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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Suicide Panel - Janean, LeAnn & Barb

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Janean Bentley Quigley:

Five months after his transition, my son led me to Helping Parents Heal which not only completely changed the trajectory of my journey but also initiated a quest for the Greater Reality that will keep me learning and growing for the rest of my days. Without his departure, there would have been no need to search as I was a very happily married, mother of four healthy children living a comfortable life in Flagstaff AZ. Sean Patrick Quigley was the first born, rule follower, respectful, intelligent, sweet soul young man that loved life passionately. In retrospect, I can now recognize signs from early on that he was not going to need to have a long earthly life. He was wise beyond his years and the kindest person that I have known. His departure by suicide was cataclysmic. Putting on my own oxygen mask first became a necessity. As I recognized the many signs that he sent, and had validations of those signs through talented mediums, the heaviness lifted. Sean sends me heart shaped rocks, tickles my head and lives in my heart 24/7. He helps me manage my local HPH chapter as well as HPH Moving Forward after Suicide. 

LeAnn Hull:

My name is LeAnn Hull and my youngest son, Andy moved to Heaven after completing suicide on Dec. 11th, 2012 at the age of 16. Andy’s nickname is “Sunshine”, given to him by his friends and coaches because of his bright and sunny disposition. Almost immediately, I felt compelled to share with the world the love and joy that he brought to us all through a Foundation I started called Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation.

Within the first month, I sought out a reputable medium who shared with me transformational information from my son. This would be pivotal in moving me forward in my healing process. In addition, she suggested that I contact a local group called Helping Parents Heal which had been established by an amazing woman named Elizabeth! After attending my first meeting, I knew that this was a place where I could learn and continue to grow spiritually.

This journey has included, attending regular meetings, reading 80 books during the first year of my healing, meeting with my son through some gifted mediums, and many coffee meetings with other shining light parents.

My growth would be documented in the book which I wrote called “How To Live When You Want To Die”. I hope that you will find healing and joy again as have I. LeAnn writes a column for our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter, 'Spreading Sunshine.

Barb Clark: 

In December of 2019, my life came crashing halt when our 19 year old son transitioned by suicide. Within a few weeks, I was introduced to HPH and another local group called Healing to The Max, Inc. Both groups were similarly aligned. I was moving forward with my son instead of closure and saying goodbye that were traditional following a death. This loss cracked me wide open and my spiritual journey began. I've learned that grief and joy can co-exist. I'm currently taking David Kessler's Grief Educator Certification course to further support others in grief. I also volunteer for Healing to The Max, Inc. and participate in the HPH Moving Forward After Suicide Loss group as frequently as I can. My goal is to help others learn that they too can not only survive their loss but thrive at life again.


Suicide Panel

An uplifting panel discussion with parents who understand, to answer questions and promote healing. LeAnn, Janean, Jo, and Barb will give you tools to help you move forward on your life journey while honoring your child in Spirit.

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