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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Journey Down the Gila


Journey Down the Gila
'Journey Down the Gila' is a feature length film that explores the power of renewal through our connection to nature. The documentary tells the story of three New Mexico teens who died together in service to the wilderness places they loved, their mother’s journey down the wild river they sought to protect, and the struggle they brought to Washington DC, to keep the Gila River free forever. Join with these mothers, in a journey of hope and light, along this precious river.
Participation includes a free viewing link and password to the Journey Down the Gila film for 5 days. Then join the moms of Ella, Ella, and Michael-Patrice Mutchnick, Jennifer Douglas, and Jennifer Mahl, for a zoom discussion-Wednesday, July 28th 8:00pm EST about their unique relationship, and the making of the film. Special guest, Suzanne Geismann, offers insight into transforming the journey of bereaved parent-into shining light parent-and her unique connection to these three moms.
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