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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Colleen Smith

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Breakout: Proof of the Survival of the Soul.

Do you want to anchor your belief in the survival of the soul and see how continuing a relationship after death is possible? Come join this hope building presentation that will fill you with joy over the evidence of eternal life. Watch through photograph and video evidence how spirit communication is real and purposeful. Generate ideas while listening to how one family started a communication journey making new and current memories with their departed. Colleen’s 26-year-old son Austin’s unexpected passing launched Colleen and her family into grief. Just as Colleen doubted her ability to survive the devastation, Austin began leaving feathers. The signs became breadcrumbs that led the family out of the darkness. Witness the incredible tangible evidence that is sure to leave you astounded and deepen your belief of the survival of the soul.

Colleen Smith is a licensed psychotherapist, evidential medium, and intuitive psychic. She utilizes all of these skill sets to guide her clients in their healing and growth journey. For some that means psychological exploration, for others, it entails spiritual learning, for most, it is a combination.

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