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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Christopher Mendez

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Christopher Mendez is from Mesa, AZ


Irene Vouvalides:

I had a reading with Christopher Mendez recently that was nothing short of amazing. It was a test reading, part of Mark Ireland’s certification process so neither of us knew anything about the other, we were given a zoom link,  I kept my camera off for most of the reading with only my first name visible.

My father, mother and of course my daughter Carly came through as well as other relatives that passed decades ago. The validations were specific, nothing was generic. For example when Carly was a baby I would frequently sing the song You Are My Sunshine as I rocked her to sleep, Chris asked me if the song You Are My Sunshine was significant. Yes it was! This is just one example of many.

It felt as if I was a part of a wonderful family reunion. I highly recommend Christopher and I know he will be a welcome addition to the HPH provider list.


Tammy Gamester:

My first reading from Christopher was on FB. We were not friends, but his live popped up in my feed. I believe my son, Josh, who passed away in 2014, had something to do with that so I would find Christopher. He was live and picking people to give messages from spirit and I asked for a message from my son. Christopher picked me and with just his name, he gave me about a 10-minute reading. He was spot on with everything he said. I got an in person reading from him and again, he connected with my son but also my mother and grandmother. And again, spot on with everything. He has brought me so much comfort in the messages he has shared with me from my son. He even sent me a very long message one morning from Josh that brought me to tears. He checks in on me periodically, telling me Josh said I was having a hard time and I usually have been. Christopher is different than other mediums I have gotten readings from. He doesn’t ask if something resonates, doesn’t say I am getting this letter or that, or try to pull information from you. He just connects and shares what spirit is telling him. I highly recommend Christopher and do to anyone who asks! He is the real deal, and you will not be disappointed.

Tammy Gamester

Lynn Hollahan:

I want to thank Christopher for the amazing reading he gave me recently.  He brought through my son Devon and captured his essence and personality perfectly.  The validations he brought us (both current and past) brought my husband and I peace and filled us with love, but we also got lots of laughs and a few tears. 

Thank you, Christopher, for sharing your gift and talents.  I have already shared his name with some of my friends.  

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