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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Connie Fusella is from Florida


Carol Allen:
I had a wonderful reading with Connie! She immediately connected with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. She stated that they were connected to Illinois, which is where they lived. She knew that my father-in-law was a heavy smoker and passed from a lung disease. My mother-in-law recently passed away, and she mentioned it was an illness in her midsection. Then she brought my beautiful son Tyler through. (forever 19) She provided many validations to prove that it was him! She said it was an unexpected tragic accident. He didn't have time to say goodbye. 
She asked if I was Catholic. I attended Catholic schools most of my life. She also said that Tyler had a cross tattoo that was very significant. (Tyler's very first tattoo was a cross.) He always told my husband that his first tattoo would be a cross that said, "God doesn't take without giving." This was something my husband always would say to Tyler because the day we found out my father-in-law had terminal lung cancer, Tyler was born. 
Then Connie stated that Tyler has a brother. She said they are Yin and Yang, black and white, total opposites. This description is very accurate. We have always said that although they were super close, they couldn't be more opposite. My son TJ is a type A personality, and Tyler was very laid back. TJ likes his expensive things, and Tyler called himself a 'simple man.' I laughed when she said, "Tyler says his brother is smarter than him." Tyler would constantly say that his brother was smarter while he was here in the physical. 
Connie mentioned names in my family and significant dates. I highly recommend her!
Miriam Campa:
I first learned about Connie over a year ago during a casual conversation with a shopkeeper while passing time waiting for my eye doctor.  At that time, I had no idea that I would be going through the pain and grief that I am experiencing today.  The conversation turned to a discussion on psychics the shopkeeper  had visited when her husband passed.  She expressed her disappointment with the psychics she had seen and how none of them had ever helped her--until she met Connie.  I had a friend who lost her mother a few years back and was feeling very guilty about how her mother passed so she gave me Connie's card.  I really never thought much about it until my son passed this year.  I was looking through  paperwork in a desk drawer when a card fell from my hands, face up, and it was Connie's.  I took that as a sign that I should call and schedule a session--it was a very good decision. 
Connie and I had a phone session.  I am very skeptical and did not want her to see a photo of my son or read my expression on a Zoom call.  I worked very hard not to allow my voice or my comments show emotions that might give some clue as to what she should say.  From the very start of the session, Connie was calm and intentional in connecting with the right person.  She did not ask for a lot of information, just confirmation if she was on point.  She asked if I was looking to connect with a male younger than 70, that was correct.  From that point on, she became more precise.  She knew my son loved music, that he was charming and that he was "very particular about his looks", all on point.  She shared that he was very sorry and what happened was beyond his control. As the session went on she seemed to connect more strongly.  She knew I had an object in my wallet that belonged to him, she knew that I was not with him and did not find out right away when he passed, she knew his favorite color and pointed out some inside jokes that are only known to my kids and I.  
Connie said  things that did not resonate with me during the reading but I wrote them down as she suggested and a few days later, I realized she really had connected with my son.  One piece of evidence she perceived did not hit me until I spoke with my daughter and she reminded me that this was in fact true.  She identified the people he loved and cared for and knew how much he loved me.  Most importantly, she told me he was OK, that was really all I wanted to know.  I guess anyone would think "of course she said he was ok, that is what you wanted to hear".  That is true but I am not quick to believe most people unless they have given me reason via evidence that they know what they are talking about.  Connie's assurance that he was okay was validated by everything else she said during our 30 minute session.  I wholeheartedly endorse Connie as someone with a gift that will provide comfort and healing to parents looking to understand the unthinkable.  
~Miriam Campa
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