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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Sebastian Dudley

Sebastian Dudley is from Scottsdale, AZ


Kim Courtney:

Hello HPH Parents,

My son Derrick died 2 years ago after suffering from Myasthenia Graves. My journey through grief led me to Helping Parents Heal. I can honestly say this group of parents saved me! I have been willing to expand my knowledge and understanding of the journey that grief takes us on.

One of HPH members, Arie Matisse, introduced me to Sebastian Dudley, a self-taught spiritual and energy healer. I recently had a session with him. Sebastian explained this was an opportunity to find my true self, to understand what makes me, me and an understanding to my soul. As I relaxed with my eyes closed, I began to sense an awareness that I hadn’t had before. I was connecting with me! It was my inner self and my logical, physical me meeting for the 1st time. I was so in tune, that I wasn’t aware that my arms began to rise above my head, where they stayed for an extended period of time. When I felt what was going on, I tried to put my arms down and to no avail, they wouldn’t budge! They were as light as air! My spiritual self took over part of my physical being. The feeling was exhilarating! I knew then, a new type of healing was taking place in me.

Through knowing yourself, you have the ability to change your negative way of thinking and provide an alternative for you to follow. I feel grateful to have had this life-changing experience. I now have a clearer understanding of me and look forward to connecting with Derrick in spirit.

Arie Matisse:

Sebastian brings a gift of grace and presence during a session. Whether in a private or group session with him - Basking in this blissful energy allows me to arrive at a place of peace, love, and expansion. I absolutely leave my body and go to this place every time - reminding me of who I truly am… Eternal Energy. In this sacred space, I heard my toddler son, Bodhe say “This is where I’m at Mommy… this is where I’m at!”. I sunk deep into this space with a clear knowing that my son is only surrounded by love. We are all one and love is eternal. Sebastian is a great blessing! ~ Arie Matisse, Mommy of Bodhe and Saoirse

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