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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Affiliate Leaders/Caring Listeners - Dawn & Lynn

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Dawn Richards

The phone call every parent dreads – it almost sounds cliché, but that’s what happened in September of 2016. My barely 32-year-old son, Pili, was in a coma with TBI from a motorcycle accident. His dad and I had begged him not to buy one, but Pili was an adventurer: a surfer, snowboarder, skydiver, marathoner, boxer, trail runner, mountain biker. My only child; no grandchildren; my reason for being, now lingering in a coma where he remained for exactly one month, never regaining consciousness.

With a strong science background, I’m a skeptic. But a dear friend sent me a DVD and a book by Suzanne Giesemann. Then, I learned about Helping Parents Heal from the moms in my support group. Next, a Reiki practitioner assured me that it was my dear Pili behind these seemingly serendipitous events. And so began my journey to learn about the other side. I owe so much to friends and the moms in HPH who have opened my eyes to the possibility of staying connected with my son. They are my hope, my future.

Dawn Richards is our Helping Parents Heal - San Diego Affiliate Leader and our Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Director.

Lynn Hollahan

We are the parents of two beautiful children, Devon and Kelsey. In November of 2009, we received a telephone call which changed our lives: Our son Devon had gone missing in Frankfurt, Germany. After a month-long search, our worst fears were realized when his body was found in the Main River, downstream from Frankfurt. Our world shattered; we wandered our house aimlessly until Devon began to make his presence known through mediums and signs. These amazing and unmistakable signs proved beyond any doubt that not only was Devon NOT gone, he was, in fact, very present in our lives!

Our connection to HPH goes back almost to the founding of the group when we were introduced to Elizabeth Boisson and Mark Ireland. We are blessed to have had our journey become part of the book, Still Right Here, by Suzanne Giesemann, and we are eternally grateful for the miraculous bonds we have formed with other HPH members!

Through Devon’s continued antics, we have found joy, peace and comfort. Our fondest wish is to be able to help you achieve the same. Here’s to moving forward together, living our best lives!

Lynn is a Founding Member and the point of contact for our Caring Listeners. 

Lynn will also participate in the Book Panel Discussion of 'Life to Afterlife - Helping Parents Heal, The Book'


Affiliate Leaders & Caring Listeners Welcome Meeting!

Welcome all Affiliate Leaders and Caring Listeners. This is a great opportunity for us to meet those familiar faces that we’ve gotten to know through our zoom meetings.  We appreciate all the time and love you have devoted to HPH and look forward to thanking you in person.  Here's your chance to share or ask any questions you may have.


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