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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Daniel John

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Daniel John is from Geneva, NY


Nancy Hejna:

As a grateful member of the Helping Parents Heal family, I would like to whole heartedly recommend Daniel John as an evidential medium.  I was fortunate enough to work with Daniel as part of his certification process through Mark Ireland.  I have two adult sons in Spirit, both having passed at the same age, which makes me a challenging “test sitter.” Add to that the fact that the reading was double-blind and strictly required Daniel to bring forth evidence without any encouragement from me, and the results are even more impressive. During our reading, Daniel was able to connect with both my sons, provide exact dates and names, other significant details, and discern each of their personalities with tremendous accuracy.  I felt as if they were in the room with him!

The most astonishing piece of evidence turned out to be a third party validation which didn’t become evident until six months later. At the time of the reading, my daughter was newly pregnant with her first child.  Daniel confirmed this through my sons, knew it would be a boy, and stated my youngest son, Joey, was very aware and part of his nephew’s development. Joey insisted that Daniel relay to me the baby would be born healthy but have a, “very, very, very minor problem with his right ear that will not be a big deal”.  Daniel was reluctant to share a possibly upsetting piece of information, but my son was emphatic - this would be my “sign” as to how connected Joey was to his nephew.

That perfect, healthy baby boy was born six months later ..... and he failed, briefly ..... a hearing test in his “right” ear.  This was due to residual fluid and resolved the next day! As many times as I think about Daniel’s connection with my sons, this astounding validation, and write it even now months later, my jaw still drops. Needless to say, Daniel passed certification with flying colors and can be found on Mark Irelands site.  He is truly amazing. Wishing you all great connections and peace on your healing journey.

~Nancy Hejna, proud mom of Joey & Will

Kamberlee Carlton:

In September of 2019 I received a mediumship reading from Daniel John. Daniel instantly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. It took him no time at all to connect with my son. I will start with the way Daniel was able to describe my son's personality, he nailed it!  Daniel really brought through my son's true essence. From his sense of humor to his caring nature it was unmistakably him. This was followed up with so many validations. Daniel correctly named my son, described my son off-roading in his black truck, that my son played guitar, that he loved to travel and how he passed just to name a few. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Daniel was connecting with my son. Because of this he made it possible to hear my son's messages and know they were real. This brought so much healing and joy back to my life. I am so grateful to Daniel and would highly recommend him to anyone.

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