Caring Listeners

Caring Listeners

Our wonderful Caring Listeners are willing to talk in person, by phone, or on a video-conference call like Skype or Zoom.  They each are bereaved parents who are now shining brightly – most of the time – and want to help others:

Linda McCarthy

For over 20 years the afterlife has always been an interest of mine, however at the time, I couldn’t explain why. I was fascinated with the survival of consciousness.  Then three years ago, my wonderful son Sean transitioned home. That experience allowed me to have a new and beautiful relationship with spirit. I have learned so much from wonderful teachers here in the physical as well as those on the other side. Love truly is the key that unlocks the door.  I  was blessed to have an experience that connected me with my loved ones in spirit, and I know we survive death. As a Metaphysician, I am also certified in Spirituality and Grief, Health and the Human Spirit, and am here to help you in any way that I can.

Email:  or Phone: 410-991-5045


 Ernie Jackson

Ernie and his wife have two children, a daughter Cheyanne, here on the earth plane and son Quinton, who transitioned on June 10, 2009. Quinton’s passing changed Ernie’s life in ways he never expected. They continue to have a very strong connection which Ernie shares in his two books, Quinton’s Messages and Quinton’s Legacy. He is on the Board of Directors for Helping Parents Heal, Ernie’s passion is to share the divine message of “There is More” and to be of service in any way he can.

Email: or Phone: 720-438-1038


Glenda Pearson

Glenda’s gifts as a healer and medium are deepened by her own experience of the depth of loss. She is the author of the book, “But Should the Angels Call for Him”which reviewers call “an amazing book of love, loss, courage, and healing”.  It is the story of a parent’s worst nightmare: the death of her only child. Glenda Pearson is also a Reiki master and a certified grief recovery specialist.  She has studied at the acclaimed Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement in Psychic Science, in Essex, England, and been trained in many additional energetic healing modalities such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Hawaiian, Ecuadorian and Cherokee shamanism and Munay-Ki. She is also trained with Stephen Ministries to become a lay minister.  

Email: or Phone: 480-993-3888

Suzi Smith

I am the mother of three beautiful sons. One in spirit. In 2004 my 23-year-old son, Alex, died from suicide. This life-changing event led to a deep and dark depression, but ultimately to a life of volunteering. In an attempt to break through this depression, I began to volunteer at a local hospice. I found this work to be truly healing. I then began to volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. I feel strongly that working with, and listening to, others helped greatly in healing my own traumatic grief. My mission now is to give hope to parents who have lost children and are in great despair. I feel that spirit led me to an interest in the afterlife which has been transformational. I have had numerous experiences with several very talented evidential mediums who were able to connect me to my son. This has opened up a world I never knew existed and a continuing relationship with my son on the other side.

I would love to help parents who question whether their pain will ever go away. I, myself, wondered that at one time. I am here to speak with, but mainly listen to, anyone who is currently walking this challenging path. I hope in the role as a Caring Listener to be able to soften the hard edges of other parents grief.

Email: or Phone: 703-582-0420


Tracy Soussi

I am a grateful mother of three children, Aymen, Nadia and Laila. On February 28, 2016, my loving son, Aymen, transitioned in his sleep from Central/Neurological Sleep Apnea, at the age of 29. Aymen is amazing in so many ways and continues to amaze me by coming through the veil to send love and messages to me and loved ones. As I embarked on this journey, I devoted my energies to learning about evidential mediumship and immersed myself in the study of spirituality, including the works Dr. Mark Pitstick and Suzanne Gieseman. This, in turn, led me to Helping Parents Heal, a place where I felt welcomed and understood. I am honest, this path is not easy, but I know for certain our children are eternal and cheering us on to move forward. Part of my journey is to keep my son’s memory alive by doing as much as I can to honor him. As an online HPH affiliate online leader and Caring Listener, I am honored to help Help Parents Heal. I know Aymen is proud!

Email:  or Phone: 704-806-7899

Lisa Laniewski

I am a teacher and a counselor by education, married to a retired Army officer. Less than three months after our precious daughter, Amber, transitioned in November 2014, at the age of 25, we were dealt yet another blow. My husband’s boss, the owner of his company, also transitioned quite unexpectedly, and within a matter of weeks, my husband was without the job that we had really planned our lives around. We decided not to make any more dramatic changes during those early months of grieving and to spend the months ahead learning all we could about where our daughter was and how we could continue to maintain communication as well as our family relationships on both sides of this veil. Much reading, attending conferences, meeting with mediums and joining groups combined to lead us to Helping Parents Heal where we hope to learn even more ways to share our love and be of service to those who need a hug, a hand, a shoulder or an ear.

Email: or Phone 941-270-7838

Estrella Alvarez-Tinch
I am the proud mother of two sons. Bert who received his angel wings on 11/8/13 and Andy who became my youngest son, after his mom (my sister) received her angel wings in 1988.  The heart-wrenching experience of losing a child sent me on a journey I wasn’t quite prepared for.  It changed everything for me!  I have learned since then that death is not the final chapter. Life continues for our loved ones, and it can continue for us too. My experience unlocked gifts that I didn’t know I had which I am now able to use in helping others find healing and strength in their journey.

Hablo Español

Email: or Phone: 407-803-2375
David Alison
I am a happily married husband and the father of three amazing adult children: Jocelyn, Davey and Julia. My son Davey transitioned on July 20, 2016; he was involved in a solo car accident at the age of 24. I am an engineer with a science perspective and at the time of my son’s transition viewed consciousness as a byproduct of the brain. When the brain died, all that person was ceased to exist. That didn’t stop the feeling that my son was still around and trying to communicate with me. I learned that there is ample evidence that consciousness can and does survive physical death, which led me on a spiritual journey I documented in my book Finding Davey (
I find myself called to be of service to other parents that are struggling with grief. I will listen, answer questions and share the tools I found that helped me develop a wonderful ongoing relationship with my son in spirit.
Email: or Phone: 703-957-9405

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