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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Barbra Banner is from Los Angeles, CA


Brooke A. Browne, PhD.:

In 2021 Barbra and I met as members of an evidential mediumship study group, and she twice brought through my daughter, Emalia, who had passed in 2014. Barbra read for me then, and I was most impressed by the specificity of her evidence, by how accurately she communicated Emalia’s personality, and by her ability to convey a comforting message that resonated with me as being correct and warmed my heart. Now, four years later, I am still in a group with Barbra where I have seen her work—her readings have been accurate, comforting, and have deeply moved guests! No question, Barbra is a skilled medium!

~Brooke A. Brown, Ph.D.


Amy Kasprzak:

Barbra Banner provided concrete evidence that she was connecting with my loved one in spirit. Included was his name that I did not provide to anyone. The inscription on a necklace my loved one gave me. And the inscription on a sign that my loved one was reading to me. She was also very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend Barbara B I also loved the part where Barbara  had me ask a question to my loved one without telling her the question. And then she connected with my loved one and gave me his answer. Thank you so very much for a very good reading!!

~Amy Kasprzak

Amy Sanders:

I have had a few readings with Barbra!  She took a deep dive into my life and was spot on.  I appreciate her candor and ability to connect, giving me great validations as well as insight! I definitely feel she connects with my son, she relayed many personal details including making a goofy face…one my son made in a photo on Halloween when he was about 3.  Barbra has a great disposition and sense of humor that is helpful at a time when things can feel very heavy.  It's a gift!  Highly recommend her, would not hesitate to make an appointment, and prepare to be wowed. :)

~Amy Sanders

Sylvia Trullijo:

I met Barbra very early on in my grieving journey and her loving spirit has always made me feel comfortable and most importantly, safe when connecting with my loved ones.  She has been accurate with bringing through her personality, hobbies, a heart necklace, Mary Jane shoes, her rare intellect and the undeniable bond that her and I still share. The reading brought so much comfort to me and honestly it was like taking a walk back in time.

The message my daughter brought through in her automatic writing session was amazing and resonated with me so much.

Thank you, Barbra, for the connection you made with the beautiful soul that I hold so dear to my heart. You are truly a Godsend.

xoxo ForeverAddy’smommy xoxo,

~Sylvia Trujillo

Keri Zink:

My time with Barbra was truly amazing. She started by bringing in my energetic grandmother followed by my mom and my daughter. Three generations all validated!  I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate since my session with Barbra and continue to further understand the messages I received. I responded well to her kind and patient demeanor and highly recommend working with her!

~Keri Zink

Iris Misshula:

In looking for some comfort and connection to my daughter I decided to try a reading from the platform  I was randomly set up with Barbra Banner whom I have never heard of and knew nothing about me or the passing of my precious daughter. In mediumship you are told that you never know who will come through and although of course I wanted my daughter. However, the first one through was my Grandmother. Barbra shocked me by such intimate details like “your Gramdma is not steady on her feet and holding onto someone when she walked” This blew my mind because my Grandma had polio and wore and brace to help her walk. She also went into things only I would know one being my Grandmother was watching me eat with her hands crossed (not pleased) because she lived during the Great Depression when money for food was not easily available and became overly concerned with a well fed child. There were many other “big hits” however after a while she saw I wanted to move on and asked if I would like to connect to someone else. I told her my daughter, which can throw a medium because the sitter is in so much grief, which can effect the reading. She then took a breath and quickly connected to my precious daughter. Again the information she received was so accurate including asking me if my daughter was engaged because she is making a big deal about a ‘ring” Before the reading I put on my Mother’s ring which Dana loved and wore all the time after my Mother passed. I know that most people tend to wear jewelry from a loved one and in that I made sure not to show my hands (we did this on zoom) so I can attest that Barara did not see it. I could go on with many, many other big hits she got however I will just say Barbra is an extremely talented and professional medium and I would highly recommend a session. In the grief of dealing with the passing of my daughter I can say I have had a number of medium readings and I put this reading in very high regard. Thank you Barbra for your mediumship ability and connection that day to my beloved daughter and family. 

~Iris Misshula

Ana Stjepovic:
Barbra's reading was a touching and wonderful experience. It provided comfort and reassurance. Barbra had a very truthful projection of my loved one in spirit, his personality and appearance.  The message sent to me through Barbra was just what I needed at the time. I also had a validation: After saying I will be receiving white flowers as a gift, two days later 2 white roses bloomed in the garden by my son’s door! I never saw that bush bloom before! Thank you Barbra for the beautiful connection that was so helpful and healing :)  Barbra is very professional, yet so dedicated and puts her whole heart and soul into the reading. I would recommend Barbra to anyone.
~Ana Stjepovic
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