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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Jennifer Brazier

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As an Evidential Medium, Jennifer Brazier’s work and life purpose is to reconnect people with loved ones who are no longer physically present through an energetic connection…. of their soul, to her soul, to the recipient’s soul.

Imagine a game of telephone where one person tells a story or offers a word to another person. That person then tells it to another and then it continues to be shared with the next person. That is like the relaying of information Jennifer receives through mediumship. Loving Spirits from the Other Side communicate energetically with Jennifer through her various senses. Jennifer has learned how to interpret energy through her senses of hearing, smelling, tasting, knowing, feeling, and seeing – all within her. She is then able to verbalize those messages and share them in her sessions. Jennifer’s messages offer specific, verifiable details, to validate our loved ones are still with us. Her intention is that these messages bring hope, healing, and happiness...along with clarity in one’s life. She hopes this amazing, intimate contact brings comfort and confirmation that to anyone who wants validation, we do not die, and Love never dies!

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