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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Sandy Thorpe

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Sandy Thorpe is from North Carolina


Mabel Chan:
I had one of the best readings from a medium through Sandy a few months ago.  It was a 4 way communication among us; my Son in Spirit, myself and my husband together with Sandy.  I remember how the validations came in one after another showing us, clear as day, that our precious son was right here with us.  The connection was strong and we all felt our son’s true essence.  The session was filled with laughter as Joy and Love permeated us.  There is no better gift for a parent than hearing from our child that he carries on with his existence on a much higher dimension.  He’s NOT GONE.  The questions that I had were answered before they were asked. I am grateful to my son and Sandy for this amazing reading that has given me peace and comfort.  Sandy is a gifted medium with the purity of heart to help.  She is also a talented and caring person.
I highly recommend Sandy and would be happy to answer any questions.
Dolores Cruz:
I've been a member of HPH for almost 2 years. This is such a fabulous organization that has helped me immensely on my healing journey after the transition of my beautiful 24 year-old-son, Eric. I attended the 2018 conference, and look forward to attending the next conference in 2020.
I would like to highly recommend Sandy Thorpe to be added to HPH's list of mediums. I have had 5 different readings in the last 2 years from mediums presently on the list. They were amazing. I also had a reading from Sandy last December. She was absolutely wonderful.  She first connected with my father, and clearly described the kind of man he was when he was here in his physical body, and gave me some messages from him.  She then brought in my son, who was apparently waiting a little impatiently to come in. She clearly had a very strong connection to him as she brought in much evidence related to his personality, his room, his friends and his passion for music. She also had my grandmother there, and then was even able to connect with my mom’s soul, even though my mom was still here with us at that time, albeit in frail health and experiencing dementia. I would gage that she was about 95% accurate with the validations she gave, the other 5 percent being evidence I needed to ask other people about. I was so comforted by the connections Sandy made to my loved ones. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to hear from their loved ones in spirit. 
I also belong to an online group called Souls Awakening that Sandy is also a member of. This group meets every Sunday to connect with Spirit, and some members are also able to bring in loved ones. I have watched Sandy connect with these loved ones every Sunday with strong evidence and accuracy. She has brought in my Eric, as well as my mother (now passed) and father. Again...she is amazing.
Sandy is a very sincere, warm and loving soul who clearly wishes to serve Spirit and others here on Earth. I feel that HPH members would highly benefit from her readings.
Perrie Oconnor:

My name is Perrie Oconnor and I’m writing to you on behalf of Sandy Soulsister. I came to know her because of the passing of my son Brian. My daughter and I have both spent some time with her trying to come to grips with the loss.  She was really awesome In trying to help us. Her words and thoughts were great. She helped me and gave strength to keep going. Wondering lady!!!

Susan Cusano:

I had an amazing reading with Sandy on 9/7/18. She immediately brought through my son! I feel like he set up this reading for me because when selecting a date Sandy checked her schedule and her next available date was 9/7. She did not know that was my birthday! Sandy had a very strong connection with my son. She was able to describe his personality so well. There were so many evidential validations throughout the reading. My son, Mike, showed that he is watching over his brother and sister. Sandy heard the bass guitar. Mike’s brother plays the bass guitar in a band. He said he goes to the shows with us. Mike showed he is watching over his sister by showing stacks of chocolate bars piled up. His sister has a successful chocolate company. Mike showed Sandy heart-shaped rocks. Heart-shaped rocks are very significant. Mike said he is glad I am working with angels and archangels. I just started researching Angels the week before the reading. The wow moment was when Sandy said Mike showed her that Mike and I are connected to a cord and that cord can never be severed. Sandy did not know that every couple of days I talk to Mike and tell him that we are connected to each other by a gold cord and I use the same exact wording. I tell him that cord could never be severed! The same exact wording! Sandy also brought through my mother and good friend. Mike stayed for the whole reading allowing them to come through with accurate messages . I am so happy that I got to spend time with Mike through Sandy. Sandy took the time to allow me to ask Mike questions since she had such a good connection with him. This meant a lot to me! I can’t stress enough how wonderful my reading was! It brought me so much peace and it was an amazing birthday gift! Thank you Sandy for sharing your gift with me!

Diane Calderon:

I would like to offer my heartfelt recommendation for Sandy Thorpe.

I became acquainted with Sandy in January 2017 when I became a member of a spiritual group, Souls Awakening. Many in this group of loving souls have been working on developing their mediumship skills.  They have been mentored and taught by several outstanding professionals, including Susanne Wilson, Suzanne Giesemann, Mavis Patilla, and Janet Nohavic to name a few.

Sandy is exceptional in her development.  She offered to do a practice reading for me shortly after we met, and the evidence was incredible.  My son came through loud and clear, with so much validation that my heart melted. Since that initial practice, she has Matt pop in often, always with new information and messages.

Our group sits in a development circle on a weekly basis, Sandy is nearly always involved and has been one of the most consistent in connecting with our loved ones.  I have witnessed her growth and expansion of abilities and love, and her joy when clear connections are made. Several group members are HPH parents, and Sandy often has beautiful messages from their children.  

I have no doubt that Sandy will be a wonderful and exceptional medium for HPH members.  She will bring hope, help and healing to connect parents with their children in spirit. I hope HPH will consider her inclusion as one of our healing professional mediums.

Blessings and Love, Diane Calderon

Sarah Rowland:

I am writing to you to recommend Sandy Soulsister.  I saw her presentation on HPH and then I booked a reading with her.  She brought through my daughter with many amazing validations.  She described a painting my other daughter painted with a rainbow, cloud, and a magic wand.  She asked for a picture of it after the reading.  😊  As she told us in her HPH presentation, spirits often give ideas for her daily quotes.  Shortly after my reading she had a daily quote about joy with a picture of a rainbow.  She sent me that as well.  I printed it and put it on the back of the painting. 

Marla Kallin:

I recently had a reading with Sandy Thorpe. I have been fortunate in the fact that I have had some amazing readings since my son passed. The one with Sandy was unique. It was incredibly conversational. I was able to ask questions of my son and get answers that both made sense to me and sounded like him. This gave me incredible comfort. I was left with a feeling of peace and understanding that I had not gotten before. In terms of evidence, Sandy's description of my mother and of our relationship was exact. Here I received clarification of a turbulent relationship, here I was left with a feeling of peace that I've needed for so long. 

I believe Sandy's compassion and loving nature is probably quite apparent in any interaction one might have with her. In the case of this reading, these qualities shone like a star.

This was not a conventional reading. It was deeper and more profound than that. I felt like I was learning as I was being read. I so appreciate it.
Elizabeth West:

Sandy Thorpe

Sandy Thorpe is a wonderful and caring medium. She has given me many short readings and one long reading over the last 3+ years. My son was not a great communicator at first, but his abilities have grown. Sandy has been there since the beginning with him. She was the one who expressed to me how much his communication skills have developed.   She knows Tyler so well it didn’t surprise me when she got great messages from him during our long reading, but it did surprise me that she also got great messages from my dad who usually hangs out in the background for my readings.

Here is some of the evidence Sandy received during my long reading:

  • Tyler and my dad fishing together. My dad taught Tyler to fish. That was one of their connections on earth.
  • Tyler and my dad on the other side, me and my grandfather on this side look at each other in our own eyes. They are all blue. This is true and significant since we all have the same blue eyes and most of my family have brown eyes.
  • My dad smoking and drinking bourbon. My father smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and became an alcoholic in the last years of his life. She even said the cigarettes led to his death…something with the lungs. My father died of lung cancer.
  • Tyler had a knife of my dad’s. Tyler was given an anniversary state trooper knife of my father’s after my father passed.
  • Tyler was a good shot with a gun. He showed me a long gun and a jacket. Tyler was on the rifle team in high school. He was a really good shot and they wore very distinct jackets. See picture.
  • Tyler showing wristbands. Tyler was on a team called the Advanced Military Skills team. The rest of the team had wristbands with Sully on them made to wear for competitions. See picture
  • Tyler said I should try EMDR. I had JUST talked about having EMDR therapy that week before my reading.
  • My dad talking about issues our family was dealing with respect to my grandfather. My grandfather was in the hospital after a fall where he had broken three ribs.
  • My dad was a hunter. My father was a hunter all of his adult life. The deeper meaning…He used to make me go hunting with him and we would argue because I couldn’t be still or quiet.

These items are just a small subset of the evidence Sandy received. In addition, she got the essence of my son and my father and the way we all related to each other. We all poked fun at each other and she even relayed some jokes to me at times when I was getting emotional. That is exactly how we interact with each other. Make jokes when things get too serious or overwhelming.


I wholeheartedly recommend Sandy as a Helping Parents Heal medium. She is evidence based, but also relays beautiful messages. Sandy also has the required empathy and composure to work with shining light parents, even in their early phases.

Elizabeth Boisson:
I just had a reading with Sandy Soulsister, and it was a healing experience. She is calm and compassionate and works hard to bring through evidence during the reading. Morgan felt heavy to her as she started connecting, almost as though he had sat down inside of her. I get the same feeling when he helps to calm me down or to make me feel happy; it is similar to when he ‘hugs me from the inside.’ 
She saw that he was flying and asked what it might mean. Morgan sang ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ into his cell phone a few months before he passed, and the song by R Kelly is very significant to my husband and me. She also saw Morgan in space boots, shooting through the sky, and mentioned ‘Rocketman,’ which was one of our favorite songs to sing with Morgan and the girls while driving in the car. 
Sandy already knew that Morgan was a cheerleader at U of A, but she saw him running with a huge flag. She could feel the heaviness of the flag. Morgan would lap the football field carrying an enormous flag with the other cheerleaders trailing behind, every time the Wildcats scored a touchdown. 
Sandy then looked off to the right, her side for the feminine. She said that she wasn’t sure if this happens often but that Irene’s daughter Carly was with her (I am confident that Carly and Morgan are great friends). Carly said that her mom and I have been working on t-shirts. I had just spoken to Irene that morning, and she was on her way to find our about pricing on t-shirts for our upcoming Second Helping Parents Heal Conference.  
There were other uplifting things that Sandy told me during the reading, and I appreciate her generosity and caring. Thank you, Sandy, and I look forward to meeting you in person at our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC!
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