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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Alyson Gannon

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Alyson Gannon is from Los Angeles, CA


Brian Smith:

My reading with Alyson was very good. She was a bit nervous due to the fact that the reading was for certification through Mark Ireland, but the evidence she brought through was excellent, as evidenced by the assessment I submitted. I was quite impressed.

Alyson has been doing a great job in teaching our parents to connect with our kids. I’ve made connections in her workshop with other people’s kids like I had no idea I could do. I’ve also seen other parents getting really good results. My personal experience has been she passed the blind reading with flying colors and she has contributed to our parents quite a bit. She has voluntarily led three sessions and has two more scheduled.

Suzi Smith:

Alyson Gannon is one of the most gifted mediums I have ever worked with. She was able to establish an immediate connection with my son and described him in great depth and detail. During the reading she provided repeated and undisputed evidence of her connection to the spirit world.

Alyson reads from the heart and shows a warmth and deep connection to both the departed and the sitter. This was one of the best readings I have ever had and a beautifully healing experience. I can’t wait to do it again!

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