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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Susanne J Wilson, MPA

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Key Note Oh, the Places You'll Go: Meet-ups With Your Spirit Loved Ones Can you learn how to travel, out of body, to meet-up with your spirit loved ones?

Susanne Wilson emphatically answers, "Yes!" Find out why the ability to experience dream visits and astral travel is your birthright as a soul. In this enthralling session, Susanne will share the mechanics behind out-of-body travel and why no equipment or special skills are required. You will learn exactly how to establish the conditions needed to allow your soul to safely travel, with your spirit loved ones, while your physical body is asleep. As the icing on the cake, the session will conclude with a group energy attunement and intention setting designed to jumpstart your meet-ups with your spirit loved ones.

Breakout Session: Love Lives Forever: A Presentation of Hope & Healing, Followed by Messages from the Spirit World

Did you know that loved ones in spirit arrange synchronicities to help their families here on Earth? Whenever a spirit loved one practices connecting with family on Earth, others in the Spirit World are helping and cheering him on. This may lead to the development of new friendships that begin after physical death. These friends can grow very close, to the point where people, including children, who have met in Heaven will arrange to have their families on Earth meet and give each other hope and healing.

Susanne Wilson and Elizabeth Boisson will share the true story of "Hiking in Heaven." Susanne will explain exactly how loved ones in spirit arrange amazing sychronicities in the lives of their families who are on Earth. You will learn how to invite and recognize signs and synchronicities that your loved ones in spirit send to you.

Susanne will give messages from the Spirit World to attendees for the majority of the session. Although no one will be guaranteed to receive a message, please listen very closely. You may find a golden gem that will touch your heart, bringing hope and healing to you.

Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium is an intuition expert, teaching medium, author, and an empowering keynote presenter at international conferences. Susanne appears on Coast to Coast A.M.,  Gaia TV, Travel Channel, Good Morning LaLa Land, Amazon Prime Video, Fox News National, Unity Radio, Streaming for the Soul, CBS Radio, and numerous podcasts. Susanne hosts a monthly podcast called Chat With Spirit Guides. 

She is a founding Board Member Emeritus for the Afterlife Research & Education Institute and its founding Director of mediumship research and education. Susanne holds a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a Bachelor's degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University.

Calling upon her extensive experience in education and leadership, Susanne has become a beloved researcher and teaching medium in the areas of intuition, mediumship, healing, and metaphysical topics.  Please visit

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