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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Christine Salter is from Phoenix, Arizona


Healy Florancic:

My son Hunter passed away January 20 2014. It was a long, sad, lonely, devastating, isolating first year without him. My love for my son was like no other – a bond stronger than I knew existed. He was larger then life, fun, enthusiastic, compassionate, loving, full of life and a sense of humor like no other. He made people feel special and loved. His sisters Danielle and Nancy and his daughter Lola were blessed to have him brighten their lives with his warm loving heart… He really was and is a true angel. I miss him dearly and always look for signs…

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Christine Salter when I went to a Helping Parents Heal meeting held at Unity of Phoenix. She is an amazing psychic/medium. I was so delighted and excited when I Christine described Hunter as “very much alive, vibrant, and the life of the party”, and “with such a good sense of humor”. She really captured the true essence of him in so many ways, and the feelings I have and things I think about him ~ she truly validated. I felt like Hunter was there with me and my sadness, loneliness and isolation was filled with a sense of joy…I know my sweet angel is always with me and is not suffering anymore. I want to thank Christine for giving me that gift.

Lisa Wilcoxson:

I had been looking forward to Christine Salter’s visit to the Helping Parents Heal meeting for several weeks. That morning, as we have been taught to do in order to connect with our children, I looked at the picture of Anthony on my wall and said, “Please come and see me today, Son.”

When I got to the meeting I was in such a good serene place. I looked around and said to myself, “I’m not getting a message today and that’s ok. I see so many parents whose hearts are breaking. I hope they hear from their children.” So, when Christine looked directly at me and said, “I’m coming to you,” I was literally stunned.

She told me she had a young man, 18 to 20 years old with dark wavy hair. That’s my son Anthony. I could actually feel him behind me. She asked, “Did he hang on you?” OMG!!! Yes, yes, yes, all the time. What a wonderful memory, I had forgotten. I could feel the weight of his arms around my neck. She asked me if he wore hats and liked skateboards? He didn’t wear hats until just before he died when he tried to become a ‘skateboarder.’ He was not very good at it. I told Christine that I had just thrown his skateboard away the day before. I found it in the oleanders upside down covered in dirt. I held it out and just stared at it for a very long time. It was like finding an emotional bomb. I looked at the sky and said aloud, “I guess I’ll throw it away, Son.”

I took it to the garbage can and looked at its presence there for a few minutes. I just stared at the muddy, ownerless skateboard. Christine saying ‘skateboard’ to me was such an amazingly powerful message that he DOES watch me like he watches TV, which is what Susanne Wilson had said to me months before.

She asked if I had another child? She said I had one boy on each side of me and they said they were making a sandwich. My other son, Michael, died in the year 2000. He was twelve years old and died of pneumonia. I used to lie in bed when they were little with one of them on each side of me and tell them I was a Mommy sandwich.

Christine knew that Michael was Anthony’s older brother. I was amazed by the accuracy of her Gift.

Christine asked me if I had to turn Anthony ‘off’? She said she saw him in a hospital bed. Yes. Yes I did. In fact I have been obsessed with it since Lamar Odom came out of his coma and wondered why Anthony couldn’t come out of this state. Did I turn him off too soon? Christine told me he wanted me to know that he wasn’t in his body. He was already gone. I couldn’t have done anything to save him. Anthony knows I have been pretty rough on myself about this.

Christine told me my boys were telling her that I was having a hard time finding a reason to live without them. There can be nothing more true. She said they want me to just keep putting one foot in front of the other right now even though it’s so difficult. She told me they would help me.

There is absolutely no way to describe what it’s like as parents to sit in the meetings hoping for a message from our children. Only we know such longing and desperation. To have been one of the few blessed by Christine and her Gift was like being with them again. Thank you, Christine!

Robin Goldansky:

Our family lost a very important and beloved member named Garrett Nathan Ziff. Garrett had been struggling with an addiction for the past 5 years. My cousins, Scott and Michelle, had been amazing parents to Garrett, as well as their two other sons, and had done everything within their power to help Garrett overcome his demons. They themselves had immersed themselves in going to meetings, met with therapists, talked with experts—you name it and they did it. Unbeknownst to me, Scott and Michelle woke up every day for 5 years hoping beyond hope that Garrett would make it to another day. Their worst fear became a reality with one phone call late on Thursday, March 10th, 2016. Ironically or eerily coincidentally, depending on which way you look at it, Garrett passed away on his 27th birthday.

As all of you know too well, life changed in that instant. It will never be the same again. Our dear family friend (she’s more like a member of our family), Juliet, attends the monthly bereaved parent group that was started by the wonderfully kind and empathetic Elizabeth Boisson. Juliet lost her beautiful boy Noah almost 7 years ago now. There is no truer adage than “misery loves company”.

Juliet, Michelle, my daughter and I attended the monthly meeting on Sunday, March 20th. On this day, there was a special guest speaker by the name of Christine Salter. And when I say special, I truly mean special. As it turns out, Christine is a very gifted psychic medium. We (me, Michelle, Juliet and my daughter) are very well versed in the field of psychic mediums—not because any of us have that particular gift, but we have seen James Van Praagh, the late great Sylvia Brown, Theresa Caputo, have read numerous books such as “Many Lives Many Masters”—you get the picture.

To our amazement and through our tears of joy, our Garrett came through via Christine. It was just as surprising to Christine that he came through, specifically because it had only been 10 days since he passed. The things that Christine relayed to us were uncanny. There was no doubt that she was channeling Garrett. The roughly 15 minutes of time that elapsed were like a ray of sunshine in an eternal nighttime of darkness. It was a blessing and a priceless gift. To know that your loved one is okay and is not suffering, even though you’re not in a position where you can see them or touch them, gives such a tremendous sense of peace that it’s really hard to convey in words.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has lost someone that they have loved to seek out Christine Salter or any other psychic medium that someone you know has referred to you. It can really be a life-altering (in a good way) experience that allows you to see for yourself that life goes on and that there is something to all of this.

Saye Hekmatian:

It is always nice to attend meetings of Helping Parents Heal and I’m so appreciative of the great group of people and for the wonderful speakers Elizabeth brings.

I can feel Jonathan’s presence all the time. I spend almost every night with him in my dreams, which do not seem like dreams but don’t exactly know what to call them.

The day of last Sunday’s meeting of Helping Parents Heal, the 20th of March, was significant because it was the first day of the Persian New Year. I am so happy that I attended; hearing Psychic Medium Christine Salter validate Jonathan’s presence felt so heartwarming.

Jonathan wrote beautifully and I wish I could express my feelings as well as he could. Christine described him as stubborn, which he is, and funny with a dash of sarcasm!!!

He communicated that this is the life that he chose for himself. My dad was also present, who was there to meet Jonathan when he passed. Christine also mentioned another lady who was with him and I was not sure who she could be. My sister, who was with me, said that she was my second cousin who passed 3 years ago and left a son behind. She is a very motherly figure, so my sister believes she is also taking care of my son.

Jonathan communicated to me that “You are always worried, but I’m ok. You shouldn’t blame yourself; I’m happy”.

Christine told me that Jonathan gave me a kiss on my cheek, and that he was trying to get my attention through his cat and that he knows that we love him. We have 4 cats – 3 boy cats, one for each of children, and 1 girl cat for me. Jonathan’s cat is Oreo, who loved Wednesday mornings when I held bible study. The picture of him is perhaps 6 years ago. When Jonathan passed, Oreo stayed in my closet for 3 weeks, and Puma, who is Kiki’s cat, did not leave my bed. To this day, any time I cry he comes to me. Whenever I would tell Jonathan that we should downsize, he would say “Mom, this house belongs to the cats; you are just living with them!”

It was uplifting to hear these words from him through Christine. I just stated a new job two weeks ago. Thank you Elizabeth, and I look forward to see you next month!

Denise Campagnolo:

On Sunday May 7th, which by the way was the International Bereaved Mother’s Day, I attended the Helping Parents Heal meeting. I honestly was not too enthusiastic about attending because I had been to several sessions where mediums graciously did group readings, but my son Thomas never came through…it just saddened me.  So I did go but with trepidation…I really could bear the thought of no validation again.

Christine Salter was the medium that day, she and I had never met before (at all, ever).  I was so impressed with her kindness, he spirit was so generous and loving. I was truly shocked when she approached me and said she needed to tell what she was seeing receiving. She new it was a young male I lost, she also knew my mother (Rosalie who died in 2004) was there with him pushing him forward to “speak” (just like my feisty Italian mother would do).

While it’s really hard to remember the reading entirely because I was so nervous, the most striking part was her seeing a large picture of him with something the color red by it, she thought it might be a heart. Well the picture attached hangs on my wall (along with many other pictures of the family), but this one of Thomas (June 30, 1995 – July 18, 2015) is really what I thought she was connecting too.

Thomas was so intelligent and kind, with a personality that won people over immediately – he loved to help people.  There were other validations she said, but I just can’t remember the details, but clearly that session of Helping Parents Heal did exactly that for me. I need “injections” of hope frequently, and these meetings definitely provide that. God bless you all.

Samantha Whirley:

During a meeting of HPH with Christine Salter on May 7th, Jacob came through. It was unfortunately at the very end of the meeting and I had already left for a prior engagement. Fortunately, his father Joe and my mom (his grandma) Wendy were still there. This actually ended up being a perfect blessing because his father needed the message more than I did. I have recognized the signs and I’m healing rather quickly.

Everything Christine said was pretty profound. Like Dave, she brought up Jacob’s connection to our little dog and said he sometimes sends us messages through her, which again I have been aware of since his passing.

She then told Joe that Jacob was a spitting image of him which was always one of the biggest jokes in our family, how there’s no way to tell the two apart. She also recognized that Jacob was a young adult about the age of 19 who died from his own transition. This was completely confirming for Joe because this has kept his father in a state of guilt and grief since his passing due to the fact that he gave him the gun as a graduation present.

She recognized that Joe is still taking responsibility and confirmed to him that he needed to stop beating himself up because Jacob said he was independent and would have found a way to do it anyway, Christine said all of this without being aware of the method Jacob used in order to create his transition or the connection with the gun. She confirmed that Joe has not processed the grief, he is still so frozen from the trauma and blinded with ego resistance that it is keeping him from seeing the signs that Jacob is trying to send to him.

Christine mentioned signs like paying attention to the clouds and seeing his name show up in different places when driving down the road. When I listened to the recording and heard that she said that I was floored. I have a picture that my phone took by itself; when I analyzed it I saw my son’s face in the reflection of the clouds and whenever I’m driving down the road or coming into a parking lot I see my son’s name.

The first time was when Joe and I were on our way to our first comedy show after his death, a truck drove alongside us that said ‘Jacob Transportation Inc.’ We have never seen that truck nor that company logo before!! Even more perfect, the end of the phone number was 7777, because my son coincidentally died on 7/7 last year. And there were many more validations that are too long to mention.

Twice while attending Helping Parents Heal, with Christine Salter and Dave Campbell, Jacob came through to us. We spent two healing afternoons at Helping Parents Heal.

Michelle Rossman Ziff:

Our son Garrett passed away last year from an accidental heroin overdose. Luckily but unfortunately my cousin Juliet had been coming to HPH for 7 years, after losing her son Noah the same way. She convinced me to come to the Sunday meeting just 11 days after Garrett died. Christine Salter was the guest medium.

My Garrett came through so loud and clear. Christine was amazing and gave me so many validations at a time when I needed them the most.

Last Sunday, (one year, one month and three weeks later), Christine was the guest medium. Halfway through her readings, she came to me. She totally remembered bringing Garrett through. She remembered it was right after he passed and also that he did an amazing job. I couldn’t believe she remembered.

Anyway, the message she gave me was that I’ve grown so much spiritually in this past year and Garrett wanted to commend me for that. It’s so true and I loved hearing that. Elizabeth and the other wonderful parents in HPH have helped me so much through my journey and I will forever be grateful.

Patti Brennan:

In February of 2018, my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He originally went to the chiropractor for back pain, and through a series of varying scans was told he had a small tumor on his pancreas. The road in front of us was terrifying at the time, naturally for him since it was his mortality at stake, but I couldn’t believe I was losing the love of my life and the lifesaver who kept me afloat after my only child passed. Fear permeated my entire being and I was angry, I questioned why was this happening to me again. However, when I saw how my anger was affecting him, I knew I needed a paradigm shift, he had the cancer and I needed to be present for him as he had been for me when Rachael passed.

Knowing I needed guidance to make that shift, I calledPsychic Medium Christine Salter. I wasn’t sure if I needed to speak to Rachael or get some spiritual guidance for how to proceed with the journey we were about to embark on, but I had faith that whoever I needed to hear from would be present for me. Christine spent more than an hour with me, we connected with Rachael as well as other guides, and what I came away with was transformative. Rachael told Christine that the tumor was contained and would not metastasize; she said this was about his journey, not his end. She said it was also about my journey, within and with him. I felt transformed, at peace, prepared, but most of all I felt acceptance.

I didn’t have the power to stop my child from leaving this world for the next, yet I struggled for years with guilt, anger, and remorse for what I didn’t do or should’ve done differently. Likewise, I didn’t have the power to cure my husband’s cancer, but I didn’t need to live in anger and fear for the rest of what I thought was our time together. I accepted the situation as it was, stopped making it all about me, and became the caretaker for him that I would have wanted for myself.

Seeing Christine at the beginning of that journey helped me to get the focus and peace I needed to be the loving and supportive spouse he needed. I’m so grateful today, Thanksgiving Day, that Christine and Rachael helped me to shift my energy from fear to love.

P.S. After 5 months of chemotherapy and then a partial pancreatectomy, Fran’s cancer was contained to a single tumor, it did not metastasize, and he is now cancer-free.

Marlene Perlove:

My name is Marlene and I lost my beautiful daughter, Allison on February 13, 2019, after a two-year battle with breast cancer. In the months since Allison passed, I felt myself becoming more and more anxious, depressed and consumed by grief.  I felt like I had hit a wall; there was nowhere to go and no one who could help me. I was scared and feeling desperate when a friend told me about the group, HPH.  I reached out to Elizabeth and that very same day I received a message back from Elizabeth. After that Elizabeth called me and I remember thinking this is the lifeline I desperately needed. We talked; Elizabeth with all her compassion, wisdom, empathy and knowledge provided me with the hope that I can survive this devastating and painful grief. It felt like I was being hugged by the kindest woman in the universe. Elizabeth knew this pain times two; as she lost her amazing and beautiful son Morgan’s and daughter Chelsea.  Even with this unimaginable loss, her heart was full of love, gratitude, and hope. 
I attended the HPH meeting in August where Elizabeth and the wonderful LeAnn Hull each gave a powerful and inspirational speech about life, loss, and hope.  I left that meeting feeling that although life is not fair, maybe, just maybe it is still good. I decided that day to choose life and find joy even though my heart was broken.
This past Sunday HPH had their monthly meeting and at this meeting, they had Christine Salter, a Psychic Medium. I had no previous experience with Mediums and so I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and hopeful and maybe just a bit guarded. 
My experience that day with Christine was amazing. Christine brought me messages and validation that my daughter Allison is very much here with me. These are the things she wanted me to know; through Christine, Allison let me know that she was proud of me and that she appreciated everything I did for her. The things Christine told me she could not have known since I have never met her before. She told me that Allison had long dark hair with curls and that her hair was a big deal, which it was because Allison spent a lot of money and time to get straight hair with the help of her flat iron and lots of product. Christine told me that Allison had a long illness and that she fought hard until the very last moment. My daughter had breast cancer; she battled it for two years as it invaded every major organ in her beautiful 29-year-old body. Christine knew that I took care of my daughter almost around the clock when she became too weak to care for herself. Being a retired nurse I worked alongside the RN’s to provide Allison with comfort and dignity.  
Christine knew of specific details, such as how I massaged my daughter’s feet.  Every day after bathing her I massaged my daughter with lotion and I especially spent time on her feet remembering how Allison enjoyed a good pedicure when she was well. Christine said that she felt something was happening that involved a baby or the importance of being a grandmother. My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer four months after giving birth to her first child, a daughter named Adeline. I along with my husband are helping our son in law take care of this sweet little girl who just turned three. Christine knew that Allison loved Sunflowers and Butterflies. The Sunflowers were in the yard of the vacation home we rented on the beach.  It was our last trip before Allison passed. The butterflies were where my daughter enjoyed taking her daughter to the butterfly garden. She knew there was a scent that is a very special reminder of Allison; coconut creme that I now use on Adeline’s hair that her mommy gave me for her. All these validations and messages changed everything for me.  Maybe I’m not alone.  Maybe it’s different than it was but it is still beautiful.  Christine told me that my daughter is everywhere and she is watching me and she wants me to be happy and live my best life. And now I am going to try to do just that.  
This turned out to be the best day I’ve had since losing Allison. I felt connected in a way I did not know was possible.
Thank you, Christine, thank you Elizabeth, thank you HPH and thank you to all of the wonderful, beautiful parents I have met at HPH who are traveling their own personal journey of loss and love. Your kind hearts and gentle souls give me hope that there is a way to navigate through this if we stick together and help each other one day at a time. 
-With gratitude, Marlene Perlove

Deb Behrendt:

I want to share with you the incredible reading I had with Christine Salter on Sunday, September 8th. Our daughter, Phoebe, transitioned from this world on August 5, 2019. She was 21 years old, my wife and I are devastated, I am devastated, beyond belief. I have long had a deeply spiritual life and connection. I wish I could say having this connection has helped me, as I faced the most intense grief and sadness I have ever known; it did not. It did, however, make me more open to signs and experiences that those who have passed before send us.

When Phoebe passed, Michelle Ziff, was one of the first people who came to my side. She also led us to Helping Parents Heal. I knew I could survive this terrible experience, this gut-wrenching pain because I saw Michelle not only survive but reemerge even stronger after her son, Garrett, passed on 3 and a half years ago. My wife, Rachel, and I attended our first HPH event just 2 weeks after Phoebe passed. It was hard, there were lots of tears, but also relief at having every person in the room know what we were going through. Not one person was afraid of our tears, our grief; something that is rare to find outside of HPH.

Four weeks later, I returned with Michelle to hear Christine speak. Michelle and I sat in the second row; what happened before and after Phoebe came through I can not recall, but the moment Christine asked about a female girl with long hair I knew it was my Phoebe. Michelle knew it was Phoebe too and was ready with her phone to record the reading. I had so many questions, so much guilt, so much guilt over my daughter's death, I was lost in my guilt; I was lost. Christine said it perfectly, “beating the shit out of yourself with guilt, all day, every day, a buffet, you just keep eating it, you just keep wearing it, it's your identity, I am not willing to forgive myself, for whatever I am supposed to forgive myself for. It is dragging you down, it's weighing you down and it's stealing your joy.” BINGO!

I felt a release, a ton of bricks removed from my grasp, I had lost my joy and our Phoebe could see that and understood only she could release me from the guilt so that joy might someday reenter my life and spirit. Christine reminded me I have the ultimate life coach on the other side in my daughter. Christine felt that Phoebe’s passing was, “here on this earth, then as quick as a snap, she is in bliss,” Christine continued, “I have to tell you I just went to sleep, I went to sleep, just peace.” This helped me so much, it reinforced what Rachel, a nurse, had told me about Phoebe’s passing. Even with Rachel’s reassurances, I feared that Phoebe had a painful, horrific, lonely passing. Hearing Phoebe tell me the same thing Rachel shared, gave me peace in my heart, the first peace since she’d passed.

Garrett was there, waiting for her, walking the path with her. Knowing our children are together has relieved a lot of the anxiety I had about Phoebe’s passing. I learned that my daughter’s passing will grow my soul and grow my compassion and self-love. This was her path, my beautiful, amazing child reminded me that this was HER path, it was not alterable, it was like signing on the dotted line. Through Christine, Phoebe let me know that she is so sorry I am in so much pain. Today, I feel Phoebe everywhere, I hear her. Christine told me that this loss will grow me exponentially as a soul, evolve me, the path that I am on is going to be about compassion and self-love.

As the days pass I reflect on the power of the reading Christine gave me and recognize the truth in her words; I am moving in that direction, through the sadness and the loss I am evolving; the compassion I have for others is a reflection of my self-love. Thank you, Christine.

-Written by Phoebe's Mom, Deb Behrendt

Beth Bobier:

During the zoom meeting for HPH-parents of children with special needs, Evidential Medium Christine Salter brought messages from all of our children. She brought so many validations in such a short period of time but a few stood out in my reading with my daughter Mia. She said she sees Mia Helping me at work and looking at a chart with me- I am a Nurse Practitioner and have told the staff working with me how foggy I have felt with the grief and I have reduced my patient load a bit. I have felt in the past few months however that my intuition was leading me in some complicated patient situations - even waking up at night with answers popping into my head - now I know it was Mia as well! The other one that was incredible was when Christine asked if there was a brown teddy bear that was meant to make you feel better or something along those lines...I couldn’t really think of anything so we went on to other things.

Several days later I was organizing Mia’s closet, looking through her things, and there was a bag of stuffed animals. Sitting on top of that bag was a large brown stuffed animal with a tag on that said: “Do you need a hug?” My name is Max and that’s why I’m so soft for you” - I don’t even remember this animal and here it was! The fact that I didn’t even know the tag said that or remembered this animal at all just made the validation that much more amazing! Thank you, Christine and Mia!

-Written by Mia's Mom, Beth Bobier

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