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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Spencer Olsen

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Spencer Olsen survived a horrific car crash at the age of 7 which took the lives of his mother and year-old brother. He had no NDE, but through other means learned the significance of life, death and human connection.  He has worked with young people in after-school programs as well as volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  He now presents with his Father, Jeffery Olsen both virtually and physically around the world. Spencer is pursuing a career as an Electrician and enjoys playing music on the side.  Spencer is happily married. He and his wife Ashley have two dogs. They enjoy traveling, hiking and other means of memory making. 


A FATHER AND SON'S HEALING JOURNEY - Navigating grief through the eyes of a child with Jeffery's son, Spencer Olsen

After surviving an auto accident that took the lives of half of their family, Spencer Olsen and his father Jeffery Olsen were beyond devastated. Jeffery spent five months in the hospital and had eighteen surgeries before being able to return home to Spencer. Jeffery also had profound Near-Death Experiences as a result of the crash. Spencer on the other hand did not and was left to navigate the grief on a very lonely path as a shy seven-year-old child. Now as an adult, Spencer teams up with his father to create Where Are You? Spencer wrote the story from the innocent, yet wounded perspective of that little boy, and what began as a children's book has been embraced by people of all ages. A simple, yet powerful story reminds us that our loved ones who have passed live through us and forever guide us. Connecting with them can be as natural and simply being open to it. Join Jeffery and Spencer as they share their healing journey and how the message of Where Are You? came from their hearts and onto the pages. Where Are You? assists parents to heal, siblings to heal, and gives embraceable insights to anyone who misses someone. 

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