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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

Find Out More About Our Amazing Parent Volunteers!

Our 165 Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Leaders and 34 Helping Parents Heal Caring Listeners are being interviewed by Zoom by Dr. Mark Pitstick and Lynn Hollahan, the leaders of our Helping Parents Heal Caring Listener group.  The stories of healing of these remarkable volunteers are inspiring and uplifting.  Please check back regularly for new interviews! 


Links for Free HPH Videos, Resources, and Events

Affiliate Leader / Caring Listener Interviews

Affiliate Leaders (to find local in-person groups)

Caring Listeners

Calendar of On-Line Events

Helping Fathers Heal

Helping Sibling's Heal

Special Interest Groups

Free Experiential Audio Programs led by Mark Pitstick MA, DC

Facilitated After Death Communication

Holistic Breathing Technique

Pre-Birth Planning

Ask Your Soul, G.O.D., and Angels

Articles by Mark Pitstick MA, DC that address the most commonly asked questions and biggest challenges (articles are free at

#1 Scientific Evidence That Bodily Death Is NOT the End of Life

#2 When a Child Changes Worlds

#4 When a Loved One Passes On by Suicide

#9 Visiting ‘Departed’ Loved Ones Now

#25 Pre-Birth Planning: Did I REALLY Choose All This?

#27 When a Loved One’s Earthly Body Is Murdered . . .

#28 After Death Communications

#60 Clinical Evidence That Life Continues After Physical Death

#82 Journey FROM Deeply Grieving TO Shining Light

#93 For Deeply Grieving Parents and Family Members

#108 Higher Energies, Emotions, and Ways of Being

#115 Firsthand Experience Evidence for Life After Death

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