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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Jake Samoyedny

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Breakout Session: Our Children in the Afterlife

In an interactive conversation with Jake Samoyedny "The Compassionate Medium" you will discover so much more about where your children are, what do they do there, what does it look like in the afterlife, will they know us?, will we know them? So many of your questions may be answered in hopes that you can find comfort in your own lives. Jake will also teach all who are interested in how to get the best readings from a medium. How to be the best sitter so that the medium can facilitate a reading that has the potential to bring enough evidence so that you may draw your own conclusions about what happens to us after we leave our physical lives. There will be time for your questions. Both of Jake's sessions in the last conference filled quickly so please make sure that you do not miss this opportunity to spend some time with one of the most beloved mediums alive today.

Born a medium, Jake has trained with some of the best mediums alive today. Jake has also studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for Psychical Studies in Stansted, England. He is a member of The Lily Dale Assembly and is a proud Registered Medium at Lily Dale, America’s oldest Spiritualist Community.

Jake is the author of “THE COMPASSIONATE MEDIUM” published in 2014 and “A PATHWAY TO ETERNITY” published in May of 2016. Jake writes a bi-monthly column for a regional publication about Spirituality.

Jake lives a spiritual life and has devoted himself to serving Spirit through Evidential Mediumship, bringing comfort to those wanting to know that our lives and bonds of love are everlasting. Jake resides with his two children and offers in-person and phone readings in the suburbs north of New York City and can also be found living and serving Spirit in Lily Dale, New York during the summer months.

To learn more or book a reading with Jake visit his website at

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