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Testimonials for Ann Van Orsdel

Brian Smith:

My reading with Ann was very good. She was a bit nervous at first because she knew she was being graded. There were several drop ins that didn’t make sense to me. There were lots of names I could not connect with. They actually showed up in later readings for other people and were connected there. Who did come through early was my paternal grandfather with the same message he always delivers. This is one way I know that a medium is really making a connection. The reading was full of personal advice about my current situation which was extremely helpful. But, I really wanted to connect with my daughter.

Since I had just had a reading a couple of days before I thought maybe Shayna wasn’t going to come through this time. When Ann asked if I had any questions, I told her no and that I thought I had gotten what I was supposed to get. Then, suddenly, without me prompting, Ann said Shayna was there and proceeded to connect me to her for 20 minutes straight. Ann got details about her medical history that no one knew. Ann didn’t even know my first name before the reading. So, as public as my information is, there is no way she looked anything up. The reading was set up by a third party. Ann was given my middle name, as my first name and nothing more. We connected by Zoom. So, she didn’t even have my phone number.

I’m very impressed by Ann’s abilities. And she showed the empathy needed for this healing work. I recommend her.

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