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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Drew Cali

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Drew Cali is from Ramsey, NJ


Jenni Lyle:

Drew Cali is an incredible evidential medium who I recently had the opportunity to experience his gift.

I have had both of my sons (Ken and Doug) transition into their Spirit life and Drew was able to give me many examples of their life on earth.  One example was Drew’s recognition of Ken’s blue car.  Ken was very proud of his blue car and it really was something that represented freedom to him.  He recognized how Ken was a very strong being who did things his way and this is so true.

More evidence was given to me when Drew recognized my son Doug played the guitar and how he loved to listen to Dave Matthews and play along, a place Doug felt a lot of comfort. He could have chosen many artists and yet Doug chose to highlight Dave Matthews because Doug knew I would know it was him.

When my husband listened to the reading he was able to take a few more of Drew’s “hits” that I had not recognized.  Drew brought in my father-in-law and said they called him “Billy Boy”.  My husband remembers his grandmother calling his Dad that.  Also Drew spoke of a “Rose” and I didn’t put that together until I remembered a “rose” Ken had given to me about a month before his passing that I keep in the memory cabinet.

Having a reading with Drew will not disappoint.  Thank you Drew for giving me more peace that my guys are still around me always.

Brian Smith:

Drew Cali is an excellent medium who delivers the right balance of evidence and message. It takes a certain skill set to not only tick off evidence your loved one is there but to capture their personality and feel as if you’ve had a visit with them. Drew let me know how my grandmother, who passed away over thirty years ago,  is still active and present in my life. And, he connected with my daughter, who passed away five years ago and brought me comfort that all is well in spite of current circumstances.

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