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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Beth Lynch is from Port St Lucie, FL


Jodie W.:

I have been feeling pretty down the last few days. Today on a walk I had a conversation with my son Koby and told him how much I was missing him and that I would appreciate one of his famous “knock my socks off” signs. He delivered tonight in my reading with Beth Lynch. I have been attending HPH Zoom medium sessions for about 2 1/2 years and find them healing, but since Koby has never come through I had convinced myself that he was “too cool” to communicate with me in front of an unknown audience. Near the start of the session Beth referred to someone known as Kody or Kodeman, someone who played in a 3 person band and she referenced a graduation. Koby aka Kobeman was in his 3 person band that had a lot of local notoriety from the age of 12 to 18 and his band played at their grade 7 graduation. In fact they played an original song and we used a lyric from that song as part of the epitaph on his gravestone….but it didn't stop there.   

As always Koby apologized for his passing and took responsibility ( it was fentanyl that took him after more than a decade struggle with mental health and substance misuse.). Beth specifically mentioned the name Michael (that is his Dad ), a happy birthday message  (his Dad had a birthday in May), the tapping of fingers ( Koby had Tourette’s Syndrome and used to do something that looked like tapping his fingers whenever he was excited ), my neck ( I had been to the physio TODAY to treat a problem with my neck ) and she kept mentioning  drums (While Koby played bass guitar, his band mate (now 33) recently sent me a song that he wrote to process his grief and in the song Koby was imagined as the drummer. The title of the song is “Waiting for the Drums to Come In…." and today I played it for my physio who had suffered a recent loss. I have included the song ( with the writer Anton’s permission) as it will resonate with any young person who has lost a close friend.

Then Beth referenced someone playing piano and asked me who Amy is. Well Koby and Amy Winehouse met at a resort in the Caribbean when we were there for a family reunion about 14 years ago. They were inseparable for about 10 days and she hung out with our family and Koby every day and at night she would play the piano and serenade my parents. Beth said Amy and Koby were making music together and working to help children to make music. This is something I have actually been told before. She said that Amy was hugging Koby so I grabbed the photo sitting on the bookshelf beside me. The picture speaks for itself! Wow…just…Wow!

I am so thankful for HPH which supports us in our grief and has nurtured my belief in the Spirit World. And thanks to Beth Lynch for an amazing evening!

Please click to the song Anton wrote for Koby by clicking here.  

~Jodie W, Koby's Mom

Terri McDonald:
Beth has held two sessions with our HPH UK group agreeing immediately she would love to assist parents and offer her services to us anytime. 
She is a lovely, selfless lady with a natural flow in the way she works with her spirit connections. Beth does a lovely intention blessing at the start of each session and asks parents to ask their child/children for something specific they would like Beth to bring through. 
This has been pretty amazing for parents to then receive this information to validate their child is in fact, there with them and listening - instant validation.
 For myself, I asked my son Ricki to mention the book I felt we are meant to write and to confirm I would channel him. Beth did bring this information to me, holding up her pen and paper saying, ' he's showing me a script' it's a book and you will channel him just sit and let him give you the words! She also mentioned my daughter's pregnancy, a baby which was so relevant at that time as a few weeks later my granddaughter was born...on my birthday! 
I have seen Beth give some very healing messages to parents in such a beautiful and  compassionate way that touches us all in the group. The parents have all expressed how Beth likes to make sure as many parents as possible receive a message, how thankful they are to her. 
Beth works from her heart and I definitely recommend Beth as a Medium and as a speaker for Helping Parents Heal.
Terri ( Ricki's mum) 
Jacqui O Brien:
On Tuesday night Beth Lynch came and spoke to our group and gave some really uplifting validations. 
I hadn't expected Adam to come through as I had recently had a reading but I was happy just to listen as Beth had a really warm reassuring way about her when she spoke about our children in spirit .
Beth spoke about a young man being happy about seeing his Mom lighting a candle in the window every night for him .
I raised my hand and a few others did also but Beth asked me to unmute and I was still unsure .
Beth said why am I being asked to mention a dream. Wow, did she have my attention then .
Before Beth began she asked us to ask our children if we wanted them to mention something specific,  I asked Adam to mention a dream that I had had of him the night before,  I felt this was a dream visit to reassure me that everybody would be ok because I had some confrontation a few days before with my family , my nephew who was very close to Adam didn't accept any of the signs I told him I was receiving or any evidence that an afterlife exists
I was hugely upset over this 
In the dream Adam said "he will be ok" even though in the dream he was playing with a dog I felt it was in relation to my distress over causing a fall out with my nephew .
I told Beth I had asked Adam to mention the dream.
She then asked who's Jack?
Jack is my nephew's name 
I was blown away and hugely grateful because I was very upset re agro my beliefs had caused
Beth moved to another Mom but the brief validation I received could not have been stronger and it gave me huge comfort and peace .
I am incredibly grateful 
What a lovely lady who I have no doubt but that she was reaching out to Adam .
I would highly recommend Beth , her sensitivity to us in regard to our losses as well as the accuracy of her connections 
I so look forward to her speaking to us again in the future  
Kind regards 
Jacqui O Brien ( Adam's Mom) 
Mary Beth Creighton:

Beth Lynch is a beacon of light in a world that needs spiritual growth. I had the opportunity to have a session with Beth a few months ago. She used her intuitive gifts with love and empathy to connect with my son Zach in spirit. Through her connection with Divine intelligence, she delivered healing messages from my son, channeling his personality and love for his family. She accurately identified a prior injury and his struggle with anxiety and substance use, starting with prescription pain medication. She helped me understand the frequency he was stuck in, and although he was looking for relief, it was a surprise, an accident that he died of fentanyl poisoning. Our son communicated to her about the unique tree my husband inherited from him and touched daily. Zach relayed he is watching over someone playing guitar (his brother), and he knows about a trip to Iceland (his other brother is going this month). Zach directed her to my husband’s wrist watch which is now surrounded by two special bracelets; one with all our sons’ names and one with Zach’s handwriting and thumbprint. Beth also picked up on golfing; we had an upcoming memorial golfing event at a Drive Shake. It was reassuring to hear that a grandfather presence (my father) was with Zach when he crossed over.

I felt strongly that Beth connected with me and my feelings, so I recently scheduled an energy healing session with her to help with my grief. Her passion for helping others came through as she guided me in meditation and healing. She assured me my son is close to me and doesn’t want me to feel guilty. Through Beth, my son communicated Fritos and Scotch tape. I had just bought Fritos for the first time in years for my husband, and I was using Scotch tape daily to get the dog hair off my clothes. Lol. Sadly, we lost our little old dog Bandit a few days after this session. I know he is in Heaven with Zach. Beth also relayed Zach is proud of me for my advocacy and that what happened wasn’t my fault. I so wish my son had had the opportunity to learn alternative healing techniques with Beth before his untimely passing. Beth also shared meditations to help me continue on a healing journey. Thank you, Helping Parents Heal, for directing me to Beth! And thank you, Beth, for your kindness and for sharing your special gifts.

~Mary Beth Creighton, Zach's mom

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