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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Stacey Lynn Cripps

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Stacey Lynn Cripps is a well-known and highly respected Spiritual Medium, Mentor and Advisor of the Gift of Spirit.   Stacey recently completed a Divinely guided meditation album, “Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit” utilizing the meditations that she does daily to feel her Spirit within and to develop a stronger Spiritual Connection with the Gift of Spirit. She taught these meditations for years to people who were grieving and seeking a Spiritual Connection with departed loved ones and those looking for help with anxiety. She discovered that journeying within meditation with visualization, guided imagery and light, deepens the meditative experience and enhances the Spiritual Connection. These guided meditations have been tried and proven over the years to open the heart, which is the Spiritual Center to awaken to Spirit within to feel Love and experience Healing in the heart. And today they are giving the peace and serenity so desperately needed.

The album coincides with her online program starting in November, The Gift of Spirit Mentoring Program, where she shares how to tune into your rare, magnificent Spirit and develop a deeper Spiritual Connection. 

Stacey believes we are all endowed with Spiritual Gifts and she is here to be a personal guide and Spiritual teacher.  She has a rare God-given gift, which allows heart-to-heart Spirit communication with departed loved ones. These evidential healing messages from blessed loved ones in Heaven instill peace, love, and joy. Stacey’s work with grieving families, St. Jude, and others continues to shine a light on how our loved ones are never far away and are still loving and guiding us here on many levels through Spiritual signs, Synchronicity, and so much more.  

Stacey offers Spiritual readings and meditation workshops (Gift of Spirit Live Meditation Workshops), live event audience demonstrations (Gift of Spirit Gala Live Events), online mentoring (Gift of Spirit Mentoring) and more all focused on guiding her audiences from pain to peace.

Learn more about Stacey at Follow her on her Touching 1 Million Hearts Community on Facebook at


Awaken to Spirit Meditation Workshop

Stacey Lynn Cripps is a gifted Spiritual Medium & Mentor of the Gift of Spirit. Join us as she takes you on a transcendent Spiritual journey in this live guided, Awaken to Spirit Meditation workshop to:
• Awaken to your Spirit & Connect to Spirit to feel Love & Joy
• Open to your Spiritual Gifts
• Develop Healing, Heartfelt Spirit Communication with the Divine & your departed Loved Ones in Heaven
Did you know that our loved ones in Heaven are always guiding us, loving us and can leave us tangible signs in the physical world to let us know that they are all around us?

*Discover how to Awaken and Connect with the Gift of Spirit and experience Love, Healing, Comfort, Guidance, Peace, and Forgiveness.
*Discover techniques to ground your energy, clear your space and live in a higher vibration to receive Love & Guidance.
*Learn the process of going within to your Spirit through guided meditations to receive Healing, Heartfelt Spirit Communication and experience receiving messages and reading messages from your loved ones in Spirit to enhance your life.
*Gain an understanding of physical Heavenly signs from Spirit and learn how to ask for and be open to receiving these signs.
*Advance and connect to your Angels and Divine Spiritual Guides behind the Heavenly veil for your Divine Life Purpose.
Stacey will be sharing Divinely guided meditations from her newly released album, “Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit” for your heart and Spirit.


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