing comfort and helping to lighten the heavy weight of grief. With family and Carly’s friends we have created a foundation in her honor- Carly’s Kids A Foundation For Education, I hope you will take the time to read about us and what we are doing in Carly’s memory. Visit:Carly’s Kids

Texas: Austin
Organizer: Becky Yatsu [click to email]

Hello, My name is Becky Yatsu and I am here because of my sweet son Ben who left us way too soon in July of 2011 when he was hit by a car. He was only 15 years old at the time and had recently stated on his drivers license application of his wish was to be an organ donor. After his accident Ben gave the gift of life to 7 other people with his precious heart going to a 12 year old girl. Knowing Ben, I know this makes him over the moon happy to have helped in such a big way. I live in Austin, Texas where I grew up and where I work as a Nurse Anesthetist. My daughter Katie is 19 and lives in the area as well. Since the time of Ben’s transition I have been in touch with mediums and have come to believe that our souls never die. I am excited about connecting with our children in the afterlife and am so blessed to get so many signs from Ben in spirit. I am excited about helping other parents do this as well and look forward to starting meetings in the Austin area!

Texas: Dallas
Organizer: Tracy Venters [click to email]

My quest for the true nature of life and Spirit began in my late 20s. Ironically, this journey began after being challenged by my minister on my belief that being a good a Christian was not enough to protect my children from harm any more than those of the most hardened “sinner”. Eventually I came to learn that life as we know it is just a blink of the eye, our souls live forever. Then the unthinkable happened – I lost my beautiful daughter Jessica, my best friend. I spent weeks barely existing, wishing I could be with her. Early one morning, after a particularly bad night, I was jarred awake by a song pounding into my soul: “You’re not alone, I’m with you, I’m going to get through…open up this is a raid, I’m going to get it through to you, you’re not alone.” This was the first of many signs from Jessica, the renewal of our relationship and beginning of my healing. It is my fervent desire to help other parents heal through connecting with their own children who now soar on the otherside.

Texas: Houston
Organizer: LeAnn Hull [click to email]

After the relocation to Heaven of her 16-year-old son, Andy, LeAnn Hull formed a non-profit called Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation,  She loves sharing with others her coping skills which have been helpful to manage her grief and loss with a “You Matter!” approach.

United Kingdom: London - Helping Siblings Heal
Organizer: Anna Buckmaster [click to email]

Anna is an actress born in Surrey, UK. Her brother and only sibling Pete passed in 2014 in a car accident. Being left as an only sibling, she realised there were no support systems or communities, specifically for bereaved brothers and sisters, and struggled to find people in similar situations to confide in. After her parents joined Helping Parents Heal and gained a great deal of comfort in the community, she felt compelled to create a sibling branch of the group to allow a space for people to connect and talk openly about their experiences. She hopes that this group, as the first of its kind, will provide hope and comfort to those who are told to stay strong for others and often struggle alone.  Please visit our Facebook page; Helping Siblings Heal.

United Kingdom: Northhamptonshire
Organizer: Tracy Bayes and Katrina Thomson [click to email]

Tracy Bayes’ Bio:

I am a mother to four children, one of which is now residing on the spirit side of life. I am also a Nanny to three beautiful children. Being a medium and a healer my work brings me into contact with many bereaved parents like myself. My daughter Georgina passed away on 18th of March 1992, just 19 hours after birth. Her twin sister Charlotte was born first without complications, however due to many medical errors my daughter Georgina was severely damaged and passed due to the injuries she sustained.

The next four years are but a blur but the strange happenings I had experienced as a child came back. I was hearing voices and seeing spirit people and knowing stuff I didn’t want to know or sense. In May 1998 disaster struck again as my brother was killed aged 25 years in a car accident. From that moment on I have made it my life’s purpose to connect loved one’s spirit side to loved ones here in the physical.

After Georgina passed there was no support at all, my family tried to help but a lot of their comments were more hurtful than helpful. So I carried a lot of grief for a lot of years. With the help of my daughters and brother’s energy and love, I now help a lot of other families feel connected and prove beyond any doubt that loved ones reside on another level of existence one that we can sense and feel if we allow ourselves too. With the help of my co-leader Katrina who I met by reading for her and connecting her to her beautiful Son Leighton we are creating Helping parents heal UK – Northants group to support, comfort and care.

Katrina Thomson’s Bio:

I have always from a young child been interested in all things spiritual and believed in the survival of the soul. It’s this believe that has helped me through when my son aged 5 passed away from Leukaemia. There is just no support out there for bereaved parents at all, and as a bereaved parent you can feel very isolated and alone. Talking to like – minded people and other bereaved parents is the closest you can get to people understanding at some level how you feel and what you are going through. The most amazing thing is being connected to your loved one through a medium – My co-leader Tracy Bayes has brought me a lot of comfort by connecting my son and I, knowing he still lives on another plane gives me great comfort knowing I will see him again one day. He gives me signs he is still with us too which is incredible. After attending our first meeting at Helping Parents Heal UK, Tracy and I discussed how we as a county (Northamptonshire) have a great need for a group like this to help people with their grief, and so it begins.

United Kingdom: Surrey
Organizer: Marta Arce-Dubois [click to email]

Born in Madrid, Spain, Marta has lived in the UK since 1996, but continues to have strong ties with her country of origin. Previously a university lecturer, Spanish interpreter, and more recently tai chi and qigong instructor, Marta left everything to support her son Steven, her only child, when he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in early 2013, then aged 25. After his passing, 20 months later, she threw herself in search of a new purpose, of a spirituality that would allow her to continue to live the best possible life in honour and memory of her son. This includes, but is not limited to, incessant research and study of the afterlife, meditation, spirit communication training and practice, and study of ‘mind therapies’ that may help in the grief process. Finding undeniable proof of life after death, being able to reconnect with her son, and continuing to feel his presence in her life, has been the most significant factor in her own story of loss, unconditional love, and survival. She now feels ready to begin to share what she has learnt with other bereaved parents, and she is very grateful and excited to be the first European affiliate of Helping Parents Heal.

Virginia: Leesburg
Organizer: Colleen Smith [click to email]

My name is Colleen and I am the mother to four children ages 26, 23, and 11 year old twins. My oldest son Austin passed over August 28th, 2016. He had just finished the hardest part of medical school and was completing his specialty rotations; he planned to become a cardiologist. The “end” of his future life dreams and physical presence thrust me into the world of pain and grief. I was a psychotherapist, skilled at helping clients work through pain and now here I was trying to find a way out of my own. Within days of Austin’s passing I began to feel him, hear him, and get signs. He helped me survive the unthinkable. Together we are healing and we want to help others in their grief journey. His contact has been the single most powerful element in the healing process so we aim to create an environment where parents can nurture their awareness of their child’s contact. Our hope is as we highlight our children’s continued presence it will deepen our trust that love and the soul are eternal. Creating a Helping Parents Heal group in Leesburg/Northern Virginia is our way of serving spirit, our community, and grieving parents.  I can be reached at 703-930-4333 or

Love & Light, Colleen Smith & Austin

Washington D.C.
Organizer: Julia La Joie [click to email]

Julia La Joie’s Bio:

I joined Helping Parents Heal in April of 2012 when I met Mark Ireland and Elizabeth Boisson at a conference in Phoenix, AZ on After Death Communication. There were many parents like myself who had lost a child and had discovered the healing that comes from ADC and other forms of spiritual growth. I am eager to join hands and hearts with other parents in the Baltimore – Washington area to grow our network and support each other in healing and spiritual growth.

Washington: Seattle
Organizer: Beth Newkirk [click to email]

Beth is a mother to three beautiful children, two have passed away; her son, Steven when he was 8 years old from cancer and her daughter, Erin at 21 from suicide.  

She is looking forward to meeting other parents on this journey and bringing Helping Parents Heal to the Seattle area.

Wisconsin: Madison
Organizer: Mary Bertun [click to email]

I am an instructor and writer. My 19 year old son Chas took his life and passed on April 3, 2012. Deep grief, healing and spiritual growth are all part of my journey forward. Chas is always with me, and I hope to help other parents who have suffered the loss of a child. I have attended a Serving Spirit class with messenger of hope Suzanne Giesemann and continue to attend her webinars.

I believe that if we share our experiences, resources for healing such as Suzanne, and celebrate the life of our children, we will move onto pathways of light and love. I am honored to be starting a Helping Parents Heal chapter in Madison, Wisconsin and honored to be meeting other parents.

Details: Helping Parents Heal will be meeting in Madison WI on the third Monday of each month starting  May 15th at the First Unitarian Society Church, 900 University Bay Drive, Madison, WI 53705.
Meeting time is 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

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