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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Beth Lynch

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Beth Lynch, Medium, Meditation Teacher & Author of 'Life, Death and In-Between,' has been helping families understand & heal from the passing of loved ones, as well as sharing Spiritual principles for life. For over twenty-five years she has practiced & taught the benefits of meditation and how to understand the mind, body, Spirit connection as a natural evolution of consciousness. Beth is the founder of Inner Light Teachings.

Beth shares that Spirituality is the missing link to understanding mental & emotional wellness, including anxiety, depression & addiction. For over two decades she has shared what she has learned personally & in channeling. Beth believes that to understand life we must understand death. It is in doing so that the in-between will make sense...and we love, laugh & live more fully. Beth Lynch 888.271.4487 Follow my YouTube channel for meditation videos & podcasts


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