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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Gordon Smith

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Gordon Smith is from Scotland


Cindy Norris Bohart, Andy Bohart, Irene Vouvalides, Ana Molina, Suzanne Giesemann:

Gordon Smith did an incredible Gallery Reading, You Can't Die For the Life of You, during our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference.  Several of the fortunate parents who received readings spent time discussing them with Jacqui Winslade, Gordon's manager, by Zoom.  

Cindy Norris Bohart and Andy Bohart's interview can be accessed by clicking here.  

Irene Vouvalides' interview can be accessed by clicking here.  

Ana Molina's interview can be accessed by clicking here.

And Suzanne Giesemann, who also had a reading with Gordon, interviewed him for her podcast on October 5th.  Please access their YouTube video by clicking here.  

Suzanne Giesemann:

Gordon Smith left no doubt in my mind that he was talking to my stepdaughter Susan in front of 900 witnesses at the 2022 Helping Parents Heal conference. She grabbed his attention and directed him to address me as I sat in the front row. We had never met or spoken. After identifying her with information he could not have known, he relayed a very meaningful answer to a question I had asked Susan earlier that day. I knew in advance that Gordon is a highly respected and talented medium, but that evening he gave me quite the gift in the form of personally experiencing his abilities in a most magical and wondrous way. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

~Suzanne Giesemann

Cindy Norris Bohart:

Gordon Smith's connection with our son, Josh, at the HPH conference in 2022 was nothing short of astonishing. Gordon effortlessly channeled information from Josh with incredible accuracy and detail as he conveyed deeply personal messages that only our family could know. Gordon's compassion and sensitivity throughout the session were evident, as he brought through several children, offering the parents of each child solace and a profound sense of hope. This extraordinary encounter reaffirmed our belief that life does not end here and provided many in attendance with a newfound sense of peace and healing.  

~Cindy Norris Bohart

Irene Vouvalides:

Gordon Smith connected with my daughter Carly during his keynote presentation at the Helping Parents heal conference in August of 2022. He brought through messages that were accurate and personal leaving me with no doubt that my daughter was present communicating through Gordon. Everyone in attendance was amazed at how he connected with several of our children in spirit, his words from spirit brought comfort and healing to all.

His books, podcasts and guided meditations bring comfort to many in grief and I am so grateful for all that he does. 

~Irene Vouvalides

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