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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Arlene Mains

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Arlene Mains is from St Michaels, MD


Rhonda Passad:

Arlene is a great evidential medium! I have had a few readings with her and have found Arlene’s compassion for what she does apparent through her kindness and the way she speaks about my loved ones in spirit. She was able to bring through my daughter Julia. Every word she said during our reading made me feel that my daughter was present with me. She was so spot on that I know without a doubt that life continues on. I am happy to know her as a colleague and friend. She was able to deliver messages to me in a such a loving and heartfelt way. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to connect with their loved ones in spirit!

Sherry Long:

A mediumship reading with Arlene is life changing. I've had several readings with her and each time the details and evidence have been mind blowing. I have no doubt she was connecting with my daughter and other family members. Her delivery of sensitive information is done with such compassion and grace. I highly recommend a reading with Arlene!!

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