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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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John Holland is from Boston


Dana Haudek:

My son Drew, transitioned on May 19, 2019 per the police report as a suicide. I know in my heart as Drew’s Mom, this could not be true. For the past year, I have struggled with this cause of transition. I had the opportunity to join the zoom call with John Holland on July 28, 2020. With amazement, Drew came through with so many validations and a message for me. Due to the spot on validations, I knew this was my Drew. His message was to tell me his transition was accidental and not intentional. With this confirmation of truth, I can rest knowing my intuition was right. Thank you John Holland for being my sons voice. Forever grateful to you! Love from Drew’s Mom!

Diane Rose:

I am very happy I found HPH about one year ago….three years after my son transitioned into the afterlife.  Since then, I have sat locally with several evidentiary mediums.  My son, Wayne, always came through strongly during these readings.  On July 28th, I was reading the HPH Facebook page and noticed that there was a Zoom meeting with John Holland where he planned to offer some readings.  I joined the meeting late, but enjoyed listening to all the validations that other shining light moms received.

I was shocked and ecstatic that the last reading John offered ended up being my son.  As always, Wayne came through strongly and John offered many validations starting with Wayne’s transition as a result of a plane crash, and of current events happening in our lives at the present time.  These are things that are not public and John would have no knowledge of…yet Wayne knew and Wayne told John. In the reading John said Wayne wanted to give his dad a hug. Here is a pic of Wayne hugging Steve after they did a tandem jump. I am soooo happy knowing Wayne is still a big part of our lives.

Rose Curatolo:

John Holland was a guest speaker on Tuesday, July 28, on the Helping Parents Heal Zoom meeting. Thank you for the reading for me and my son, Nick! I and my son Nick are Italian and you mentioned that the fact that you are Italian was useful in facilitating this reading. Every bit of every single detail of the evidence and/or validations that came through was accurate, compelling! In fact I felt and saw Nick right there with you and with me, his face and quirky smile, his very high energy, the essence of who he is, coming through to us! Nick and I are best friends and soul mates and he has always been my protector, and would always worry about me. Therefore it makes so much sense that he wanted to make sure to come through to us during this meeting. He wants me to know he is okay and happy and doing well, hence so many validations and details. One more thing, he loves to see me smile, and was not going to quit until he did that.

From the very beginning of the reading, you brought up the name, Rose. Then right after that, you mentioned a grandmother with the name Rose. These are the first validations. Almost immediately after that, you said that you were hearing that someone has the “Gift of stitching,” and not just “stitching,” but that it was “with a sewing machine and very skilled.” That’s my Grandmother, Rose who was a seamstress her entire life. I want to add that It was her profession- her work, her skill and talent. And on a humorous note, regarding older Italian women, sticking tissues and whatever else they could fit, like a can opener etc, and whatever else they could fit, under their bra! And I said, “Yes! Exactly!”- As a picture of my grandmother doing that came to mind, as well as thinking what a silly brat my son, Nicky is! Ah! So there is another validation, as well! So these are more beautiful validations. Thank you John and Nick!!

Another fact and accurate validation that came through was that you were hearing something about a “seamstress and the East Coast.” I said, “Yes, my Grandmother was a seamstress and lived and worked in New York!” Wow! Okay, the validations kept coming in. And they seemed to be moving so quickly, and rushing in! At one point you said to Nick, “Okay- Okay, slow down!” This, in itself, was a true validation which illustrated Nick’s personality and high spirited energy that he exhibited his entire life! In fact, this is what drew people to him The evidence of this came through all throughout your reading! Thank you!

I especially want to say about what came through earlier in the reading about a “younger female” who passed. This was my sister. Moving along in the reading , it became evident t that it was that the readings came through, compliments of this younger sister. Nick wanted to let it be known that he was obviously here with us when he brought up “Number One” to which you asked if he was an only child. I said, “No but that he is the baby of five but that his siblings saw him as ‘Number one’ !” That’s Nick’s personality coming through again! A validation, for sure!

Sports came up several times. I understand this because Nick loves football. He knows that this is something I would acknowledge. He always talked about football with his step-dad! He watched games- all the time. Oh and when I used to over-hear him speaking to others about the game, he did not only talk about who was newly drafted or about the games and the scores, but I would be in awe of when he would discuss the game as if it were a chess game. And even more than that. It was through Nick that I learned about football and the mental game behind it, the planning and the strategy and focus it took. I had no idea! So when you heard “sports,” I understood that immediately and heard and saw in my mind Nick’s mind unfold with his understanding of it. I felt his energy when this subject of football came up. Therefore your hearing “sports” coming through more than once, validated that! Yeah, Nick loved football! He studied it!

I must mention several more validations, things that you heard or saw that Nick was conveying to you. I can see him, moving around, not sitting still, and wanting so badly for you to show me that he is here. Regarding Nick’s Illness You heard specifically, “they thought this might come. They saw it coming I hope this doesn’t ‘take him.” This is a good description of what defines brain cancer, and his particular type. He was diagnosed 8 years ago and always responded so well to treatment. He always remained strong and physically healthy despite the 3 surgeries to remove tumors plus 4 + different types of treatments, chemo, radiation etc. There were times he could have and should have not done well or not survived. The doctors were in awe. In fact often, Nick’s oncologist would say, “We met at the tumor board and we are amazed at how well you are doing. All of us, all the doctors, myself included, think it’s your mother. It’s your bond and love that is the reason you are surviving And thriving!” That is the long answer to what Nick is saying in the reading that come through so strongly to you, “They thought this would happen. They saw it coming.. they hoped it won’t take him.” Yes! They thought all of that all along. And Nick would definitely tell you that because he knew the battle he fought as I did, as well, right there beside him!

Several things more about what you said regarding his illness... Nick was conveying these to you: “Going through his system” I validated that when you asked if he had chemo. Yes he did. But I had forgotten that he did in fact have a blood transfusion after his last surgery. I remembered that afterwards. A couple of days later. Nick was out of it but I knew. However, even semi conscious, he “knew!”

After the reading that day, more facts/ validations were unfolding. Another one was about his dad’s collection, a watch. I remembered days later that his dad did have a Rolex watch which was in a box along with other objects his Dad had in a box. Here is another very accurate and very important fact, validated. You said that you were hearing Nick tell you about him and me- our relationship. He told you that I am both his mom and a friend; our bond has always been so close- soul mates. And we had many many talks since he was very young. He would always tell me things the other kids would not tell me. Of course you would hear this from Nick. It’s true. This is incredible! So much came through during this reading! Here are more validations: You said “He is good with kids. I feel like he was good with kids.” You said that my son said, “Tell her I’m working with kids.” You said, “He wants you to know that he is working with kids.!” This gave me so much joy to know that Nick is continuing to pursue one of his passions- his calling which he discovered during his battle with cancer- his ability to connect with children with special needs. He was very skilled with motivating them to define their own dreams and goals and to recognize that they could fulfill their goals. Every kid he worked with was able to do this. This gave him so much joy and happiness. I understand why he wants me to know that he is working with kids now. I am overwhelmed with love and happiness for my son and I am so proud of him! Thank you John and Nick for letting me know this.

And by the way, Before cancer, Nick would never have known he had this calling. He is a writer, poet, author, singer-song-writer. He was in the middle of finishing his book. He had already written a novella. I need to compile his writings and publish them. Should I continue? I feel I should continue to share this because it’s so beautiful and true as well! I Remembered later, when you brought up my son saying that someone has dementia ... and later, I remembered that my current husband’s late mom had dementia. Another validation is when you said my son brought up either the name Mary or a name beginning with “Mar.” My current husband, Dan’s late mother’s name is Mary and she passed from dementia. Two validations in one! That other validation regarding names beginning with “Mar” is the last name for Nick’s siblings, my 4 other children, begins with “Mar” for their name, “Marchicelli.” Another validation, a “Rocker” came through. My mom sat on one all the time. Ah! Yes! Nicky has been quite alive and present throughout this reading!

I can bring up more very accurate facts that Nicky very much wanted to come through: All the names, the “Roses.” You said that you heard Nicky say, “look at the grand kids!” Okay so here are two: Two of my granddaughters, Suzanne Rose and Elysa Rosalie (Long version of my name). Also, there was this fact you heard about the Song, “Over the rainbow” Three weeks ago a very good friend of my son, Nick’s stopped by to bring me some pizza and a bottle of wine from our favorite Italian restaurant that we have been missing due to quarantine. She placed the pizza box and the wine on top of an old car which was Nick’s when he was 20, his first car, actually. Then she took a photo of me standing there in front of the trunk of the car and afterwards, we looked at the picture and saw that a rainbow came through. It was just over me, coming from a higher outside source. The photo is above. Both Nick’s close friend and I felt Nick’s presence. In addition, this is something that Nick wants me to know- that he in fact was there and was also there during this reading via the “over the rainbow” song.

So yes, throughout this reading you did, there are many many details and so much proof that Nick has been very present and so wanting you to validate this. Here are at just a few more. I promise. Regarding Nick’s Step dad: And, you are right regarding the fact that Nick does have a sense of humor Moving forward on this subject, regarding Dan, his Step-Dad, he was making you aware that he likes to “bust his chops!” This is exactly so very true. My son said to you that Dan is a “stubborn shit,” and he wants him to take care of his leg. You said to me, “Your boy is making him aware to focus on his leg and getting it looked at. “ You said “I’m not a medical doctor but that you heard something about... “I think that there is something that can strengthen his balance. See someone and keep an eye on that. “ This is a validation because Dan has Parkinson’s disease which has made his legs weak, and lately has worsened his gait and balance. Interesting that you read this coming from Nick because we had just discussed this, Dan saying that he thought his Parkinson’s is worsening and he needs to make an appointment with his neurologist. That had just been discussed the morning of this Zoom meeting, Tuesday. But as you said, “Nick said that Dan is a stubborn shit.” I know why he said that- because it takes a couple of times plus to get Dan to do something.

Here is another accurate validation: Regarding Nick’s step-Dad, Dan. Nick said that he looks at Dan like a dad and that he is not “just my mom’s husband.” and he wants to honor that. Plus he is also his friend, Yes! So true! This is exact! During this reading, you drew a picture of a map, a US Map, and you said that Nick is showing you a map. And yes! His step-dad loves naps and has several on the walls and one in the garage- a US Map in the garage Here are some more accurate validations: Nick said that “Someone in the family flies... “ Here it is: My husband’s sister is a flight attendant. Also once had gotten tickets for Nicky to visit friends I think that’s most of what Nick wanted you to convey to me that day. There were maybe one or two more like the one about a Nun in our family. And yes-one of my sister’s is a nun in Africa. This is so accurate.

I cannot forget that you mentioned that the validations at today’s readings came through complements of my sister who passed in 1975 at the age of 17. She had initially came through at the beginning of the reading so as to facilitate Nicky coming through.

I am certain that I do not need to describe to any parent in Helping Parents Heal, or to any parent whose child of any age who has transitioned to the spirit world, how much it means to have validations such as the ones I have received through you and your wonderful connection with my son on this particular day. This has been a very precious gift that has been one of the trajectories toward my moving forward to a hopeful future for me and my family and my continuing relationship with my son, Nick.

I am so very grateful to Helping Parents Heal, to Elizabeth, Irene, to Dawn Richards the leader of the San Diego affiliate group here and to all of the beautiful parents and to all of our very precious and beautiful kids! I am so grateful for my son Nick. And I must reiterate to you how very honored I am that you shared your gift with all of us and with me on this particular day and for the many other times you spent with us bringing our kids to us. Thank you! 

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