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Canada: Toronto
Organizer: Teresa Cernigliaro and Karen Wilson [click to email]

Teresa Cernigliaro:

My name is Teresa Cernigliaro and I am blessed to be the mother of 3 children, 2 daughters here with me and my son Joey, forever 19, in Heaven. Shortly after Joey’s passing on November 25, 2017, I couldn’t sleep and I was on the internet looking for resources to help me navigate this horrible journey I now found myself on. My search was primarily about the afterlife and I came across the podcast that Tracy Soussi did on We Don’t Die Radio and therein my journey led me to Helping Parents Heal. The resources and support I find in Helping Parents Heal have aided in my healing and shown me hope. I am from Ontario, Canada and Ottawa (4 hours away) was the closest affiliate group. It is my desire to have a place where parents in my area who find themselves in this unimaginable situation of child loss, have a place to come where they are met with compassion, support and provided an accepting, safe place to begin to heal. I have no doubt my precious Joey directed me here and I am forever grateful to be a part of this community.

Karen Wilson: 

Hello to all of the loving parents on this journey.  My name is Karen, and my only son Nick transitioned on March 25, 2017 at the age of 22 years old in a car accident. I knew almost immediately that Nick was “out there” somewhere and that there was more to this life than just physical life.   “Death” could not be the end.  I felt a very strong pull to explore this and here I am.  Whether you believe, you are not sure or you need proof, first and foremost I want to be someone who can do some good and help other parents.  I feel like we become  a different breed of people once we have a child that has left the physical world, and sharing our feelings and experiences is of paramount importance to healing.  For myself, I know that Nick is with me all the time.  The signs, feelings and just knowing can’t be denied. Also, I have been to well respected Mediums and there is no doubt in my mind Nick is “here”. I hope we can connect and help each other.

United Kingdom: London - Helping Siblings Heal
Organizer: Anna Buckmaster [click to email]

Anna is an actress born in Surrey, UK. Her brother and only sibling Pete passed in 2014 in a car accident. Being left as an only sibling, she realised there were no support systems or communities, specifically for bereaved brothers and sisters, and struggled to find people in similar situations to confide in. After her parents joined Helping Parents Heal and gained a great deal of comfort in the community, she felt compelled to create a sibling branch of the group to allow a space for people to connect and talk openly about their experiences. She hopes that this group, as the first of its kind, will provide hope and comfort to those who are told to stay strong for others and often struggle alone.  Please visit our Facebook page; Helping Siblings Heal.

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