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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Fara Gibson

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Fara Gibson began to give specific messages to people here in the physical world from their loved ones in Heaven, in her late teens. She remembers watching television as a teen and seeing Sylvia Browne and John Edwards on their shows and she thought to herself, 'Whatever disease John and Sylvia have, I must also have!!'

They made her feel normal because they were the first people she had seen who shared the same ability as she did.

She now realizes that in important times, she was able to deliver important, life-saving messages.

Fara is incredibly gifted and will bring through EXACTLY what a child in spirit is saying.  For this reason, please know that we advise all attendees that her Gallery Reading is rated PG-13

To learn more about Fara or book a session, visit her website at


Connections with Heaven:

I look forward to making Connections with Heaven in my time on stage to bring healing to the hearts of those I may reach. 


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