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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Apr 9, 2021

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My True Fairytale
A terrific balance between the mysterious and hopeful, MY TRUE FAIRYTALE follows Angie Goodwin, a
17-year-old who vanishes after a horrific accident in the close-knit town of Gardenland, FL. As the police, her family, and friends search for her, she embarks on her own mysterious journey to “save the world” and fulfill her childhood fantasy of becoming...a superhero. Angie discovers that she has incredible abilities and looks for ways to help everyone, as those around her deal with her disappearance.
Driven by his own deeply personal story of losing his young daughter to a car accident, writer/director
D.Mitry’s debut feature is a mystical and uplifting tragedy that reminds us that we all have the power to be our own superheroes if we embrace the power of love.
By D.Mitry
My True Fairytale is not the film I wanted to make. It’s a film I had to make.
On the Memorial Day of 2017, I lost my only daughter Alyssa. She was killed in a car crash. Full of love and life, she suddenly vanished from my world. She was only 17 years old.
I was in the middle of developing a TV series, writing a new feature, and looking forward to starting my
new life In Los Angeles when this happened. Of course — no more. In a state of complete shock, I flew
back to Upstate New York, to my parents’ house where Alyssa was living at the time. I now had to
embrace the reality of continuing my life without her...
I refused to believe that Alyssa was gone. All I wanted to do was to be close to her again. I realized that the only way I could do this was by writing her story in a way that would bring me back to her and her back to me, my family, and her friends. This is how the idea for 'My True Fairytale' was born.
I completed the script on the New Year’s Eve of 2017, what would-have-been Alyssa’s 18th birthday, and began to look for a team that would help me bring my vision to the screen. While many people liked the script, I had no money, no contacts, and no investors who wanted to take a risk on this first-time writer/director with a passion project. But deep in my heart, I truly believed that Alyssa was guiding me every step of the way and somehow, some way, I was going to make this film.
Slowly, one-by-one, I found my incredible production team and my amazing actors who took a chance on a first-time director and trusted my vision. Gradually, with the help of family and friends, I was able to raise enough money to finally shoot My True Fairytale in the spring of 2019. Once again, an extraordinary post-production team miraculously came to the rescue and helped me put the film together.
To this date, I don’t know how I was able to get here, to now... From the moment I held the script in my hands, I had this strange feeling that My True Fairytale all of a sudden had a bigger purpose than just being a story about Alyssa.
My True Fairytale is a story about all of us. We all live as superheroes in our own fairytale worlds.
Oftentimes we forget that as superheroes we are given the most sublime superpower of all, that helps us, guides us, and in the end saves the day. This is the power of Love. This is the power that defeats evil, hatred, and most importantly death.
Update from Dmitry: I just wanted to give you quick update on My True Fairytale. We are very excited to let you know that a Fox-Owned company TUBI has acquired the rights to My True Fairytale (Over 30 Million Monthly Users) - Completely Free Of Charge. -
ROKU Channel (Over 50 Million Users) - Completely Free of Charge:
and whoever has Dish Network Premium Subscription - Can now watch My True Fairytale as well.
Of course Vudu & Fandango is still Completely Free of Charge -
I am so blessed and happy! After all, my Fairytale came true! Over 100 Million can now see the film for free!
Thank you again so much for your support and love!
Wishing you all the best! Blessings, Dmitry
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