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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Craig & Julie McMahon

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Craig McMahon is a TV Host, After Life Expert, and inventor of Spirit Radio. He started his career in 2004 producing movies for LionsGate, but later moved into producing films for Weinstein and International films for Paramount Pictures. He won critical acclaim for his work for Sweet Sunshine in 2020. That film won him awards for Best Musical Film, Best Original Score, and Best Original Story. See more about his Filmography here at IMDB (Internet Movie Database). He is the inventor of the Spirit Radio and the Sound Bank, tools used to communicate with spirit. See videos of his Celebrity Spirit Radio interviews here. His mission is to help the world embrace more kindness and bring awareness that we do not die. Through his films, he helps people transform grief, anger, sadness, and judgement into kindness and love. He writes, directs, edits film and hosts projects about the After Life. His new label, Inspiriter Films, focuses on positive uplifting stories.

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Book Panel Discussion - 'Life to Afterlife, Helping Parents Heal, The Book'
Craig McMahon, creator of the Life to Afterlife Spirituality Series, will moderate a panel discussion about this book, which is based on the popular documentary that he produced, 'Life to Afterlife: Mom, Can You Hear Me?' Craig will allow each of the parents on the panel to shed light on what they have learned and experienced on their path to healing.

My Child Transitioned - What am I Supposed to Do? 

In this presentation Craig McMahon, the creator of the 'Life to Afterlife' Spirituality Series, talks about where our loved ones are that have transitioned . We will explore the vital importance of seeing  it from your child’s  perspective . You have been handed an avalanche of an event , and there are two things that can happen. Number one , is recognizing that you have been given an opportunity, to have a direct line to the afterlife. Number two you’ve also been given the opportunity to awaken and ascend. In this presentation Craig introduces Julie McMahon, also a parent that has had a child recently transition and we delve into a completely different approach to transcending the pain and suffering. 

Through Craig’s research and data into life and the afterlife he has gained insight that it is all about going within for ALL your questions and to receive all your answers . 

We will explore how to tap into the infinite knowings within you where all the answers are. 

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