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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Kaci Davignon

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Kaci Davignon is from Witchita, KS


Judi Offenberg:

Kaci is an outstanding medium who is able to get very detailed information (easily) from multiple loved ones in spirit. She does not just get basic evidence, but very detailed information for the purpose of healing. She has a lovely personality and is very positive. She even picked up the energy currently in my home as well as a guest pet staying with me! I highly recommend her!

Sincerely, Judi Offenberg

Barbara Glendinning:

I recently had the privilege of having a reading via Zoom with Kaci Davignon. It was a certification blind test reading set up for us by Mark Ireland. I was a bit nervous, but Kaci’s warm and friendly approach quickly helped me to feel safe and comfortable. She was extremely compassionate and empathic.

My son Tim has lived in Sprit since September 5, 2017 and although I have received signs from him, I still yearn for evidence and messages indicating he is here with us. During the reading, Kaci accurately described my son and delivered evidential messages proving he is watching our daily activities. One particular message was regarding an old “band t-shirt”. Just days prior to the reading, I was painting and realized the rags I was using to clean up paint splatters were pieces of an old band t-shirt that my son used to wear. I had cut this well worn shirt into rags years prior to Tim’s accident. At that moment, I felt Tim very close to me and Kaci felt it too. In addition to providing evidential messages, Kaci delivered personal messages from my son which was very comforting.

One of the hardest things for parents to overcome is our own doubt when we get these incredible messages or experiences from our children. Kaci convinced me of the importance of overcoming these doubts and believing. She gave me useful guidance to help me grow and feel closer to my son. I would recommend Kaci to anyone searching to connect with their loved ones.

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