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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Beth Lynch

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Beth Lynch is from Port St Lucie, FL


Terri McDonald:
Beth has held two sessions with our HPH UK group agreeing immediately she would love to assist parents and offer her services to us anytime. 
She is a lovely, selfless lady with a natural flow in the way she works with her spirit connections. Beth does a lovely intention blessing at the start of each session and asks parents to ask their child/children for something specific they would like Beth to bring through. 
This has been pretty amazing for parents to then receive this information to validate their child is in fact, there with them and listening - instant validation.
 For myself, I asked my son Ricki to mention the book I felt we are meant to write and to confirm I would channel him. Beth did bring this information to me, holding up her pen and paper saying, ' he's showing me a script' it's a book and you will channel him just sit and let him give you the words! She also mentioned my daughter's pregnancy, a baby which was so relevant at that time as a few weeks later my granddaughter was born...on my birthday! 
I have seen Beth give some very healing messages to parents in such a beautiful and  compassionate way that touches us all in the group. The parents have all expressed how Beth likes to make sure as many parents as possible receive a message, how thankful they are to her. 
Beth works from her heart and I definitely recommend Beth as a Medium and as a speaker for Helping Parents Heal.
Terri ( Ricki's mum) 
Jacqui O Brien:
On Tuesday night Beth Lynch came and spoke to our group and gave some really uplifting validations. 
I hadn't expected Adam to come through as I had recently had a reading but I was happy just to listen as Beth had a really warm reassuring way about her when she spoke about our children in spirit .
Beth spoke about a young man being happy about seeing his Mom lighting a candle in the window every night for him .
I raised my hand and a few others did also but Beth asked me to unmute and I was still unsure .
Beth said why am I being asked to mention a dream. Wow, did she have my attention then .
Before Beth began she asked us to ask our children if we wanted them to mention something specific,  I asked Adam to mention a dream that I had had of him the night before,  I felt this was a dream visit to reassure me that everybody would be ok because I had some confrontation a few days before with my family , my nephew who was very close to Adam didn't accept any of the signs I told him I was receiving or any evidence that an afterlife exists
I was hugely upset over this 
In the dream Adam said "he will be ok" even though in the dream he was playing with a dog I felt it was in relation to my distress over causing a fall out with my nephew .
I told Beth I had asked Adam to mention the dream.
She then asked who's Jack?
Jack is my nephew's name 
I was blown away and hugely grateful because I was very upset re agro my beliefs had caused
Beth moved to another Mom but the brief validation I received could not have been stronger and it gave me huge comfort and peace .
I am incredibly grateful 
What a lovely lady who I have no doubt but that she was reaching out to Adam .
I would highly recommend Beth , her sensitivity to us in regard to our losses as well as the accuracy of her connections 
I so look forward to her speaking to us again in the future  
Kind regards 
Jacqui O Brien ( Adam's Mom) 
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