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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Jennifer Brazier

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Jennifer Brazier is from Seattle


Lisa Laniewski:
I first received a gallery reading from Jennifer at an event in the spring of 2019. I was impressed not only with her accuracy and the specific details she was able to share, but also with the confidence with which she delivered her messages - just as one would relay a message from one living person to another!
Since then, I have received many mini-readings from Jennifer, all of which have been detailed and specific. We have had a lot of loss in our family, and I have three other family members who have received what each said was a very evidential reading from Jen. In fact, one of them is currently awaiting a second reading!
Jennifer is an exceptionally honest and professional medium. She genuinely wants to help bring comfort to those who suffer from loss, and she takes that responsibility very seriously. She is constantly taking classes in person and online to learn more about her chosen profession and has studied at the Arthur Findlay College countless times. She teaches classes on many aspects of mediumship and has even assisted law enforcement in the search for missing persons.
I couldn’t recommend Jennifer with higher enthusiasm. I know she has helped me process much grief, and I’m confident in her ability to help others too.
Lisa Laniewski
Amber’s mom (2014)
Waterford, ME
Rosanne Norris:

Jennifer Brazier is the real deal. She can open the door to the other side, allowing your loved ones to come through to reassure you that life continues, and they are happy, healthy and whole. Jennifer was spot on with validation after validation, which left me knowing, without a doubt this was truly my son that came through. You can’t go wrong with a sensitive and caring medium like Jennifer.

Rosanne Norris (mother of Lee)  

Carol Allen:

Sofia is a very gifted, kind and compassionate medium. Sofia brought my son through and wow, she was spot on! She validated an entire conversation I had earlier that day with my sister. My son told her exactly what was currently going on with myself, my husband and my older son. I was blown away. I am not one to say much during a reading because I am careful not to give away evidence. I was amazed and I highly recommend her.

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