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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Liz Mittan Ryan

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Three-Hundred-Twenty acres of sacred land filled with old-growth forests, meadows, lakes, and hills, the vistas, colors, textures, flora and fauna, all reflect the miraculous diversity and creative expression of the one consciousness in all life. The animals call that divine force the ALL. They live and teach truths that are just being discovered by human science: The field, wave theory, entrainment, telepathy, clairvoyance, spontaneous healing, are all the apparent expression of true connection to that flow. The land itself, with its resident life along with the Herd that runs freely across this land, are helping humans to reach a new level of consciousness and well-being. The secret is we have to ask for and allow their input. Animals and the natural world tune and raise our vibration, helping us to re-adjust our focus from the point (our ego) to the wave (the flow of all non-human life). It is humans who create the barriers, and it is our choice to dissolve them and awaken to the gifts of animals and all life. The documentary 'Herd' was filmed and directed by Stefan Morel, an award-winning Canadian filmmaker who has won awards for Best Documentary, Best Cinematography, and Best Director.

Shining Light Mom Arie Matisse is part of this documentary.

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