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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Becky Hesseltine

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Becky Hesseltine is from Eagle, CO


Brian Smith:

I had a reading with Becky as part of a certification program. The protocol was that she did not know my name or anything personal about me. I connected with her via Zoom. The meeting was set up by a third party. Until the moment I got on the call, she knew nothing about me. Even then, all I told her was my first name.

My daughter, who I wanted to hear from, came through right away. She knew it was a female and immediately said daughter. 

The thing that most impressed me about the reading with Becky besides some very specific information was the way she knew about my daughter’s personality and our relationship. It was so comforting to hear my daughter express how much she cherished and still does cherish our relationship.

Becky brought up specifics, like me making pancakes on the weekends for my daughter; and that she liked chocolate chips in hers (and I do not). In fact, I had made pancakes the previous Saturday and I very, very rarely do that anymore. She knew about my daughter’s meticulous nature. She asked if there were cut flowers in the house and mentioned this being a time of year we would think of my daughter. Given that it’s fall and her birthday is in the winter and her angel date in in the summer, I thought this was a miss until Becky said “Anniversary”. Our 30th wedding anniversary was a week to the day from the reading and there were flowers in the house from a surgery my wife had had.

I would highly recommend Becky. I came away from the reading feeling as if I had just spent time with my daughter. It was just the right blend of evidence and message.

Mark Ireland:

Becky Hesseltine is a fine Medium, capable of delivering specific and accurate information about loved ones who have passed. I received a reading from Becky and the setting was such that she could not see me and was unaware of my identity. Despite these hurdles, Becky proceeded to deliver seven (7) pages worth of compelling information from my youngest son and my mother, both of whom had passed years earlier. In addition to being precise, Becky also had four “super hits”—obscure validations that she would have had no way of knowing, which were very meaningful to me. I highly recommend Becky.

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