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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Nicole Reilly

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Nicole is an evidential medium and psychic who prides herself in both her integrity and innate ability to connect with both the spirit world and the living, through her extrasensory perception. As a former Registered Nurse specializing in healing physical wounds, as well as time, spent working in hospice, she has witnessed and participated first hand in immense pain and suffering of the human body and soul, oftentimes resolving itself through the process of death. Born and raised in one of the most spiritual cities in America, New Orleans, her Catholic upbringing, which encouraged a connection with saints and angels, has given her a strong sense of an otherworldly presence and the feeling of never being alone. As an eternal seeker of spiritual truths and wisdom combined with the mystery of death itself, her wonderment of mediumship continues daily.

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