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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Colleen Smith LPC, SPHR, CCP

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Ty Giesemann:

Colleen Smith gave me a remarkable evidential mediumistic reading that brought through my father, and most importantly, my US Marine daughter Susan, who had died after being struck by lightning. She was six months pregnant at the time, and Colleen provided evidence not only of Susan, but her unborn child, Liam Tyler. Colleen was thorough and professional, and her three-way connection with the spirit world and her client was obvious and clear. It was a sacred event, and I am forever thankful to Colleen for her gift of being able to connect with my daughter, grandson, and father across the veil. 

Melissa Dupree:

I had a reading with Colleen a week before Christmas 2019 and our sweet son came through with so much evidence it left no doubt in my heart or mind that he was right there/here. Not only did Colleen bring through present, past, & future details (that there is no way she could have known), but she did so with genuine kindness and true compassion. I know she connected with my precious boy that day, and it helped me get through the holidays knowing he was right there with us. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy medium: I would highly recommend Colleen Smith. She is the real deal and I honestly was blown away by the specific evidence she was able to bring in. 💜

Thanks, Melissa Dupree 

Mother of Drake Morgan Dupree 

Dixie Neff:

I have worked with Colleen through her mediumship and her grief therapy and found her so helpful. I picked her specifically because she has lost a son also and I knew she would understand. I am a therapist also but I have closed my practice due to my grief. Colleen helped me realize that I am taking this time to work through my strong emotions and to come to a place where that is ok if it takes time to return to work. She is also a very talented medium so the combination is unique and healing in a very special way.  I plan to continue to work with her more in the future and highly recommend her for grieving parents. 

Dixie Neff, LPC

Shining Light Parent

Caroline Chang:

I highly recommend Colleen Smith to be listed on the Suggested Provider List as an Evidential Medium for Helping Parents Heal. I had my first reading with Colleen in November 2017, after she was recommended to me by Suzanne Giesemann. Colleen was one of Suzanne’s students. Colleen’s son Austin is also in spirit and he helps Colleen with her readings. Just like my reading with Suzanne, when Colleen started the reading, I could hear a “whooshing sound”. The difference this time I could hear it happening live in the moment. When I had my reading with Suzanne, only Suzanne heard the sound live, I heard it on the audio recording of the session.

Colleen brought through so much evidence she was in touch with Kyle and Kyle’s signature “whooshing” EVP sound was clearly present. She received the correct information about Kyle’s size, his heart and even the texture of his curly hair. Kyle showed Colleen me teaching a piano lesson and my student’s sibling playing with a toy truck on the floor; letting me know he is there with me when I am teaching piano. He showed Colleen a Birthday Cake because his birthday had just passed the day before, and I was trying to schedule the reading with Colleen on his birthday. He also showed Colleen the truck he bought just a few months before he transitioned. He was showing her that his GMC Truck is his sign for me. He showed her socks because he gave me socks a few weeks earlier when I needed new sweat socks. She received the correct information about his passing, his health condition and how he transitioned. The evidence that came through was so AMAZING and spot on! And the EVP “whooshing” sound was all through the recording of the reading.

Colleen is an amazing Evidential Medium with her son Austin in spirit as her partner. She would make such a wonderful addition to the Suggested Provider List for parents and members of Helping Parents Heal. Thank you!

With Much Love & Appreciation,
Caroline Chang

Tracy Chalcraft:

We had a reading with Colleen 42 days after our son passed away.  It was our first mediumship reading and we didn’t know what to expect. Colleen not only provided great evidence that our son is still here, but she is also very kind and put us at ease. The validations spanned from our son's childhood to the present day. 

 The reading with Colleen provided us great comfort during the beginning stages of a difficult journey. She is truly gifted and it’s clear that spirit enjoys working with Colleen. We highly recommend Colleen to anyone who wishes to know that their loved ones are still here. 

Tracy Chalcraft

HPH member

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