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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

Member Book Recommendations

Personal book recommendations from members of Helping Parents Heal. Click on a book to view & purchase on Amazon. A portion of the purchase price (0.5%) will support Helping Parents Heal through the AmazonSmile program:

Still Right Here
Messages of Hope
Soul Smart
Wolf's Message
Life After Life
Glimpses of Eternity
Soul Shift
Messages from the Afterlife
Life Between Heaven and Earth
Droplets of God
Walking in the Garden of Souls
Hello from Heaven
Proof of Heaven
We Don't Die
Bridging Two Realms
Born Knowing
The Spirit Whisperer
Your Soul's Plan
Never Letting Go
Evidence of Eternity
Dying To Be Me
Resilient Grieving
Journey to The Upper Realm
Quinton's Messages
Quinton's Legacy
Growing Up in Heaven
The Medium Next Door
21 Day Doorway Across the Veil
Permission to Mourn
Your Life After Their Death
Reporting For The Other Side
Soul Proof
Looking Into the Windows of Heaven
Never Letting Go
 But Should the Angels Call For Him
Walking On Sunshine
Handbook to the Afterlife
Angels Three
The Ripple Effect
The Afterlife Experiments
The Compassionate Medium
A Pathway To Eternity
Direct Connect to God
From Grief to Growth
The Field
We Never Left You
Journey Back
The Death Transition
Love Never Dies
Fifty Years of Silence No More
Finding Davey
Is There An Afterlife?
To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story
Memories of the Afterlife
Destiny of Souls
Journey of Souls
The Priest and the Medium
Answers About the Afterlife
Radical Survivor
I Knew Their Hearts
The Myth of Dying
Through My Eyes
What if This is Heaven?
Immortal Remains
Suffering is the Only Honest Work
The Boy Who Knew Too Much
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
The Next Person You Meet in Heaven
Tuesdays with Morrie
Have a Little Faith
The Eleven Questions
The Shack
How to Live When You Want to Die
Many Lives, Many Masters
Miracles Happen
Messages from the Masters
Same Soul, Many Bodies
Through Time Into Healing
On Death and Dying
Death, the Final Stages of Growth
Always Remember to Kiss Me Goodnight
Already Here
Finding Meaning
Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms
On Grief and Grieving
Making Sense of Nonsense
Evidence of the Afterlife
Shift: The Spiritual Awakening of a Grieving Father
Life After Loss
The Seat of the Soul
The Last Frontier
Living in a Mindful Universe
We Don't Die
Sacred Contracts
Anatomy of the Spirit
In the Silence
Living a Dream
Love Beyond Words
Through the Darkness
Grief 2 Growth
Gatekeeper of the Invisible Door
10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven
Second Life: An Atheist's Journey to Spirituality
Doctors, Faith and Courage
The River
One Year After
My Search For Christopher on the Other Side
Entering the Light Fantastic
Heaven's Voice is Within Your Soul
Believe Beyond Seeing
Beautiful Tragedy
We Are Their Heaven
Lost and Found
Love Never Dies
Learning to Dance in the Rain
Pennies From Heaven
There is Nothing But Mind and Experiences
From Heroin to Hope: Making Sense of the Loss of a Child
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