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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Isabella Johnson is from Phoenix, AZ


Tracy Soussi:

I have had many readings from what I consider to be the best mediums available. I can honestly say that Isabella Johnson is one of the best mediums I have ever had the pleasure to have a reading from.

My son, Aymen, transitioned and during my reading from Isabella I felt as if I was hearing directly to him. The validations and accuracy was incredible. There was not one message I did not understand or question.

Isabella is not only a wonderful medium but she is loving, caring, kind, generous and gives a parent so much knowing that our children are still with us and eager to give evidence and reassurance.

I have had dozens of my friends have readings with Isabella and they all came away with the same opinion. They all felt she is amongst the best they have ever had.

My daughter also had a reading with Isabella and my other daughter is also planning to. I don’t trust many people with the emotions of my girls but I have no hesitation having my girls speak with Isabella.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Isabella to anyone or everyone who has someone in spirit that they would like to hear from. Isabella is a true blessing.

With love and light,
Tracy S. Soussi

Elizabeth Boisson:

I had a fabulous reading with Isabella Johnson and it was so precise that I almost couldn’t believe my ears. What made the reading even more compelling is that Mark Ireland had set it up without even giving Isabella my first name. Moreover, when I installed my Skype account on my computer to do the reading, it gave me a series of letters and numbers as my login name and I wasn’t able to change it to Elizabeth. So there was absolutely no way that Isabella had any idea of who I was. When I first met her on Skype, she was warm and friendly and a bit nervous because she was being tested to become a certified medium on Mark’s site,

Isabella asked me if I had a son – she said that she had a young man with her that seemed to be in his late twenties. Morgan will be 30 this year. She also said that he had passed quite some time ago. Morgan passed on October 20, 2009. She said that Morgan also had a baby who had died soon after her birth as well as one who died from a miscarriage. These are also my children.

She said that Morgan had incredible energy. She saw him on a mountain and linked him to Buddhism because she is Buddhist. She saw Tibetan flags and spoke of Base Camp. She said that she had a heavy feeling in her chest and that she was light-headed. Morgan passed of altitude sickness.

She said that he was able to say goodbye; she was shown a telephone and she saw him saying goodbye. I was fortunate to speak to Morgan by phone although he was no longer breathing and undergoing CPR. She said that there were other kids who were with him who appeared to be very upset and didn’t know what to do, which is true; 13 other students were on the trip to the Base Camp of Mt Everest.

She said that when he passed he went out of his body and felt like Superman – he was flying all around and heard a wooshing sound in his ears. Morgan loved Superman and even wanted a Superman tattoo, although we were very much against it. (Isn’t it funny how our attitudes towards tattoos change after having a child transition?) Isabella said that he passed in the blink of an eye and felt no pain, which was reassuring. Although I know that he suffered from altitude sickness for about 12 hours, other mediums have told me that it seems like the blink of an eye for him now.

She saw a rock that was split in half that had to do with Morgan, which is true. His roommate, Colin, brought back a rock that was split in half that came from the exact spot where Morgan passed, that looked just like Isabella’s drawing (see above). She told me that we have something that was blessed by the Dalai Lama and said that Morgan wanted her to show me her necklace that was also blessed. I told her that we also have a scarf that was blessed by the Dali Lama.

Isabella said that she had someone else with him – a mother figure or a grandmother, and my Mother-in-law just passed in October. She said that my Mother-in-law has all three children with her and that everything that I had said about Morgan and the Afterlife was true – it is absolutely wonderful where they now are.

My Mother-in-law showed Isabella that she no longer needs pills and Isabella explained that she was jumping up and down, emptying her pill bottles. My Mother-in-law was in chronic pain, and she took medications for many years before she passed.

Morgan told her that we had several celebrations similar to his service after he passed. This is true, we had two angel date celebrations the two years following his passing. She said we had a life-size image of Morgan that his friends were taking pictures with, which is true – his friends even held it sideways and took a group picture. (see above)

Morgan told her that he helped me start an enormous organization and he showed her millions of stars that represented kids with whom he has connected. She saw that he is very proud of this as well as being very accomplished –Isabella said that he spoke 4 languages while he was here and that he was a double major. This is true-he spoke Mandarin, French, English and a bit of Spanish and double majored in East Asian Studies and French. She said that he traveled all over the world and that he was grateful that we allowed him to do so. She said he is gregarious and very endearing and that he sent us tons of love.

At first, two things didn’t make sense during the reading. First of all, when Isabella was talking about the mountain where Morgan passed, she identified it as Mt Kilimanjaro instead of Everest. Also, she said that I had a handknit, pink baby sweater for a newborn that I had kept in honor of my daughter. While speaking to Irene Vouvalides about the reading a few minutes later, I realized that these messages were meant for her. The boyfriend of Irene’s daughter Carly was on Mt Kilimanjaro when Carly passed, and Irene kept a pink sweater for Carly that was hand-knit for her when she was a newborn. Irene quickly went to find it for me and take a picture. While she was looking, she was thrilled to find a tiny box of Carly’s baby teeth that she had misplaced. It was obvious that Carly had come through the reading to help her Mom find the box! Knowing that Carly and Morgan are working together brings Irene and me such comfort, but we wouldn’t expect anything less!

I would recommend Isabella to any parent who would like to connect with their child on the other side. She is compassionate and gifted and is also a Shining Light parent. She also puts members of Helping Parents Heal first for readings.

–Written by Morgan and Chelsea’s proud Mom, Elizabeth Boisson

Michelle Stein:

Two Dreams
I had a truly wonderful reading with Isabella Johnson last Sunday. She came through with so many specific and unusual validations, right away. There was no doubt that Olivia was very present. I’ve been blessed to have had very intense visits with Olivia from the beginning. Those visits have gotten much stronger, the more that I’ve learned and trained. But, something happened that even I found hard to believe. I am so grateful that Isabella was able to confirm what occurred was very real and not a dream. And, Olivia, used one shocking word to nail it, make me laugh and stop doubting myself.

This has to do with my mother-in-law, who died last month at 101. There is no way to get across just how toxic a woman she was. But I’ve watched her do terrible, unthinkable things to all those that she was supposed to love. Many years ago, when she was especially cruel to my tiny children we distanced ourselves, mostly to protect our children. Occasionally, we would reach out but she’d always smack us back down. The final straw came for me when Olivia died. My stepdaughter called me, howling crying. She’d told her grandmother that Olivia had died and my mother-in-law responded by saying, “It’s not so bad to lose a child. Now, losing a husband is so much worse. When you lose a husband you lose your social standing. When you lose a child, what do you really lose?” I forbid her from the funeral. I tell you this to preface what happened about 5 days after this awful woman died.

Of all the ways that Olivia has come to me, I rarely ever dream of her. Days after my MIL’s death. I had a dream of Olivia, she was in the other room talking to her brother and I ran to her. This was a very “human” Olivia…I could see her chicken pox scar, a scratch below her eye, her light dusting of freckles on her nose. When I see my daughter now she is different, she is what I call “Spirit Olivia”: She is huge, gorgeous, glowing. Olivia in my dream was my human daughter. I spent the dream hugging her so close to me, drinking every bit of her in. When it ended I sat straight up in bed and thought, “I’ll NEVER get back to sleep!” and promptly fell into a very deep sleep…

Then I was standing next to Olivia and it was Spirit Olivia. I couldn’t see her but could feel her right next to my left side. There was a large group of people in front of us, we were a bit above, I could see a great distance and it was filled with people. Olivia was talking to them and they were laughing and convivial. All of a sudden my mother-in-law just appeared right in front of me. She looked much younger and very beautiful so I knew it was her in Spirit. But! She looked very afraid and confused as she looked around. When she saw me she did what I have watched her do, when feeling vulnerable, for the last 40 years…she began to puff herself up and get very arrogant. I put my hand on her arm and said very gently, “Hello _______. You are where Olivia is now.” She became confused and fearful again. I pointed to my left and said, “this is your granddaughter, Olivia.” She looked over at Olivia and began to get arrogant and haughty again, her “I am the mother/grandmother, you should bow down” kind of look. I, again, reached out to touch her arm and gently said, “Please calm down, she’s kind of a big deal here.” That is when I woke, again, stunned at what had happened. Later, when telling Harvey (the former uber-skeptic!) he said, “That first dream was a dream but I think that the second one was a visit!”

I sat with those two “dreams” for several days before the “AHA!” hit me: For the last few years, knowing what I know now about crossing over and getting a “Life Review”, and knowing that my MIL would never, ever get how cruel she was while she was still on Earth; she would never understand it until she crossed and had her life review. My mantra has been “Please let me be a fly on the wall of her Life Review”.  Was it possible? Could Olivia have pulled me there to be part of her “Homecoming”?

All I asked Isabella was if I was truly a “fly on the wall”. “’Yes’, that’s all I get from her.” Then I clarified, “so it wasn’t a dream it was a ‘real’?” Isabella: “she says yes, it was real.” I said, “this is so cool… my mother-in-law was the most vicious, evil, cruel woman…” and Isabella interrupted me, “Uh, don’t get mad at me, your daughter had me write this word, which I will not say. I’ll show you.” And, she held up her notebook. Written in big letters was a four-letter word that is forbidden in my home as it’s a terrible word that is used to demean women. I had very few absolute rules but that word was one. When I saw it I threw my head back and laughed. Olivia used the forbidden word to get across to Isabella just who this woman truly was, and to me to punctuate just how real it was. I told Isabella that this experience was hard, even for me, to believe. I mean really? That I, an alive person, would be the one to greet her when she crossed? Isabella laughed and did quote marks with her fingers to convey that Olivia was saying, “Right! Her ‘favorite’ person, mom, her favorite person!!!” Isabella then told me what my MIL was saying to me and it was EERIE! It was my mother-in-law, word for word, exactly how she would speak.

One of the hardest things to overcome is our own doubt when we get these incredible messages or experiences from our children. I thought that I had conquered that doubt and Olivia showed me that there was, even more, to know, to understand. I am so grateful to Isabella Johnson and her gift. I also have no doubt that Olivia made sure that I saw her on HPH and that I booked the appointment. Isabella was able to confirm that this was real and conquer my doubts.

-Written by Olivia’s Mom, Michelle Stein


Rosemarie St Michael:

Sunday, 18th November 2018, at the Helping Parents Heal meeting held at Unity of Phoenix center, when I walked into the room, I immediately held eye contact with Fara Gibson, it was my first time meeting her and did not know that she is a Medium. She came around the table and gave me a loving hug, and I instantly felt her energy rush through me and felt a connection.

I proceeded to chat with other parents in the room and sat down with my tablet opened to a picture of my sweet Angel Amanda so that she could be there in spirit, and low and behold I was shocked when Fara connected with my Angel spirit and spoke to me first.

I had the most magical moment with Fara even though it was all about Amanda’s fatal accident. Every detail of Fara’s validation was in-depth, up to the exact location and spot on.

The 18th November marked one year and nine months without Amanda here on this earth. Amanda first visited San Diego during a long weekend on February 18th, 2017 to take sunset and sunrise pictures as she was a photographer and Amanda truly loved the ocean in San Diego.

Fara Gibson is a beautiful, extraordinary, understanding, compassionate, caring, empathetic and kind Psychic Medium with a natural aptitude.  She gave me the in-depth closure for my daughter I needed.

Fara pulled through information about her memorial service and about how I honored her on her birthday this year by making a natural wreath.

While in San Diego, Amanda took six landscape pictures of the ocean on the evening of 18th February with her iPhone which she then sent to me, I saved the photos. Fara mentioned these photos validating that Amanda knows that I saved the photos and how much I treasure them.

When Fara was recounting the story of Amanda’s passing, everything was just the way it happened, I was both in awe and shock by Fara’s reading. Though Amanda is not here, it made me stronger to know that my baby girl knows how much I love her and that I keep her memory alive.

I am so glad that I was there to meet Fara Gibson. I even got her book signed by her called, “Heavens Voice is Within Your Soul.”

I am blessed to have a beautiful, loving, and caring Helping Parents Heal Group to attend every month. Thank you, Elizabeth for giving us the opportunity as parents who are grieving to meet amazing people and for the comfort and guidance of bringing our loved ones together.


Elizabeth Kaplan:

My son passed 8 months ago. I have had several medium readings since then but I wasn’t completely satisfied. I was looking for that “wow” reading that would explain more than just evidential details proving that my son was still here. I knew and believed that 100% but was looking for more answers that would explain the spiritual reasons behind our relationship and what had happened. What was my role with him and our family and what was I intended to learn from this? My reading with Isabella was incredible. I would like to call her the relationship medium. My son, mother, father and father in law all showed up during the reading. She proceeded to go into details of each person with accuracy and then explain the dynamics of how they all related to me and my husband and our family still here. It gave me a deeper understanding of my sons role and purpose and his relationship with us. All while supplying evidence of their personalities with high accuracy. She was particularly adept at picking up nuanced personality traits that were unique. I was blown away and walked away with a much better understanding and knowing that my son had accomplished his mission here. 

I was so intrigued to find out more in-depth information regarding my purpose here that I scheduled a soul reading with Isabella. That was also amazing, informative and up lifting. I now have a clearer understanding of my soul group, the roles we play with each other and my purpose in this life. She filled out the big picture for me. I also saw that the relationship with those passed continues while we are here and difficulties with other family members can continue to be worked on between realms. I knew this but didn’t realize it completely. It was as if the light bulb turned on. 

Isabella is compassionate and honest in her delivery and has a way of getting right to the nitty gritty which is exactly what I wanted. Her readings were a true gift to me and my family. I am forever grateful. 

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