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Location: California

Sherry Terry:

Good morning, I felt I needed to send this after my reading on Monday.  It was awesome.  The reason I feel the need is that the last “evidentiary” thing he said to me was about “gray flannel wrapped in a red bow tied like a shoe string”.I didn’t know what it was then, but I do now!  It was right in front of my face!  My son gave me gray flannel slippers as a gift for Christmas one year and they were RIGHT THERE on the floor in front of me!  Also, couldn’t figure out the “4 leaf Clover” reference that was mentioned a couple times, but figured out that a former colleague of mine wears a 4 leaf clover necklace containing her sons ashes—and his name is Patrick.  I’ve reached out to her because I feel this is a sign that her son wants to contact her.
Thank you so much for the inspirational session and God bless!

Patricia Rockaway Trifilio:

Thank you so much for the reading today. I am sure Michael sent me to you, I pulled into Barnes and Noble, there I came across your books and bought them both, I was not drawn to any others, I am fully aware of all of them as I have studied the subject for over 25 years. I had not been familiar with you prior to the book store visit. I read the first one and googled you and made the appt. and then read the other. I will look for more as you write them. You have a certain honesty in your writing that is very comforting. You were right, as I thought and thought about the reading today many "dots" were connected that I had forgotten. My husband, who is a doubter, was astonished by the message from his Mom. I wanted you to know how important it was to me. My son died 11/11/16. (22 years old) That boy was the beat of my heart, my only child. We were very close. Michael was an addict and for 7 years I supported him while he fought that battle. I will always be his mother and just had to know he was OK. I needed to know he was in the light. I will never get over his loss, but I have peace, I know my beautiful son is in the hands of God and safe. You may or may not understand how important that is to me and how grateful I am to you for that. I gave you a glowing recommendation on a website of better than 2000 grieving parents and will continue to bring you up now and again. I wish you and yours all the best and thank you again from the very bottom of my broken heart.

Michael Blaha:

Hi, Mark: My wife Sue and I had a phone reading with you last Thur. Thank you again for connecting with our daughter - you have no idea how important that is to us. As always, you were specifically correct on a large number of messages. It is truly amazing what you can do. Not only do you have a gift, but you are a good person. Again, thank you for letting us hear from our little girl.

Stephanie Pickett:

Mark-Thank you for the reading. My daughter came through telling me to have hope and to love... and that nothing could have stopped her death. I believe all of this and have had many episodes of connection; lights, songs on radio, words coming through other people, etc. Our post-traumatic stress doctor talked too about quantum physics and frequencies; helping us heal with watching fires, walking in nature and being by the ocean. She was only 15-lived a pure life full of joy and love for Jesus. Thank you for giving people hope and healing through your gift. ps. I'm Italian and Catholic-the prayer of St. Francis resonates with me-I also teach 2nd grade at a faith-based school. I love how you open the evening with by joining people in prayer- very powerful and authentic.

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