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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Suicide Panel

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Megan McCarthy and Janean Quigley

Megan’s Bio
In 2017 the unthinkable happened when I lost my son Lane at age 23. I was navigating through the world of grief and loss with the belief that he was not gone but had transitioned to a new place. This gave me hope but it was a lonely road to travel alone. In 2019 I had a chance meeting with a Shining Light Parent who had also lost her son, she shared the information for HPH. I was astonished and relieved that I had found a place with others with whom I could validate my feelings about my son and the Afterlife. This group, the resources, and the people have allowed me to grow through my heartache and stay connected to my son. The path of a bereaved parent is a rough ride. We don't have to travel alone.

Janean’s Bio
Searching for answers this past February 2017, I was online considering going to a conference by Susanne Wilson. When I realized it was booked and I’d have to be placed on a waiting list, I said out loud to my son, “OK Sean, if I’m supposed to do this, get me into this conference”. Within 30 min, I received a phone call from the coordinator that there was a cancellation and I was in. Thus began my introduction to Helping Parents Heal. I was embraced that day by Elizabeth Boisson and Carol Allen and so touched by many others like Ernie, Kristine and Quinton, and of course by the love and healing touch of Susanne Wilson and her team including Camber Wilson.

I realized, though I was only 4+ months out, that these parents were grieving with hope and joy. It was genuine and true and though I wasn’t ready to put myself in that space, I knew that I had been lead to these people by my son for a reason. I followed up by attending Carol Allen’s group in Cave Creek shortly after and knew that this was going to be my lifeline. Signs and blessings have flooded my life as a result; too many to recount in this bio. The more that I receive, the stronger my connection to my son and spirit and to the bigger picture of Love and Light that I feel.

Since then, I have been blessed with a core group of parents in Flagstaff who face the same heart aches and are similarly motivated to not only honor their kids in this life but to help others to survive and find a purposeful way to continue living and loving. As I am feeling led to form this chapter in my own area, I couldn’t imagine doing it without these amazingly brave women who have agreed to be co co hosts on this venture.(Dana, Jessica, and Gina) We are strong and ready to share the Collateral Beauty that is this journey. We welcome all parents who have children on the other side.

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Janean and Megan will be holding a Panel Discussion about Suicide on Thursday afternoon.

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