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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Christine Salter

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Christine Salter is a Psychic and Evidentiary Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and Healer who is passionate about assisting grieving people in opening their own spiritual gifts of spirit communication. Her kind and compassionate approach encourage people to explore their connection with spirit, including loved ones who have passed, while gaining trust in themselves that they can. Christine is dedicated to supporting people on their spiritual and healing journey so that they may reclaim their inner light that was dimmed by the passing of a loved one.

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Guided Connections - Opening your own ability to communicate with your kids.

Explore the basics of spirit communication as you learn about the language of your child. Christine will take you on a guided meditation journey to help you connect with your child and bring through meaningful messages. She will also share simple steps and techniques to enhance and build upon your experience. Please bring a pen and paper for this session.

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