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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Jan 16, 2020

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Life to Afterlife Mom, Can You Hear Me

Imagine going about your life where everything seems normal. Then, out of nowhere, the worst possible event occurs: your child dies. Craig McMahon sits down with 17 brave parents from the nonprofit, Helping Parents Heal, Inc, who were not only able to piece their lives back together again, but also capable of communicating with their child from heaven.

The episode stars;
Susanne Wilson, author of “Soul Smart” Suzanne Giesemann, author of “Still Right Here” Allison DuBois author, of “Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye” James Van Praagh author, of “Growing Up In Heaven” John Holland author, of “Bridging Two Realms” Maureen Hancock author, of “The Medium Next Door” Robert Schwartz author of, “Your Soul’s Plan” Jeffery Olsen, author of “Knowing.”


Lu and Lisa Laniewski:
This was a beautiful, honest discussion of the journey parents go through following the passing of a child. The road from despair to hope can be a long and lonely road, but sharing it with others who have found, or remembered, who we are and why we came here helps us take the first steps to healing. These are strong, special people who have transformed the most horrific thing any parent could ever experience into a way of helping others find their way again. We have learned that helping others IS the way forward. This is a great documentary to view if you have a family member or friend who has lost a child. It will go a long way in helping you to understand how you can be supportive.
Kim Courtney and the Healing Cross Project:

Grief never take a day off! It rears its ugly head during the holidays, birthdays and life. I didn't want it to define my life. When I learned that my son Derrick was still here with me, my grief became joy!
Participating in this documentary gave us parents the opportunity to share our truth. It's not some secret that only a few are fortunate enough to witness. The afterlife is here and well with all our kids. It is a MUST SEE for anyone that has lost a child. You too can have joy, laugh, smile and live your life once again!

Ernie Jackson:

I salute Craig McMahon for his courage to tackle this heavy topic of the transition of a loved one and its aftermath. Craig’s work here doesn’t intend to sugar coat it, on the contrary, the pain, sadness, anger, questioning of one’s faith are laid bare for all to see. Maybe for some, it is too much; some being those who haven’t walked the path. But those who have walked the path or who have suddenly found themselves facing the transition of a loved one, this is a must watch. For those who believe it doesn’t apply. Well maybe so, but it will. It does for all of us, eventually, in one way or another.

Watch it more than once and peel the layers. As you peel away the heaviness shared by these parents, maybe you will see something more… The something more is the gift, the collateral beauty that so many come to find. The signs from our transitioned loved ones are real; they are a beacon on the horizon, a bright light shining on a sacred knowledge. Isn’t it ironic to face death only to discover there is no death? No death, but simply a shedding of our human form or maybe better put, a transition to our true form.

Our transitioned loved ones show us this, but how far down the rabbit hole are you willing to travel? Take the step and realize that you too will merely shed your human from and remain quite alive; this is what the signs these parents receive from their children mean. And what will you do with this knowledge? Will it change the way you view the world, your trials and tribulations and your reoccurring struggles? Will you begin to relate to those you love any differently, with more gratitude, appreciation as you are in the moment? Begin to peel away the layers and receive the gift. Trust me…I know.

Nice work Craig. Keep up the good work and I hope you go deeper still.

Linda McCarthy, PhD:

This documentary is a MUST SEE for anyone who has experienced the passing of a loved one, especially a child. Beautifully explained by parents who have not only faced their worst fear, but are beacons of light for those still navigating this journey. Physical death is a reality, but so is the ability to continue a loving and joyous relationship with your children, on the other side. Watch, and you will understand why this is true.

Kathy and Andrew MacMannis:

Incredible, raw and real people talking about the worst nightmare a parent can experience. Yet they express hope and healing due to the continued presence of their children. The interviews were done with the respect due such a sensitive topic. I found myself answering the questions alongside these beautiful brave parents. They could have been telling my story, one that contains so much more than grief. I have hope, communication, connection and an ongoing relationship with my children. Thank you! - Kathy

Irene Vouvalides:
There are no words describing the unimaginable, living with your child’s passing.
In this documentary you will share the journey from bereavement to hope and healing with parents who have lived through it and learned how to continue a relationship with their children in spirit. Helping Parents Heal is an amazing organization that has helped many transform their journey with grief.
Love never dies.........
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