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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

Suggested Provider Testimonial

Testimonials for Cate Coffelt

Location: Laguna Niguel, CA

Irene Vouvalides:

I would recommend having a reading with Cate to anyone wishing to connect with their loved ones who have passed.  I participated in a test reading with Cate on a Zoom session, set up in blind fashion by Mark Ireland. There was no possible way she could have known anything about me since she didn’t even know who she’d be reading for.

Cate connected with my parents, my grandparents and my daughter. She provided details in the reading that no one could possibly have known. Cate was able to relay the exact circumstances and where my mother was when she passed. She told me that:

  • My mom passed in a hospital bed: Hospice brought a hospital bed to my parent’s home
  • She passed in a light-filled room: My mother was under a skylight
  • I was sitting on her right side: Correct
  • I held her hand, kissed her on her right cheek, and told her it was okay to leave: Each of these statements were 100 percent correct and I’d not shared the information with anyone other than my closet friends

Cate also perfectly described my daughter’s personality and relayed very comforting messages from her.  Cate also described my daughters' cats (which are with my daughter in spirit) and even relayed my paternal grandmother’s name. She furnished many other pieces of evidence as well.

It was a wonderful reading and I know Cate will be a busy medium in the future.

Cheryl Birthrong:

My reading with Cate was one of the most accurate I have had so far. She began by describing a physical symptom she’d been experiencing earlier the day of the reading that mimicked the way in which my daughter Avery transitioned. She went on to offer additional evidence about Avery’s passing that were spot-on too. She also shared in detail the different quirks and characteristics of Avery's personality and accurately spoke of the relationship between us. My grandparents also made an appearance, and while they passed when I was very young my mother verified the things that they wanted to relay. I highly recommend Cate—she is genuinely gifted.

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