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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Angel Jimenez

Angel Jimenez is from San Diego, CA


Nicola Bridges:

I have been to mediums who say very generic things that could apply to most people. Angel was far from that. With no expectation on my part, Angel proved to be a direct conduit for Jack to let me know specifically he’s here with me—such personal and precise information and detailed descriptions of objects and instances that only Jack and I know. Uncanny, authentic and true. It came streaming through Angel, who just said and shared what he was feeling and hearing in a very pragmatic yet comforting way. Angel is by far one of the two best mediums I have experienced.

Kelly Fisher:

Angel has a strong connection to the spirit world. He always comes from a sincere place of authenticity and love. I’ve received a reading from him and I’m confident recommending him to the HPH community.

Catalina Flores:

About Angel, He brought my daughter Reyna to the reading the day we met him at Lynne’s home (in San Diego). He is a sensitive, charming and respectful medium; he took some minutes before the session alone outside the house meditating to be ready for us; he did not accept anything to eat or drink before the readings *; he has a charming personality, he is such a host, he shines at the stage. On top of all that, he is accurate in his readings, compassionate, and he clearly communicates the message from our loved ones.

* In Yoga I have learned that the emptiness in our stomachs is important to have a better connection in meditation; this allows us to breath better and receive.

Ericson C Suzanne:

I can definitely confirm Angel is legit! He gave me messages from my son during a HPH meeting that were all very detailed. One message was a warning for a friend of my son's that he didn't heed and now he's paying the consequences. Angel picked up on my son's personality and many of his unique ways. I also attended one of his mediumship workshops and he really helped me with my confidence regarding my own abilities. I would recommend him to anyone.

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