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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Deb Sheppard

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Deb Sheppard is from Denver, CO


Dave and Trish Derby:

We first met Deb on November 13, 2003 when she answered her door to welcome us to our first Medium session. We had made the appointment three or four months prior to the session and we both had been anxiously anticipating this meeting.

I tend to be skeptical but try to maintain an open mind about things unknown to me. (I’m an analytical/mathematical sort of guy). I had made our appointment with Deb via her website using an email address with a profile that contained entirely false information. (She was not going to find anything out about us through investigative means.)

When we sat down for the session, she asked us our first names and explained how the process worked. Deb relaxed, took a deep breath and began. In the space of that hour we were reintroduced to relatives (mostly my wife’s) many who were long dead. Many of the validations Deb revealed were very specific even to her getting some very unusual names accurate with details about their lives and how they died.

I was getting very excited about all this but was also very antsy because I really only wanted to hear from one person who to this point had not made an appearance yet. Then Deb was taken aback and said that someone just came in, sort of pushed the others aside and said, “They are wanting to hear from me”. Deb described the spirit as very powerful and then exclaimed, “I love her energy”. For the next 40 or so minutes I was spell-bound. We got what we came for. We were hearing from our beloved daughter, “Ginger”, who had been killed in a car accident in September of 1999 at the age of 20.

I wanted to stay in that room with her presence forever. Through Deb, Ginger recounted events and details of our daily lives to validate for us that she does indeed exist on some plane and can interact with us. Deb gave us specifics about Ginger’s accident including clearing up details that we had questions about. Based on the details revealed, it was obvious that Ginger’s spirit visits us and her surviving sisters often and is involved in our lives regularly. I felt a measure of comfort and peace for the first time since our child’s death. Our baby was not entirely lost to us. I will never be at ease with Ginger’s death, but it was very reassuring to KNOW that her spirit "lives" on and our mutual love keeps her close to us. I desperately needed assurance of her continued existence and the session with Deb gave me that more than anything had done before.

When we left the session, we were both having difficulty concentrating (we got lost immediately) so we pulled into a restaurant to gather our thoughts and review what we had encountered. It was wonderful.

Dave Derby Helping Parents Heal Co-Chair Colorado Chapter

~Dave and Trish Derby
Brian Smith:

Deb Sheppard gave me a very healing reading. She brought in several people around me and seemed to sense my work with grieving parents. When my daughter came through, Deb got her personality exactly right. She knew about the relationship between her and her sister and gave me messages for her sister. Deb even had a message from my dog who passed a year ago. I felt that Deb made genuine connections and offered me insight into my life today as well as letting me know my daughter is still with me.

~Brian Smith
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