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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Britta Grubin is from Zurich, CH


Zoe Kharpertian:

Britta Grubin is the real thing. She just gave me a wonderful, explicit reading which confirmed for me both in the structure and the content that she had connected with my parents and my daughter. I’ve had several readings that have centered on my daughter, who was very powerful during her life on earth and continues to carry her intensity into the spirit world. I had asked her to bring through my parents today; though they transitioned many years ago, I have rarely connected with them, as she has taken center stage in my grief journey.

For the first 30 minutes of our reading, Britta brought through my father and mother, with many evidential verifications, both referring back to my life as a child with them, and to recent experiences which they noticed and commented on. At that point I asked if it would be okay to request someone, and Britta said sure, so I asked about my daughter. Britta was distressed that she had not sensed her before, but I reassured her that I had requested my parents come through first. From then on my daughter took over, bringing us both to tears with her unquestionable and unmatchable presence. Britta accurately described her illness, her passing, her focus, her likes and dislikes, even her appearance and reassured me that she was healthy, happy, and concerned for my and my husband’s welfare. This was a huge comfort to me.

I highly recommend Britta. She is a pleasure to work with and breathtakingly accurate. Thank you for connecting me to my family so well.

Marla Kallin:

My reading with Britta was healing and extraordinary. She came up with very specific pieces of information, pertaining to experiences from this past weekend in an art gallery, about a special necklace I wore and words I needed to hear. She described my father’s vocations, both in the navy and in his work with tools and drills. She described our beautiful relationship and the love he has for me. She mentioned his beloved cigars. My son came through, proud of his straight hair and his good looks as he was in life. She mentioned the hummingbirds that surround my home. She also mentioned my pulling down the legs of the shorts I was wearing that day!

In addition to the validations, I enjoyed Britta’s peaceful and joyful presence. Her compassion and kindness were very apparent.

I certainly recommend Britta for the amazing evidence she brought through and for her kind heart.

Heidi Hanson:

I am so grateful for the two readings I’ve had with Britta Grubin. Her authenticity shines through from beginning to end! My first reading with Britta was wonderful! I’ve had a few readings since my Grace’s passing, and there is no doubt in my heart and soul that she is right where she is supposed to be…in Spirit and Still Right Here. Britta described Grace perfectly… her age when she passed, her physical appearance and her personality. She described not only memories we shared, but memories that she shared with Kristen, her other mom, which I validated after the reading. She brought through evidence of Grace being with me on more than one instance during the day of my reading. Grace showed Britta many memories from the past…gifts from Mother’s Day, a butterfly release we did to remember Grace and her love for rollercoasters with her sister and cousins. What I also found very interesting was Britta’s ability to ask Grace to show her what she was doing at that moment. Grace showed how she could be doing something on “the other side” and in the same moment be aware of what we are doing here. This really meant a lot because I’ve shifted from needing evidence Grace is OK to wanting to know more about what she is doing. At the end of the first reading, Britta told me that Grace said that she sprinkles “Love Dust” on us. In a previous reading, Grace referenced sprinkling “Pixie Dust” on us.

My second reading…which Britta generously offered…was just as amazing. Before the reading even began, Britta acknowledged that she might have trouble connecting because of some things that had transpired that day. Well…Grace came through with flying colors…a testament to my Grace’s high energy and Britta’s ability to raise her own vibration and connect to our loved ones! Britta recognized Grace’s presence immediately. But this time she came through with her hair in a ponytail…which she often did to her hair…and kicking a soccer ball which she played from age five to 13. Grace again came through with lots of evidence of being right here in our daily lives. Britta said Grace showed her playing in the rain in rainboots, which the girls did all the time growing up. Britta said Grace wants us all to go play in the rain again and as a side note said: “Don’t slip”! This was about a time when it was hailing, I ran out into the yard to get some hail for the girls and slipped falling right on my butt. This incidence was recorded, and the video still gets played! Grace hasn’t forgotten!

Along with that memory, Grace showed Britta how she experiences things we do together through each of our eyes. That really had a powerful effect on me! It made me realize that I need to fully experience and enjoy each moment because Grace is right here experiencing it with me…and with all of us!

Both readings were filled from beginning to end with validations of Grace’s continued presence in our daily lives. I felt like I was right there in the room with Grace…because I was! Thank you, Britta for giving me time with my Grace again!

Beth Bobier:

Britta Grubin connected with Mia and brought through so much amazing information in such a short amount of time! She said that she had 2 siblings, liked ice cream, communicated with her eyes (she was non-verbal), had a peaceful transition - like she just closed her eyes and woke up on the other side - this was all true. She said she was proud of how I was dealing with everything and that she saw me writing about the experience and sharing her story. I actually have started writing everything down- we had a long 12-year journey of medical issues, surgeries, complications, grief and joy that I need to get out. Then she said a couple of things that I wasn’t sure about but found out later that week that they were about my in-laws. Britta asked if I was getting a new car (I had been considering downsizing) but that she also saw me being frustrated that I hadn’t gotten it sooner-  which didn’t resonate with me.

Two days later me in-laws came by to show us their new convertible and said I just wish we had gotten it sooner because Mia would have loved to take a ride- wow! Then Britta asked if one of my ears was plugged because she saw that it was and now it’s much better- I didn’t understand that one. My father in law also told us the next week that one of his ears had a greatly improved hearing after he had a procedure done - he had previously needed hearing aids for both but only needs it on one side now- another wow because she is obviously with the whole family and wants us to know. Then she said asked if I like granola bars -that’s basically what I have lived off since she passed- and if I like sparkling water in a can. I found my husband drinking Bai sparkling water from a can when I finished with this call. She said that my 10-month-old sees her in his room- we saw an orb go by on his baby monitor when he was awake in the middle of the night. I have never seen an orb in 12 years of using baby monitors constantly! So many things in such a short reading. I am so grateful to Britta for this amazing connection. 

-Written by Mia's Mom, Beth Bobier

Candy Morrison Jackson:

I felt an enormous amount of peace and comfort following my reading by Britta Grubin. She made a very strong and accurate connection with my daughter Amber who transitioned 4 months ago. Britta brought so much more than validations alone. My reading with her was very healing. I gained clarity on how to help Amber's 3 children with some of the challenges they are facing. Britta gave a tremendous amount of evidence concerning Amber's on-going participation in their lives as well as mine. I've always known my daughter is an eternal being as we all are. The reading done by Britta brought indisputable evidence of our inseparable connections. I felt so very uplifted and even inspired after our session. Britta's intentions are pure and she's truly been chosen to help bridge the gaps for us. I'm very grateful for her gifts and appreciate how positive she kept the reading. Thank you Britta for your compassion. And thank you HPH for providing us with a wonderful village of healers for all of us with angel children.

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