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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Kailee Savoie

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Kailee Savoie is from Scottsdale, Arizona


Carol Allen:

My name is Carol Allen, my son Tyler gained his angel wings on May 14, 2015 in a motorcycle accident. Since this time I have met so many amazing parents and siblings. I met Kailee Savoi, a sibling, at our first HPH conference in 2018 because we were both volunteering for the conference. I immediately fell in love with her. She is a bright light and radiates kindness and compassion. We immediately connected and became friends. When I heard she did Reiki healing I knew I wanted her to perform Reiki on me.

Kailee came to my home while my son was home and performed Reiki on both of us along with her mother Laurie who did a reading. AMAZING is all I can say. I felt the energy move through me. There was a calm wonderful sense of peace that came over me. I highly recommend Kailee!

Kim Courtney:

I have always been deep rooted in my faith and very spiritual. However I was finding I had alot to learn when it came to connecting with those in spirit. When the opportunity to have a Reiki session with Kailee Savoie, I jumped at it. Before my session began, I prayed for healing and understanding through Reiki. My son Derrick had died on April 25, 2017 and I felt very little connection with him in spirit.

The thought that I could recieve healing without being touched was baffling to me, as I have always believed human touch was essential for all mankind. I thought how could this work, and admit I was skeptical.

Almost immediately, I felt a warm sensation starting at my toes and eventually to the top of my head. Even though my eyes were closed, an intense bright light shone throughout the room. I felt the presence of many people and being surrounded by this light.I spoke to Kailee throughout the session. in fact, I couldnt keep quiet because I wanted to share it all with her.

As Kailee continued, my arms got very light and left the table. They floated up and around my head. I was aware this was happening but had no control over it. I even tried to push them down, but my arms didnt budge. Soon my lower legs did the same thing. The arms and legs were suspended in air for an hour. I am an active person and physically fit. On a good day, I couldn’t achieve that!

I knew in that moment, something more powerful than myself was in control and wanted to let me know they were there to help in my healing. Eventually my arms returned to the table. I then felt someone grabbing my hand and holding it. I thought it was Kailee, but then realized as I said out loud, it was my son Derrick!

What I experienced was anything short of PROFOUND. It has changed my perception on the journey through heartache and grief and can be happy and feel joy.

Kailee Savoie has a gift that few possess. She has dedicated her life to helping others through Reiki. I am blessed to have found her and look forward to my journey knowing that healing is for anyone that asks for it.

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