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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Amy Utsman is from Roswell, GA


Karen Wilson:

My name is Karen and I am one of the Affiliate Leaders for Helping Parents Heal Toronto Group. Amy Utsman was a guest speaker for our group meeting on Dec 17/20. Amy was able to bring my son Nick through with messages that were not random but specific to my son. She was able to bring in his sense of humour and I knew it was him without a doubt. It was a heart warming and very "feel good" experience. The one thing I was really impressed with is Amy said more than once throughout the readings, "don't try and make it fit" and "please don't give me any information". She was kind, uplifting and I really felt the essence of my son come through. Amy is very down to earth and "real" when she does her readings.

Christine Colebeck:

I wanted to formally recommend Amy Utsman as a medium for HPH families. I had a group reading with Amy, at the Toronto Canada group last Thursday. Amy spoke about my son Carter and my daughter Laura, who have both crossed. I have been fortunate to experience several wonderful readings with some great mediums, such as Suzanne Giesemann, Kat Baillie and they always get a very strong reading from my 25 year old son Carter but never much from my 3 month old daughter Laura. Amy started off by affirming my son and daughter are together, which is very consistent with what the other mediums have told me. Then Amy went on to share Carter's very unique personality, and his humor and kind and sensitive nature. She shared such specific details that my husband was falling out of his chair laughing and Carter did have a brilliant sense of humor. We knew for certain that Amy was getting a very strong connection from Carter. Then Amy suddenly shared a message from Laura, that no one could possibly have known. She was very specific in the details of both Laura and Carter's crossings but she was also extremely sensitive and private in sharing the information in the group reading. We were left with a sense of so much peace for our children on the other side, and gratitude for Amy sharing that with us at Christmas, which is obviously a difficult time for parents. I appreciate Amy taking the time to share her talents with us.

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